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2016 Checkpoint

God’s mission team

For more than three decades CMS missionaries Paul and Sandra and CMS supporters have been praying for gospel-poor peoples in France. While it often seemed the barren spiritual ground of France was too hard to crack, through persistent prayer and long-term partnership in ministry, God is doing the unimaginable.

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The Power of Prayer

Every Christian is intimately involved in God’s global mission – and our prayers are powerful, writes David Williams, CMS Development and Training Secretary.

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Third Culture Kids

L and S* left Australia seven years ago when their parents became CMS missionaries. Now aged 14 and 12, the girls have become ‘Third Culture Kids’ (TCKs), feeling like they no longer fully belong in Australia or in their current mission location in South East Asia. Here they describe their reaction to some of the most common questions that TCKs are asked on return trips to Australia.

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Pray without ceasing

Since the 1960s, a faithful group of Christians has been meeting monthly in Melbourne to pray for the spread of the gospel in Nepal and, especially, for CMS missionaries working there. Elisabeth Carter reports on the passionate commitment to prayer of the Melbourne Nepal Prayer Group.

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The power of the Word

In African nations scarred by civil war, violence and poverty, God’s word is transforming the lives of young Christians. Here two students share how biblical study at Carlile College in Kenya has revolutionised their understanding and the way they teach others about the Bible in their local church and community

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From the pulpit

Preaching God’s word to a congregation in Timor-Leste is a complicated task. CMS workers Chris and Grace Adams are training local pastors and leaders with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Timor-Leste. Chris outlines the unique language challenges faced by these church leaders.

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