SA & NT Branch

Your church and CMS SANT

Helping your church develop a personal and informed relationship with your link missionary happens at lots of levels and is easier than you think.

Here are some tips on how to keep your missionaries in mind at church:

Up the front


Make sure your church receives your missionary’s regular updates. Then when a new one comes in, why not pray for them up the front the next Sunday? If you don’t already receive their updates, call or email the SANT office to be added to their mailing list.


Why not plan a few sermons focussed on mission each year? Your whole gathering will be invigorated and inspired to partner with God in His worldwide work. If you’d like a visiting speaker from CMS to present, please contact us to arrange this!


Was there big news from your missionary this week? Why not share it in your regular announcement time?


The annual CMS dinner and Summer Encounter are fantastic events for all Christians. We would love for you to promote these. Research shows that as people get involved more in global mission, their commitment to local ministry grows also!

Printed materials


Pop some prayer points or their whole prayer update into your weekly newsletter or bulletin so members can continue praying throughout the week.

Personal leaflets

Contact CMS SANT and ask for a bundle of your missionary’s personal leaflets to hand out with your newsletter occasionally. This is especially useful if your missionaries have children so that your church can see how much they’ve grown from year to year.



Does your church have a website? Why not include something about your church’s mission partners? You could even include direct links to the CMS website so that people can sign up to receive their prayer updates directly! However, if you have secure workers, please check with CMS before posting anything about them online.

Facebook and other social media

Does your church have a Facebook page or other social media accounts? Firstly, make sure you are friends with your missionaries online, to keep in touch with what they’re doing. Secondly, why not post a picture of them from time to time reminding your church people to pray for them. If you want some graphics and photos to share, please contact us. We’d love to supply these to encourage and equip you further. Again, if you have secure workers, please check with CMS before posting anything about them online.

Up the back (at church)

Grab a map, some photos and make some space to have a permanent reminder of where your missionaries are and what they’re up to. You can stick their updates up as they come in and also put some more info about CMS and how people can get more involved. Easy!

In person

When your link missionaries are in town, they’ll be great at making an impact. Get ready and make the most of them when they come!

In the meantime, contact CMS SANT if you’d like some more ideas!