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Position Vacant – Graphic Designer

Applications are now open for a talented Graphic Designer to join our Sydney-based team. Use your gifts to engage and inspire Christians to grow in their support for cross-cultural mission through CMS. View more.

18 New Missionaries

CMS NSW & ACT will be sending out 18 new missionaries this year! They will spread out across the globe, serving in many different locations including Italy, France, Vanuatu, Cambodia, Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. They will take the message of salvation found in Jesus Christ to gospel-poor peoples. As they faithfully teach the Bible, love their new communities and live out faith in Christ – God will use these missionaries to build his kingdom.

As you pray and partner with them, God opens doors for their ministries. How can you join our new and existing missionaries to share the gospel?

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CMS Summer School 2017 Talks

CMS Summer School 2017 is finished! William Taylor opened the sessions on Saturday 7 January with God’s promise and God’s plan from Genesis 11:27-12:9. We heard how we can align our lives with God’s purpose, because he has made them clear in his Word.

Download the first two talks free

Talk 1 - God's promise and God's plan (9.5mb)
Talk 2 - God's promise and God's victory (10.2mb)

You can purchase the rest of the talks online:
Audio talks
HD Video talks

More information on CMS Summer School 2017

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