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CMS QNNSW Summer School 2022 Online

Summer School is the culmination of months of planning, days of work, and hours of preparation. Its entire purpose is to bring God’s people together for fellowship, Bible teaching and sharing our collective hearts for cross-cultural mission. Always knowing that it was a possibility that COVID could thwart our plans, we pressed on and committed […]

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Checkpoint Autumn 2022: Understanding culture

In Tanzania, CMS missionary Judith Calf trains pastors and evangelists for the Diocese of Lweru, while fellow missionary Tamie Davis (married to Arthur) serves with Tanzanians who work with university students in Dar es Salaam. Here they give two different perspectives on what ‘discipling’ can mean in the Tanzanian context. Judith writes: How culturally bound […]

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Discipling takes time – even for Jesus: Checkpoint Autumn 2022

CMS workers Andrew and Liz Glover serve at International Christian Fellowship (ICF), in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where Andrew is the senior pastor. In this article Andrew reflects on the centrality of Jesus and the Bible to the process of discipling.  The example of Jesus  By the time Peter makes his famous declaration that Jesus is […]

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Responding to opportunity: making disciples in France – Checkpoint Autumn 2022

CMS missionaries Josh and Susannah Apieczonek believe and model the truth that all Christians can be in a discipling relationship. Josh writes about how they live this out among French believers.  What comes into your head when you hear the word ‘discipleship’? An intense three-hour weekly meeting of sanctification and edification? A Mr Miyagi mentor […]

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Checkpoint Autumn 2022: Shaped by small groups

CMS missionaries Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru serve in a theological college in Indonesia, with long-term links to the student ministry, Perkantas. Here they explain that discipleship in their context works better in small groups.  The Perkantas student ministry doesn’t usually use one-to-one discipling. If a small group gets down to just one member, it […]

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Eternity News: Missionary Diary with Kate Morris

CMS missionaries Daniel and Kate Morris work with university students in France through the GBU. In this article for Eternity News Kate reflects on the hope for happiness in times of disappointment. Missionary Diary: Wishing you a Happy (?) New Year from France.  (This link will take you to the Eternity News website) “Let us […]

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