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Enduring sickness

CMS missionary Kysha Davies (serving with Nick in Peru) is striving to bring honour to Jesus in their location, yet struggling with ongoing illness. Read on to be encouraged by their faithfulness and better equipped to pray for the gospel work they are doing. The first year of a missionary’s service is supposed to be […]

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Not alone

CMS missionary Gillian Law works with a student Christian organisation in Rome, the Gruppi Biblici Universitari (GBU), a difficult ministry in a spiritually hard area. Why persevere in a context where support is not always easy to come by on a day-to-day basis?  As the GBU staff worker in Rome I support students in their […]

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Why return to hardship?

CMS missionaries David & Prue Boyd have spent years ministering in a context of rape, violence, and the societal breakdown of DR Congo. What has been their experience, and what has driven them to return? Prue and I arrived as CMS missionaries in Zaire (formerly and now again the Democratic Republic of Congo) in 1986 […]

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Identity and Mission. Article 2 of 6: Understanding Identity.

David Williams is Director of Training and Development for CMS. In this, the second of six articles on ‘Identity and Mission’, he introduces his topic with some reflections on ‘Identity Crisis’. Keep watching Checkpoint Online for more in this series. The first of the articles, ‘Identity Crisis’, is here. The third article, ‘Identity and Scripture’, […]

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Identity and Mission. Article 1 of 6: Identity Crisis

David Williams is Director of Training and Development for CMS. In this the first of six articles on ‘Identity and Mission’, he introduces his topic with some reflections on ‘Identity Crisis’. Article 2, ‘Identity and Mission’, is here. Article 3, ‘Identity and Scripture’, is here. Article 4, ‘Identity and Contextualisation’, is here. Article 5, ‘Identity […]

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Reasons to endure

CMS workers S & I, working in South Asia, continue to feel the urgency of persevering in mission through many difficulties for them and others. Read why. As we near the end of our second term, we want to offer some thoughts about why we think it matters to persevere in gospel ministry on the […]

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Suffering, endurance and hope

CMS worker M, with his wife L, work in SE Asia and have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties and sufferings of many believers there. Here M challenges us to see suffering in the light of future hope and the call for perseverance. In our country, like many in South East Asia, Christians have experienced significant […]

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Perseverance in Japan

CMS missionary Michelle Jackson, serving with husband Brad in Japan, knows that while gospel opportunities abound, genuine belief in Jesus as Saviour is a difficult choice to make One day Ueda-san was walking past the church as he had done many times.  But this day was different.  He stopped, he felt drawn to go inside […]

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The cost of change includes children

Former CMS missionary Helen Reid (who served with Andrew in the Middle East) knows that being ‘all things to all people’ will be costly for children as well as parents. Read about some of those costs and how her family responded. “Every Aussie kid should be able to ride a bike,” said my Australian friend, […]

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