Year of Prayer

We have a vision to see A World That Knows Jesus. This is a big vision that requires the grace of a big God. In 2020 CMS Victoria wants to set aside the year to pray.

Will you join us?

Prayer Day 1 Reimagined

Unfortunately, we have made the decision to postpone meeting together in light of COVID-19. However, just because we can’t meet together doesn’t mean we can’t pray!!

Please pray in your own context. We have put together an outline for how you might like to use the day to pray, and provided some resources to help you.

Prayer Day Resource


Let us know when you pray:

I prayed for A World That Knows Jesus


Year of Prayer Day 2

June 13th, St Hillary’s Anglican Church

Year of Prayer Day 3

10th Oct, Location TBC (Western Suburbs)


We also have Prayer Groups meeting, prayer resources to guide you, PrayerMate, prayer built into all our events, and in September we’ll have 30 days really dedicated to praying for A World That Knows Jesus.

Would you like to join a Prayer Group? Or help organise a prayer day? Would you like to sign up to pray for a missionary?