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2019 Checkpoint

God’s grace in the Solomons

CMS short-term worker David Pettett has had a long and varied ministry career—serving in city and regional Australian parishes, church planting in Japan, and working in prison and hospital chaplaincies. He is currently lecturing at Bishop Patteson Theological College in the Solomon Islands. Here he speaks of the need for supporting and continuing this ministry […]

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A question of confidence

CMS missionaries Jon and Deb serve in South East Asia with Bible college students and other believers. Here Jon outlines the contribution Australian Christians can make to helping South East Asians read, learn and teach the Bible’s message.  Australia has been called the ‘lucky country’. While luck doesn’t account for God’s sovereignty, it is fair […]

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Hope in the Philippines

CMS missionaries Howard and Michelle Newby have deep family connections with the Philippines. Here Michelle explains how reading the Bible can completely change the lives of Filipino believers, and of the opportunity for CMS to make an ongoing contribution. Look at this place!” said my father, gazing out at our poor Filipino village. “There is […]

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Loving our neighbour

CMS missionary Maggie Crewes serves with Hope for Justice in Cambodia, helping girls who are victims of exploitation. Here she reflects on the needs and opportunities in locations in our region.   When we consider mission in locations close to Australia (or even in it, like Northern Australia), do we assume this nearness could make […]

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God’s word in our own language

CMS missionaries Matt and Lisa Pearson have been living and ministering in Kunbarlanja, among the Kunwinjku people, since 2018. Here Matt speaks of the impact of having God’s word in their own language.  When the Kunwinjku Shorter Bible [1] (KSB) arrived in Kunbarlanja, in the north of Australia, in 2018, it marked several changes in […]

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Mission in our region

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