Prayer Points for CMS missionaries

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Saturday 1 – South Africa / Namibia

Pray with Nathan & Diane Lovell for their month of deputation in Queensland, including a lot of travelling with a toddler and a new baby. Simon & Margie Gillham give thanks that the five-yearly strategic planning review of NETS has been so fruitful. Pray that God would grant NETS a Namibian principal to replace Simon, and completing the building project to secure a local, sustainable income source. David & Alisan Greeff thank God for the appointment of a Rukwangali-speaking coordinator in the north-east of Namibia, and pray that the coordinator would be able to use the NETS course material to great effect in the building on God’s kingdom in the Kavango regions.

Sunday 2 – Nigeria / Kenya / Ethiopia

Alan & Helen Wood praise God for their posting to All Saints, Jakarta. Pray for them as they settle in to their new ministry. Pray with Paul & Cathy Sampson for Carlile College in its current financial crisis and that they might financial support so that 26 first year students without scholarships can continue their studies. Join Roger & Lynn Kay in praying that the Ethiopian Anglican Area Assembly meeting in Gambella in mid-November will be a time of encouragement and spiritual nurture, for unity in Christ and renewed commitment to serve God's people in difficult situations. Join Shane & Naomi Rubie in praying for the huge number of refugees pouring into Ethiopia (especially from Sudan), many of whom are coming into contact with their church.

Monday 3 – Tanzania

Malcolm & Elmari Buchanan pray that after a successful ‘Faith and Learning’ seminar on 17 September, there may be a renewed commitment to shaping every area of university life from a Christian perspective. Arthur & Tamie Davis pray for the third student seminar at St John’s, run jointly by the student fellowships and the chaplaincy team. Arthur and Tamie will be speaking on the topic of ‘identity’.
With Jane Window please pray for Canon Andrea Mwaka School in its current uncertainties about staff. Graham & Alison McKay (STWs, WA) pray for the new bishop of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika, who will be consecrated on 23 November. Pray for godly leadership by this new bishop.

Tuesday 4 – Tanzania

John & Jill Morshead give thanks for a wonderfully blessed and spiritually refreshing time on Home Assignment. Brad & Neroli Galvin give thanks for the newly formed youth group that Brad is running for young people who attend the local International School, the majority of whom are not Christians. Mike & Katie Taylor pray for the Langham Preaching Conference at Munguishi (25-28 November) and that it may lead to a solid partnership between Munguishi and the local ministry of Langham Preaching. Geoff & Martha Boye thank God for the support, prayer and invigoration they received from a visit from a link church.

Wednesday 5 – Tanzania

Matthew & Samantha Archer pray that as BBMTC enters its final month of its first year, they will be able to prepare students well to return to their village churches. Helen Hoskins prays for students and staff at Bunda Girls’ Secondary School and Girls’ Brigade Centre as they prepare for end of year exams. Jono & Amy Vink pray that the regular evangelistic Sunday radio show will reach many with the gospel. Give thanks with Glen & Dominique Turner for the opportunity Glen has had to preach from Titus over the last month or so. Please pray that God’s word will keep working in the hearts of those at the Turners’ church.

Thursday 6 – Tanzania / East Africa / Rwanda / DR Congo

Liz Burns prays that new enrolments and staffing will ensure that students are able to make the most of their time in college at KCTC. Pray with Andy & Jenny Bennett for victims of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and that the epidemic will be contained. As Maggie Crewes hands over her responsibilities in Malawi over the next two months, pray for a good transition, and that God would show her and Retrak the next steps for 2015 and beyond. Ask God with David & Prue Boyd for further ministry opportunities that put their gifts and experience to best use. Pray with Tim & Catherine Walker for the university students as they begin a new year; for growing wisdom in Christ as they become Rwanda's leaders.

Friday 7 – Slovenia

Leon & Lee pray for the process of employing the new General Secretary of ZVESh. Pray for Leon as he prepares to hand over responsibility to the chosen candidate in the next few months. Praise God with Mark & Rochelle Groombridge for the fruitful time they've had with their link churches. Pray with Kingsley & Veronica Box that God will provide them with new opportunities to read the Bible with Slovenes.

Saturday 8 – Italy / Malta / Ireland

Andrew & Sarah Lubbock pray that the Lord would lead them by his Holy Spirit in everything they say and do during their final year in Italy, that every moment would be a victory for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Gillian Law thanks God for the new students who’ve joined GBU in Siena in the new academic year, and prays that group members will be an encouragement to each other to stand firm for Christ at university. G & R pray that the follow up to their university mission goes well. Pray with Catherine Read for Dublin region student conferences, as students spend the weekend learning an overview of the Bible.


Sunday 9 – Germany / Eurasia

Klaus & Jude Hickel praise God for more people being willing to serve in the congregation, and pray that God would work in the hearts of those who will be invited to the many evangelistic events in the lead up to Christmas. Rob & Arabelle Horne pray for good times of spiritual refreshment and training while on Home Assignment in Australia. Mike & Caroline Clark praise God for a number of evangelistic initiatives in Munich during Oktoberfest. Pray with Tim & Andrea Field as they settle back into life in Australia and give thanks for the new BFA Dean who is moving from Australia to Kandern, Germany. Mimy Gardner (STW, NSW & ACT) praises God for a retired couple who have just moved to Leipzig for two years to support the ministries of Leipzig English Church. R prays for a location for her church to meet in after original plans fell through.

Monday 10 – France / Switzerland

Please pray for Daniel & Kate Morris as they finish their language course at the end of the year and farewell the many friends they've made there. Caroline Evenden gives thanks for a good start to the year with new students, both Christian and not-yet-believers, joining the GBU. Andrew & Claire Livingstone pray that God would raise up local students and churches who have the time and heart to reach out to international students. Josh & Susannah Apieczonek pray for energy and good connections with Christ Church Gladesville and St Andrew’s Cathedral in their last weeks of deputation. Pray with Paul & Sandra for the French GBU staff involved in organising a week of sharing the gospel with Muslim students in Strasbourg in November. Please pray with Libby Leach that the students attending weekends away this month would grow in their love for God's word and their commitment to reading it regularly.

Tuesday 11 – Spain

John & Jodi Lovell give thanks to God for the privilege of sharing how God is working in Valencia with link churches and supporters. Mike & Tania Snowdon pray for the safe birth of their second child, due on 28 November. Andrew & Dominique Gifford pray that changing the time of the Spanish service to 12pm (from 6pm) would make it more accessible to locals. Praise God with Ellie Firth for his provision of a place to live and a church to be part of so soon after arriving in Barcelona. Pray with Ian & Ruth Batey for wise time management in various areas of responsibility and for their Home Assignment planning.

Wednesday 12 – CMS Development and Training

With those at SAH, give thanks for Kornelius Yap, the new administrator, and for Ruth's smooth transition to Caterer. Ask for continued good learning and healthy community relationships leading up to Graduation on 29 November. Pray that J can share God’s love in word and deed with two Persian girls who are living at SAH this semester. Please pray for Charlie Fletcher as he mentors trainees. Adam & Helane Ramsay pray that arrangements would be clarified for deputation. Pray for David & Rachel Williams as they prepare for their son Tom's wedding in November. Praise God with Kelly Landrigan for confirmation that she will serve in France. Please also pray for Mentac and the Centre for Biblical Preaching.

Thursday 13 – Argentina / Chile

Pray for Martin & Julie Field as they prepare for Home Assignment and leave the house and ministry in an ordered state in Argentina. Amy Stephens asks that the end of year ABUA activities will be well attended and will provide good opportunities for gospel conversation. Andrew & Paulina Cox pray for the safe arrival of their third daughter, giving thanks that Andrew’s mum can be present. Pray for energy and godliness for Peter & Terry Blowes as they continue with deputation and pack to move out of their house in the next month.

Friday 14 – Chile

Michael & Jo Charles pray for energy to finish the academic year well at school and at CEP. Stephen & Rebecca Shead pray for the current small crop of students as they prepare for their final first year exams – some of them have been struggling with the work on top of family issues. With Gary & Julie Haddon, pray for Gary as he preaches at CEP for the first time. Frances Cook prays for guidance for her local church, as they begin to think about how to best minister to a number of disabled people in the congregation.

Saturday 15 – Mexico / Bolivia / CMS Scholarships

Peter & Sarah Sholl give thanks for the enthusiasm and willingness to learn of Peter’s Old Testament class at the local seminary this semester. Adrian & Anita Lovell give thanks for those studying the MOCLAM courses and pray for renewed minds and transformed lives as they delve deeper into God’s Word. Please also pray for those studying on CMS Scholarships.


Sunday 16 – Middle East

A & H pray that a local priest will be appointed to their church’s Arabic congregation and that the congregation will take responsibility for its growth and spiritual health. Pray with S for continued progress, energy and encouragement as the year ends with a busy period. Pray that she will be an effective witness of God’s love in the midst of the busyness. T & K ask that T would prepare rich and helpful classes on the Old Testament prophets. B & S (Mentac Workers, NSW & ACT) give thanks for the Lord’s strength helping them to serve their friends and neighbours more, and for their daughter’s improved confidence at school. Give thanks with S & C for the gospel fruit they have seen, despite the current unrest and persecution in the region. With J, pray that God would even now be preparing relationships and opportunities for next year, despite many unknowns.

Monday 17 – Pakistan / Jordan / UAE

Pray for Steve & Jenny Sonneman to be intentionally Christ-like, sharing hope with those around them at ZBS and in the community. David & Georgina Newmarch give thanks for special times spent with our children and other friends.
Malcolm & Charissa Forrest pray that wise and godly decisions will be made at the Diocesan Synod that meets this month. W & C give thanks for opportunities to train key leaders and read the Bible with them.

Tuesday 18 – South Asia / Central Asia

L prays that believers in the nation would be putting their love for Christ into practice every day. S & I pray that the Annual Conference they will be attending with 50 partners will be a refreshing time that helps them to sharpen their focus on their work. Praise God for the return of M & J to South Asia after a long absence and pray for the re-establishment of friendships, for their kids' transition to school, and for a continuation of God's work in their neighbours. Pray that God would help S to be light and salt in the midst of busyness and stress. J prays for God’s continued guidance for those involved in deciding whether a return to Central Asia is the right choice at this point in time. Pray also that civil unrest would not escalate. Pray with S that the people of Central Asia will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus and give their allegiance to him.

Wednesday 19 – Nepal

Bruce & Libby Hayes pray that there can be good progress towards a new constitution and for the protection of the right to religious freedom. Pray for the church to be salt and light in all this. Leigh & Tamara Filmer pray that the youth in their English Bible study will grow closer to God and more steadfast in their faith. Pray with Kate Dalitz that INF will have God’s priorities and values as they continue their strategic planning process this month. Kirstin Hawkshaw prays for all the mothers and children attending the ten-day cerebral palsy therapy camp starting 19 November. Gordon & Ruth Russell thank God for various visitors over recent months who have generously helped with ministry. Pray for Keith & Mary Lou Doe to settle into the weekly KISC routine.

Thursday 20 – CMS Branches

NSW & ACT: Please pray with CMS NSW & ACT that final preparations for CMS Summer School would go safely and well. Pray that God would give wisdom and insight to Youth and Children’s leaders as they prepare Bible talks and programs in the coming month. QNNSW: Pray that many volunteers will agree to help at Summer School this year, and for the preparation of speakers and missionaries who will share. SA/NT: Praise God for the many individuals, families and churches who partner with the branch's missionaries in spreading the gospel. WA: Ask God for good attendance and godly decisions from the AGM (4 November), as well as an attitude of giving glory to God at our Celebration Dinner afterwards. VIC: Pray that God will provide two senior staff to manage general operations and support missionaries. Filling these two key roles will enable the State Director to concentrate on building vital mission partnerships. TAS: Give thanks for the recent CMS Tasmania AGM and celebration, and pray for the Branch Council as it plans ahead for 2015. Pray also for preparations for Summerview.

Friday 21 – North Australia

Chris & Karen Webb pray that God would give them wisdom, patience and compassion to respond well to people who face many difficulties in their lives. Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones give thanks to God for the re-registration audit of Nungalinya College and pray for the Management team as they respond to any issues arising from it. Terry & Liz McCoy praise God for the many students who graduated on 7 November in the Certificate III in Theology and Ministry after three years of hard work. Pray that they will be faithful in living out in their communities all that they have learned while at College and in passing on that learning to others.

Saturday 22 – North Australia

Tavis & Kate Beer pray for Greg Anderson's service of consecration and installation as the sixth Bishop of the Northern Territory on 29 November. Pray that God will bless him as he takes on this new role. Steve & Narelle Etherington pray that they will be well enough and efficient to complete the Kunwinjku New Testament for printing in mid-2016. Give thanks with Ruth Brigden for the opportunity to attend the consecration of Bishop Greg Anderson this month in spite of her still being on leave. Pray that the service will honour Jesus and encourages those who attend.


Sunday 23 – East Asia / Hong Kong / Taiwan

D & L pray that deputation in Austinmer and Wollongong would be fruitful in encouraging and challenging people to be part of God's global mission. D & T give thanks for the amazing things that God has done at the orphanage. Please pray for T in a coordinating role and for all the resources necessary for the task. John & Janelle Menear pray for Hong Kong in the aftermath of pro-democracy demonstrations. Pray for Christians and churches to step up and speak about the hope that is within us. Marshall & Julie Scott pray that God would lead them to people, especially men, in the Dashe markets and wider community who are open to hearing Bible stories. With L & J, pray for an efficient visa application process.

Monday 24 – Cambodia

Inpa & Vana Eliezer praise God for Brian and Ros Thomas preparing to relieve them during Home Assignment. Rolf & Bonnie Lepelaar praise God that Cambodian church leaders are excited to learn about God's plan of salvation in the Bible through different courses that Rolf has been teaching. Dave & Leoni Painter pray for Leoni as she commences teaching English in the new academic year. Wim & Maaike Prins praise the Lord for ten years in Cambodia. Ken & Alison Thompson pray that Calvin's operation will be successful, and that the bone in his patella will become strong again and the cyst will not return.

Tuesday 25 – Indonesia

D & A pray for good routines for the whole family at school and university this semester. J & D pray for J's students as they sit exams at the start of December and for J as he works on his MTh assignments. Give thanks with M & L for M's fruitful preaching ministry in September and October. Ian & Narelle Hadfield pray for Beth at university in Sydney, as she finds it hard to be away from her parents. Andrew Buchanan gives thanks for progress in his writing and encouraging times with link churches.

Wednesday 26 – Singapore / South East Asia / Malaysia

Please pray with Mark & Rosemary Dickens for two new staff members - a ministry trainee and a part-time clergyman. Pray that they will settle in well and make a constructive contribution to the ministry team. Graham & Heather Simpson give thanks for ministry opportunities in India and Nepal over the last three months. Give thanks with T & E for growing partnerships and pray for the smooth processing of their visas. T & J pray that their hearts would constantly be reminded of God's steadfast love, and for perseverance with relationships in spite of language difficulties. PB gives thanks for a new apartment in Kuala Lumpur from early December, and prays for effective teaching in late November and early December. M & L praise God for an encouraging end to their church deputation. Pray for them as they start to say good-bye to family and friends over the next months.

Thursday 27 – Japan

Pray with Steve & Sandra Parsons for Steve as he prepares for a trip to Hong Kong to meet other TEAM leaders in the Asian region to discuss how resources can be combined to help missionaries and nationals more effectively. Karen Darda prays for the preparation of many evangelistic outreach activities for Christmas. Pray that those who speak and work will not be overtaken by busyness but will be able to deepen and forge relationships throughout this period. Nathan & Maki Clapham give thanks for the friendships they have begun to make over the past nine months. Pray for their love and patience with each other and for Samuel and Ian to gradually build deeper friendships as they adjust to life in Japan.

Friday 28 – Japan / Fiji / Timor-Leste / PNG

Dene & Rachel Hughes pray that students who are not Christians but who regularly attend campus Bible studies will have their questions answered as the Bible is studied and as they see Christians love one another. Kellie Nicholas gives thanks for the encouragement she has received as she has visited her link churches and supporters. Brad & Michelle Jackson praise God that more young people have been involved in youth group and for the two teenagers who are heading towards baptism. Tony & Susie Wright pray for the ten Fijian university students preparing for this year’s National Training Event in Canberra in early December. Pray that students would be encouraged to think about how God might use them in the future. Chris & Grace Adams ask for pastoral wisdom and Christ-like love as Chris prepares and delivers sermons in Tetun. Keith & Marion Birchley pray that God would bring about the sale of their house so that they can focus on saying goodbye to loved ones in Australia and connecting with new colleagues in Papua New Guinea.

Saturday 29 – CMS Australia

Pray that Missionaries Conference on 12-15 December will be a time of great encouragement and refreshment for all who attend. Please also pray for Judith Calf who is currently on a pastoral visit to the Middle East.

Sunday 30 – World Mission

Pray for Christians experiencing persecution in the Middle East, particularly Iraq and Syria. Thank God for sustaining and loving his people even amidst great suffering. Pray that the persecuted Christians would be led to pray for their persecutors, and that they would be lights of love and grace in areas of difficulty. Pray also for safety, protection and the end of violent persecution.


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