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But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect
1 Peter 3:15

As part of our vision to see churches deeply engaged in cross-cultural mission, CMS offers apprenticeships to train and mentor Australian Christians in cross-cultural ministry. 

Mentac is currently running in Sydney and Melbourne, through CMS NSW & ACT, and CMS Victoria (check out CMS Victoria’s Mentac page here). Mentac seeks to help people explore whether to continue on the path to long-term cross-cultural ministry through one-on-one mentoring and weekly meetings to share, pray and learn. Some ‘Mentacers’ go overseas to study language and culture for a few years, and be involved in ministry there.

R, a former CMS missionary and one of the program coordinators in Victoria, describes Mentac as an “active apprenticeship program, where trainees learn cross-cultural ministry through doing it”. Trainees in Victoria are reaching out to neighbours of other faith backgrounds, students on campuses, or migrant and refugee populations through local churches.

CMS is seeking to work with churches to see this ministry continue to grow. We are currently working on offering training and mentoring for those interested in ministry to Buddhist as well as Muslim people. We are also developing plans to offer Mentac apprenticeships overseas, such as in Indonesia, where we are hoping to start a Mentac program that combines language and culture learning whilst exploring existing Muslim outreach ministries.


How we work

Mentac is designed to help people who want to be mentored and trained in ministry to Muslims.

Mentac stands for ‘Mentoring across cultures’. It is a cross-cultural ministry apprenticeship designed to equip trainees to relate to Muslim people, share the gospel with them and disciple believers from a Muslim background to maturity in Christ.

The programme is designed around your needs and the areas in which you want to grow and develop. The full programme is for two years including review and opt-in/out at the completion of every six months. There is also a part-time option if this is more suitable.

Mentac includes formal and informal learning and hands-on ministry. It is based on immersion in Muslim communities here in Australia, with the option for some overseas experience in a Muslim country during the apprenticeship.

You will work with a Mentor, who will help you determine your learning objectives and suggest appropriate resources, and a Ministry Supervisor who will work with you in practical ministry.

We will also help you bring together your learning and ministry experience and reflect on how God is growing you.

Our values


  • Convictions: Biblical foundations / theological development
  • Character: Character formation / Spiritual growth in your daily life with the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Commitment: Growing in passion for and experience in mission to those who don’t know Jesus

Integrated learning

  • Formal learning
  • Informal learning
  • Theological reflection combining experience and learning


  • Mentoring
  • Personal Learning Contract


  • Practical Ministry
  • Overseas Component
  • Cohort Support


  • Selection process and referees
  • Regular meetings with Mentor and Ministry Supervisor

The Mentac Pathway

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