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A doctor’s response: Checkpoint Winter 2021

CMS workers Bruce and Libby have served long-term in Nepal. Here Bruce speaks of his involvement in the country’s medical response to the pandemic, as well as the challenge of trusting God through this time.  The first COVID case in Nepal was reported in late January 2020, a student returning from Wuhan who recovered quickly. […]

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Meeting physical and spiritual needs

CMS missionaries Nathan and Maki Clapham have been working with students and their local church in Japan since 2013. Maki is also involved in a local ministry to homeless people in Tokyo.  Homelessness might not be something that comes to your mind when you think about Japan. Yet, there are those who have fallen through the system and ended up living on the streets. Let […]

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The injustice of grace

CMS has a number of workers who live and serve in Muslim-majority countries. One such worker is learning Arabic and the culture of her Middle Eastern country as she befriends local women. She shares a recent conversation with her language teacher.  We were sitting in the courtyard of our favourite cafe, drinking chai and catching up on the week. It was […]

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God’s unchanging plans for mission. Part 4: God’s plan for followers of Christ 

Simon Gillham concludes his four-part series on God’s unchanging mission, asking how our identity in Christ will be reflected in our mission in this world.  Today many insist on the right to be identified as whoever or whatever they want to be. They may choose to be identified by by some or many elements: their achievements, their abilities, their sexual preferences, their personal decisions, their […]

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An intentional approach to student ministry

CMS missionaries Arthur and Tamie Davis are passionate about gospel ministry to university students. They work with TAFES—the Tanzanian Fellowship of Evangelical Students, which is part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). They share how TAFES workers are thinking strategically in their approach to campus ministry.  How do you make an impact among students? This has been the question […]

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It’s easy to find reasons not to go

For these CMS workers*, keen to return to their location, COVID has been a season of thwarted plans and interruptions. There are good reasons to remain in Australia, but they are convinced of the need to go. On the subject of overseas cross-cultural mission, I keep hearing in my mind the words of a Christian leader who once said to me, “It’s easy […]

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Seeking an end to spiritual and physical drought

CMS missionaries Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp are learning culture and language in Taiwan as they prepare to work in student ministry. As Taiwan suffers its first water shortage in a decade, they reflect on our need for spiritual and physical water.    “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will […]

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Uruguay needs a resurrection of faith

CMS missionaries Pedro and Joy Oliveira Woolmer are in their second year of ministry in Uruguay, working with university students. Joy explains that unlike the Catholic culture of surrounding countries, Uruguay is strongly secular.  In the lead up to Easter, countries throughout Latin America are celebrating Holy Week, Semana Santa. But here in Uruguay, businesses and schools are […]

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