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Window Storytelling

Sharing God’s story through stained glass windows

Every day up to 1,000 visitors from all over the world come into St. Paul’s Cathedral to see and experience the building, including the stained glass windows.

Each of the windows depicts a story from the Bible, a window into God’s story of grace and love. We have an opportunity to tell the window stories and invite listeners to reflect upon how they connect with the story.

Most of the visitors don’t know the Bible stories and appreciate being able to hear them.

How will they hear without someone telling them?

Would you be willing to come to the Cathedral each week for one hour to meet visitors and share a bible story with them?

Training is provided and accountability is mandatory. Support is provided through working as part of a team.

Several people are praying that the visitors to the cathedral will not only come to see a building but will also have an opportunity to meet Jesus.  Will you join us in this prayer?

Join the team!

Apply to join the Cathedral Window Storytelling Team today. You will need to:

  • Download, complete and return the application form;
  • Hold a valid WWCC*, and have CMS Victoria and St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne listed as an organisation;
  • Fulfil the St Paul’s Cathedral volunteer compliance protocols, including a police check and diocesan professional standards training;
  • Be interviewed by a Cathedral staff member;
  • Attend ongoing Window Storytelling Training (see below for dates).
2022 Window Storytelling Training Dates

All training is held from 10:30 am – 3:30 pm at St Paul’s Cathedral.

  • Saturday, March 5th
  • Saturday, June 4th
  • Saturday, October 22nd

Window Storytelling Application Form

Please send completed applications, or any questions, to Mavis Payne at

* As a CMS Victoria / St Paul’s Cathedral volunteer (if you are 18 years or over) you are required to have a valid Working with Children Check card (WWCC).
You are also required to list CMS Victoria and St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne as one of your Current Employers / Volunteer Organisation.  You are required to carry evidence that you are ChildSafe compliant, by either carrying your card or receipt with you during the program.

If you do not have a valid WWCC you must complete an application form, and then submit the printed form at a participating outlet of Australia Post. WWCC are free for volunteers.
If you do not have CMS Victoria as a listed organisation, you can update your WWC card details here.
If you have not yet received your WWCC card we require your application receipt number.