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What were you doing on 22/02/2022? There are only ten such palindromic dates in the next 4000 years! Here’s what some of our missionaries were up to that day.

Your gift to the Lasting Hope Appeal enables our missionaries to keep serving among gospel-poor peoples around the world! We aim to raise $350,000 by 30 June.

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Weaving in Congo
Over and under, over and under, Prue was weaving baskets with a group of ladies. She soon caught the rhythm and captured a vision of what the finished product might look like. As they worked, the women began talking. Light-hearted banter developed into deeper discussions—even conversations about Jesus. God is there with Prue, weaving the Gospel into ordinary, everyday life in Bukavu.
(David & Prue are demonstrating the love of Jesus through Bible teaching and audiology in the DR Congo)

Welcoming new colleagues in South East Asia
How good it is that God sends co-workers! D* was helping newly arrived colleagues search for a suitable house. They found one that appeared promising. God quickened D to wait a few minutes until the call to prayer. On cue, the midday Adhan blasted out from a nearby mosque. It was so loud that everyone jumped out of their skin! They retreated to the car, reconsidering their options for
a quieter house. God is with D in Muslim South East Asia, building His team for long-term ministry there.
(J & D are teaching, equipping and walking alongside believers as they live as servants of Christ in South East Asia)

Opening hearts in Darwin
The Howard Springs Prison is finally open for visitors again—another answered prayer! Rosemary and a ministry partner were engaged in Bible story-telling with imprisoned Aboriginal women. They shared the Good News of Jesus defeating the grave, giving us access to ultimate freedom through Him. God is with Rosemary, opening doors for Gospel ministry and opening hearts to His Word.
(Derek and Rosemary are supporting and equipping indigenous leaders in Darwin)

Please give generously so that conversations about Jesus can go on and our missionaries can be well-equipped for long-term Gospel work.

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Learning language in Numbulwar
‘Josh! Steph! I’m here to help you with language. I’m here to teach you Wubuy’, a voice called from the Mackenzies’ front door. After months of praying for a language helper, they began feeling defeated and frustrated with the lack of progress.

But then God sent Jangu, a friend of many CMS missionaries. Learning language and culture is essential to effective missionary service. God is with the Mackenzies, answering their prayers and ours for the progress of the Gospel in Arnhem Land.
(Josh & Steph are training and equipping indigenous leaders in the NT)

Teaching pastoral leadership in Timor Leste
Chris was teaching a Christian Leadership class at Dili Bible Institute that day. His lesson was on Jesus the Good Shepherd: Christ lived the perfect model of ‘pastoral’ leadership in laying down His life for His sheep.

Students were challenged by the humility and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus. God is present in Timor Leste, offering the students Jesus’ example of counter-cultural servant leadership.
(Chris & Grace are equipping leaders for Gospel ministry and developing resources for Bible engagement in Timor Leste)

Our aim is to raise $350,000 by 30 June 2022, so that together we can keep raising and
sending Gospel workers across cultures.

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You are a vital part of our vision to have 24 missionaries sent from Victoria by 2024.

Your gifts and prayers make Gospel proclamation to the world possible—whatever the date!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and faithful stewardship. Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel. Thank you for your vital encouragement and prayers.

Every blessing in Christ,

Rev Dr Wei-Han Kuan
Executive Director
CMS Victoria

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