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Who are the easiest people to care for? Those in our immediate vicinity, of course.

For many people, that makes caring for missionaries quite tricky, because they are often only in our midst for a couple of months every few years.

Sadly, most missionaries find that the longer they are away from home, the less they hear from people at home. There is a flurry of contact immediately following each Home Assignment, but as the months and years pass, the contact, except from a faithful few, wears thin.

Ongoing care is essential for missionaries! Here are some ways that you can continue caring for missionaries, long after they have gone to their location, as well as when they’re in Australia for Home Assignment.

But don’t forget that missionary service is a partnership, and missionaries want to care for their supporters, too! They love to receive updates from you, so that they can be praying for your, your church and your family from their location.


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