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This year’s theme for SUTS Youth 2022 is SHOUT IT!

So, you’ve heard that Jesus gave the world a message of grace. You’ve heard that he died on a cross—and some say, he rose again after three days.
Maybe you already believe this, maybe you’re not sure, maybe you’re curious… and you’re asking yourself, now what?
Especially now that we’ve spent so much time away from church or school or friends and the whole world seems to be going upside down… Now what?

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SUTS Youth is a community committed to empowering young people to transform the world to know Jesus.  Every year in January we meet to hang out, live in community and learn more about God’s mission to the world. This year will be no different.  We want you to join in from wherever you are, wherever you’re at.  Pray we can meet in person!

Julie-anne has worked with uni students for the last 20 years helping them know Jesus and is now working with Church Planters, training, consulting and strategising.
She is married to Andrew and she has four young adult children who have all gone through SUTS Youth.
She loves having friends and family over, bike riding, kayaking and bushwalking.

Summer Under the Son (SUTS) Youth Camp is a ministry of CMS Victoria that believes Jesus is the hope of the world. We believe young people are not just a mission field in themselves but are called to participate in God’s redemption plan for everyone, and we want to empower them for that. Usually, we head to Philip Island Adventure Resort to hang out, live in community and learn more about God’s mission to the world. We’re very hopeful we’ll get to do that this coming camp and we’ll have more to announce about that. If you can’t make it to Philip Island you will still be able to connect with SUTS online!

SUTS Youth is a ministry for high schoolers in Years 7-12. There is plenty of church-based content, but the camp is still open and accessible to the curious and those who haven’t grown up in the church. We love when people bring their friends! There’s also a team of young adult volunteer leaders who run the camp and share a passion for discipling young people.


SUTS will most likely be in person at Phillip Island, AND online for those who for whatever reason can’t make it there. Like last year, online SUTS is NOT 8 hours of Zoom meetings. SUTS is all about interactive community whether in person or online. SUTS will run with the principle of maximum in-personness, but even if we can’t meet as normal, our time together will still be engaging, challenging and, of course, lots of fun.


SUTS Youth is now a powerhouse event for youth all over Victoria.

Most years, we hold the camp at Phillip Island. This year, we expect to be able to meet in person, but even if for whatever reason we can’t, we will benefit from having a truly state-wide online community!

Both the in-person and online events are part of our DNA because we are a group of youth dedicated to mission, no matter what barriers come our way!

Enjoy these photos of camp from past years! We know we can make memories just as good as these this year, regardless of what camp will look like—we remember that the Lord looks at the heart, and we can meaningfully connect our hearts and minds through technology, too.

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We will look at the Bible together and learn how the Gospel affects everything we do.


We will spend time together making new friendships and building on old ones. There’ll be plenty of time to hang out and get to know each other.


Get your head around God’s work in other parts of the world, meet real missionaries, and discover some great ways to get involved now.


There’ll be awesome activities, crazy fun games, stacks of laughs and lots of memories.


In everything we do we are safe. We create a safe place for everyone to feel comfortable in who they are and where they’re at with God.

Please contact CMS to find out more and apply!
Leading on SUTS Youth Camp is a great opportunity to deepen your relationships with youth from your church, be trained as gospel-focused and mission-loving followers of Jesus, and invest in young people from churches all around Melbourne.
If you love Jesus, have a heart for mission, and love seeing teenagers come to life in Jesus, we’d love to hear from you!
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