QLD & NNSW Branch


The Church Missionary Society (CMS) is a fellowship of Christian people and churches committed to global mission. CMS works with churches to set apart long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Our fellowship includes CMS Australia and six branches working togetherCMS NSW & ACT CMSQueensland with Northern NSW | CMS – SANT | CMS – Tasmania | CMS – Victoria | CMS – WA  

Fellowship policies  

Other policies* 

* Minor variations to some policies may exist across CMS branches as they are separate legal entities in different jurisdictions. Refer to the relevant branch for more information.  

Codes of conduct 

CMS takes safe ministry and the professional standards of its mission personnel, staff and volunteers very seriously. 

The CMS codes of conduct describe the standards for personal behaviour and the practice of pastoral ministry by CMS mission personnel, staff and volunteers. Download the codes below: 

Code of Conduct for: 

  • Missionaries 
  • Missionaries in training 
  • Short Term Workers 
  • St Andrew’s Hall Staff and Residents 
  • CMS staff with pastoral responsibilities 
  • Members of Branch and Federal Candidate Committees 
  • Co-Mission Partners (Branch) 
  • CMS Medical Advisors 
  • Branch Short Term Trip participants 

Code of Conduct for: 

  • CMS staff 
  • Board and committee members 
  • Office volunteers 

Code of Conduct for volunteers at CMS run programs.

Church Missionary Society NSW & ACT Ltd, ABN 86 967 991 031
Church Missionary Society Queensland with Northern NSW, ABN 36 995 125 066
The Church Missionary Society – South Australia Inc, ABN 90 313 055 304
Church Missionary Society – Tasmania Inc, ABN 91 432 386 576
Church Missionary Society – Victoria Inc, ABN 34 576 126 129
Church Missionary Society – WA Inc, ABN 65 969 248 213
Church Missionary Society – Australia Limited, ABN 58 584 532 336