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July Week 2

Sunday 6 – Tanzania / East Africa / Rwanda / DR Congo

Liz Burns prays for funding for evangelistic meetings in Kagera this month and for clear proclamation of the gospel. Pray with Andy and Jenny Bennett that the solar project in Murgwanza will grow during Andy's absence, to help improve lives for more people and to strengthen the diocese. Pray with David and Prue Boyd that they will quickly be able to organise their household and begin work in Bukavu. Please pray also for Tim and Catherine Walker and Maggie Crewes .

Monday 7 – Slovenia

Praise God with Leon and Lee for a special time as a family over summer, especially as Nicki visits. Please pray for Jono as he returns to Australia to study with Nicki at the end of summer and begins this next phase of his life. Please pray also for Mark and Rochelle Groombridge and Kingsley and Veronica Box.

Tuesday 8 – Italy / Malta / Ireland

Andrew and Sarah Lubbock pray for the healing of Matilda’s asthma and allergy problems, and for the salvation of three students currently finding out about Jesus Christ following Florence GBU evangelism in April. Thank God with Gillian Law for his care and protection during her early days in Italy. Geoff and Robyn thank God that Home Assignment is going well, and pray that more people will support CMS and Malta prayerfully and financially. Pray for Catherine Read attending different student conferences this month, that she might encourage students to serve God with their whole lives.

Wednesday 9 – Germany

Klaus and Jude Hickel pray for a growing desire among the people of their church to step up and use their gifts to serve the body of Christ at a time when resources are quite strained. Pray for Mimy Gardner (Affiliate, NSW & ACT) as she begins working part time, that God would show her how to best use her extra time. Please pray also for Tim and Andrea Field, Rob and Arabelle Horne and Mike and Caroline Clark.

Thursday 10 – France / Switzerland

Daniel and Kate Morris pray that Christian university students in France who are currently on summer holidays would take opportunities to share the gospel with those around them, and that they would stand firm in the Lord. Give thanks with Caroline Evenden for this first year in France and all the support in Australia. Ask God with Andrew and Claire Livingstone that a holiday with their sons, Daniel and Nathan, will be a time of good conversations and fun as a family. Paul and Sandra pray for the many GBU students who will be serving the Lord Jesus in camps for children, in mission outreach in Paris and on beach missions over summer. Josh and Susannah Apieczonek pray that their kids would adjust well to new preschools. Please pray also for Libby Leach.

Friday 11 – Spain

John and Jodi Lovell give thanks for a great week at their holiday kids’ club and pray for wisdom and energy as they prepare to leave Valencia for their first Home Assignment. Mike and Tania Snowdon pray for the GBU/GBE national camps that start of 19 July for university and high school aged students. Andrew and Dominique Gifford thank God for the opportunity to meet with other CMS missionaries in Spain over the past few days, and pray that the time together would continue to encourage and spur them on in their service to Jesus. Pray with Ellie Firth for growing understanding and confidence in learning language and culture, and that her eyes would be fixed on he who is our strength and peace. Please also pray for Ian and Ruth Batey.

Saturday 12 – CMS Development and Training

For Mentac, pray for care for refugees who are feeling depressed waiting for visas, and struggling with housing and employment issues. At St Andrew's Hall, pray for David and Rachel Williams on deputation and visiting family in the UK, and that all staff will have a good rest between courses. Pray for Charlie Fletcher as he prepares to teach new course material. Please pray for the new trainees who will live and learn at SAH for the second course this year: Adam and Helen Ramsay (QNNSW), Peter and Terry Blowes (NSW & ACT), Kelly Landrigan (NSW & ACT), Nathan and Rosy Hughes (NZCMS) and Claudette Meijering (Sth Africa). Please pray also for the Centre for Biblical Preaching.

July Week 3

Sunday 13 – Argentina / Chile

Please pray with Martin and Julie Field for the ABUA staff workers’ and graduates’ weekend on 27-29 July, that it might be a refreshing time of mutual encouragement. Andrew and Paulina Cox praise God for growing stability in their university ministry and especially for new members. Please pray also for Amy Stephens.

Monday 14 – Chile

Please pray with Stephen and Rebecca Shead that the CEP students and faculty will begin second semester with plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Gary and Julie Haddon praise God for his wonderful kindness in his provision to them, and for answered prayer. Pray with Frances Cook for God’s guidance for her church as it proclaims Jesus to those with disabilities. Please pray also for Michael and Jo Charles.

Tuesday 15 – Mexico / Bolivia / CMS Scholarships

Peter and Sarah Sholl give thanks for new ministry opportunities at church. Adrian and Anita Lovell pray that they would learn a lot as they attend the Christian education congress in Cochabamba this month. Please also pray for the students attending Bible colleges on CMS Scholarships.

Wednesday 16 – Middle East

Please pray for CMS workers in the Middle East who cannot be named for privacy or security reasons.

Thursday 17 – Pakistan / Jordan / Dubai

Pray with Malcolm and Charissa Forrest for patience and understanding as they go through their first experience of Ramadan in Jordan. With Steve and Jenny Sonneman pray for the ZBS students who are graduating in July, that God will continue to gift and use them in his service around the country, to strengthen the Church and to be a blessing to the wider communities. Please pray also for David and Georgina Newmarch.

Friday 18 – South Asia / Central Asia

Please pray for CMS workers in South and Central Asia who cannot be named for privacy or security reasons.

Saturday 19 – Nepal

Leigh and Tamara Filmer pray for patience and grace as they cope with the hot, wet monsoon weather, and for ongoing strengthening of relationships with non-Christian workmates. Gordon and Ruth Russell ask for wisdom to know how to help many poor Nepalis in a way that enables them to be independent in the future. Keith and Mary Lou Doe pray for enthusiasm, energy and love for link churches and CMS staff as they meet with them. Please pray also for Kate Dalitz, Kirstin Hawkshaw and Bruce and Libby Hayes.

July Week 4

Sunday 20 – CMS Branches

QNNSW: Praise God for the encouraging result at the end of the financial year, and for the prayer, care and gifts of many partners in mission. VIC: Praise God for his blessing of financial resources given through the Pentecost Appeal, and especially for the faithful givers who generously support our missionaries. SA/NT: Pray that those who attended the CMS Dinner (15 and 16 July) would be energised to live with a global mission focus. Please pray also for NSW & ACT, TAS and WA.

Monday 21 – North Australia

Chris and Karen Webb ask that God would bring salvation to a group of young Aboriginal men who have been attending their church. Wayne Oldfield and Mandy Jones pray for organisation as Anglican students come into the college for Term 3, as Terry McCoy (Anglican Dean) is away on Home Assignment.
Terry and Liz McCoy give thanks for supporters in their link churches who have encouraged them during Home Assignment and who are partnering faithfully with the Indigenous Church.

Tuesday 22 – North Australia

Please pray with Tavis and Kate Beer for the Spirit of wisdom and grace to pervade the gathering of Kriol church leaders at Ngukurr on 28-30 July. Please pray also for Ruth Brigden and Steve and Narelle Etherington.

Wednesday 23 – East Asia / Hong Kong / Taiwan

Please remember Marshall and Julie Scott and John and Janelle Menear in your prayers, as well as other CMS workers who cannot be named for privacy or security reasons.

Thursday 24 – Cambodia

Inpa and Vana Eliezer pray for the preparations for the Vacation Training Program for children and youth in August. Pray with Dave and Leoni Painter for the university student outreach that will be happening in their home, particularly that Leoni’s first and second year students will come. Pray for Ken and Alison Thompson as they travel back to Cambodia after Home Assignment and settle into life and work there again. Pray with Rolf and Bonnie Lepelaar for Sunshine Cambodia as they begin a project with new families and children on the other side of Phnom Penh and that many will hear and respond to the gospel. Wim and Maaike Prins thank the Lord for two new teachers for HOPE School, and for a new building for HOPE to move into sometime in the next academic year.

Friday 25 – Indonesia

Ian and Narelle Hadfield pray for an enjoyable family reunion as Beth joins them on holidays in Indonesia. Please pray also for Andrew Buchanan.

Saturday 26 – Singapore / South East Asia / Malaysia

Please pray with Mark and Rosemary Dickens for the many people who have done evangelistic or discipleship courses to be settled into ongoing small groups. Please pray also for the CMS workers in South East Asia who cannot be named for privacy or security reasons.

July Week 5

Sunday 27 – Japan

Please pray with Steve and Sandra Parsons for wise and a clear mind for Steve as he does final preparations for the TEAM Japan annual conference next month. Join Nathan and Maki Clapham in praying that Samuel and Ian adapt to Japanese school. Please pray also for Karen Darda.

Monday 28 – Japan / Fiji / Timor-Leste / PNG

Chris and Grace Adams pray for patience, good communication and realistic expectations as they begin getting involved in the young adults group of the Dili congregation this month. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for a great first semester and pray that the preparations for the many events over summer go well. Keith and Marion Birchley pray for grace and strength as they settle back home temporarily, catch up with friends and visit some university mid-year conferences in Queensland. Please pray also for Dene and Rachel Hughes, Brad and Michelle Jackson and Tony and Susie Wright.

Tuesday 29 – CMS Australia

Pray for Secretaries Consultation taking place today and Pastoral Issues Committee tomorrow, that God would lead those involved to make wise decisions. Pray for Elizabeth Richards who departs for her first Pastoral Visit to Europe on 12 August. Pray also for God’s blessing on Judith Calf’s Pastoral Visit to North Australia from 11-23 August.

Wednesday 30 – World Mission

Please pray for the CMS international partners involved in university ministry in Europe, as they are currently on a break after the end of the academic year last month. Pray for the GBU in France, Italy and Switzerland, ZVESh in Slovenia and IFES in Ireland, and for the CMS missionaries involved in these organisations, as they conclude meetings for the year, rest over the holidays and plan for the next year.

Thursday 31 – Branch Support Ministries

FMF: With Sylvia Jeanes and other former missionaries, we praise God for the fiftieth reunion of students of Deaconess House in Sydney. Pray for healing for Sylvia, who had surgery for a melanoma.


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