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St Andrew’s Hall Redevelopment Project

Development continues

The redevelopment of our CMS training facility, St Andrew’s Hall (SAH) in Parkville continues unhindered and on schedule.

The good news is that despite the Coronavirus, the size and nature of the SAH project means that building can continue safely, with workers able to maintain good social distancing. The foundations have been laid, and work on the basement is nearing completion.

Training of CMS missionaries continues unabated through 2020. St Columb’s church in Hawthorn have generously made their facilities available to us, but much of the training must now happen online, again because of the Coronavirus. Thank God that this has been able to happen.

The total cost of this project is $17 million dollars. Through your generosity and the faithfulness of many others we have raised $10M. CMS Australia and the Branches have put another $6M from their assets towards the project. Now that construction is under way, we are in particular need of your continuing generosity.

Please continue to pray for our project managers, our builders, and the CMS oversight team.  Continue to pray for safety on site, efficient progress through the year, good working relationships, and wisdom and grace for all involved. We look to our heavenly Father to assist us in continuing to work to a good schedule and to meet our budget.

Yours in Christ,

Peter Rodgers (International Director, CMS Australia)
Wei-Han Kuan (CMS Victoria State Director and Campaign Executive Director)

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Your chance to build our
missionary training legacy

Will you be part of this once in a generation opportunity to help us equip missionaries for cross-cultural gospel ministry for generations to come?

Your special gift will help enable the construction of new, custom-designed training facilities, which will ensure that many more missionaries can be equipped to faithfully serve long-term for generations to come. With your support, we can continue our commitment to the vision of a world that knows Jesus.

Will you invest in long-term mission by joining brothers and sisters around the country in prayerfully giving a special (tax-deductible) gift to the St Andrew’s Hall Redevelopment Project?

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Why is missionary training important?

Our focus on in-depth training is grounded in biblical truth and a desire to see our missionaries thoroughly equipped for long-term mission service. Redeveloping St Andrew’s Hall has become essential to ensuring that we can provide this valuable training to future generations of missionaries.

Biblical motivation

Throughout the Bible, God urges Christians to train and prepare themselves for every opportunity to present the gospel. St Andrew’s Hall extends the theological foundation missionaries receive with practical and pastoral skills, so that our workers are able to communicate the gospel effectively across cultures.

Effective mission

In order to best take the gospel to another culture, missionaries need to understand that culture and all its intricacies. St Andrew’s Hall equips missionaries to deeply embed themselves in their new ministry contexts, to understand cultural differences, and to maximise the impact of their language learning.

Caring for our people

Crossing cultures can be a difficult experience. Missionaries need to be prepared as much as possible for the challenges they will face. St Andrew’s Hall equips missionaries with tools to help them process their new experiences and take care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

What do our missionaries say?

Arthur and Tamie Davis went to St Andrew’s Hall in 2012. They now serve in Dar es Salaam, where they partner with the Tanzania Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TAFES).

Arthur and Tamie are thankful for the preparation they received at St Andrew’s Hall in learning how to graciously approach cultural differences:

“Tanzanians often comment to us on how well we describe their own culture to them. They say, ‘You see things other white people don’t. You really know us.’ The reason we have been able to get to this level with them is because of what we learned at St Andrew’s Hall. It’s easy as a white, Bible college-educated type to think of yourself as an expert or a teacher, but St Andrew’s Hall emphasises holding back judgement even when things look ‘wrong’ or don’t make sense. This has given us the opportunity to learn at a much deeper level.

“More importantly, this has been appreciated by those around us. It means people trust us and are willing to share further. It means when we do get to teaching the Bible, we are more likely to hit the mark in a way that is locally meaningful.”

A renewed vision for St Andrew’s Hall

For 110 years, CMS has provided specialised training programs for our cross-cultural missionaries. Since 1965, this has been at St Andrew’s Hall.

Through your generosity and the faithfulness construction will start mid-January 2020. The redeveloped St Andrew’s Hall will include a new three-storey building and a complete renovation of the current heritage building, with preservation of its heritage features. It will double the current accommodation and classroom capacity, as well as bring all facilities up to twenty-first century standards of health and safety. Two floors of the new building will be dedicated to flexible housing options, and new communal and childcare areas will meet critical needs for training the modern missionary family.

This new St Andrew’s Hall has been carefully designed by architects with experience and expertise in educational facilities. They have worked closely with a team from CMS to ensure that the new site will be a suitable place for training cross-cultural missionaries for decades to come. Amongst other features, it will include more private mentoring spaces, as well as a larger library/learning centre with private study areas.

With a renewed St Andrew’s Hall, CMS will also have the opportunity to offer our quality training to those seeking to work in local cross-cultural evangelism.

This is a big vision for the future of St Andrew’s Hall, but it is a future that we see God pointing us towards.

We need you to be involved

“The St Andrew’s Hall Redevelopment Project is a wonderful opportunity for the CMS fellowship to extend our missionary training legacy to the next generation of missionaries.” — Peter Rodgers, International Director of CMS Australia

We would like to invite you to be part of this unique opportunity to help build our missionary training legacy. Your financial support of the St Andrew’s Hall Redevelopment Project will help ensure that we can equip the next generation of missionaries for sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


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