VIC Branch

Monthly Prayer Points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.



Father God, we bring before you all of those in positions of Christian leadership–in churches, Christian organisations and governments, and those leading families. We pray for your blessing upon them as they seek to point people to you and to your word. Please grant them wisdom as they make decisions, compassion as they consider the needs of those they lead, and faithfulness as they use their positions to advance your kingdom. This we pray in the name of our great servant leader, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Wednesday 10 – South East Asia 

Pray for I to use the uni break well, travelling and catching up with workers and enquirers in a couple of different cities she has lived in previously. Thank God with J for worthwhile opportunities during HA, and safety in travel. Thank God with Ne for all the partners in the gospel she’s been able to visit over HA, and for the mutual encouragement of sharing in God’s work in SEA and in Australia. Pray with K that more English language teachers would be found for work in her location; especially those with a strong Christian faith. Give thanks with Na for God’s care in timely and successful medical treatment and pray that she will be able to return to location very soon. Pray for L & C as they begin the first of their deputations in rural Queensland, that they would build good relationships and promote God’s mission well. 

Thursday 11 – Singapore, Timor-Leste & Philippines 

Give thanks with Marty & Jenny Foord for a new academic year and new students. Pray that both the faculty and students will grow in knowledge and love of Christ. Thank God with Ian & Narelle Hadfield for his work in the 6 people who are to be baptised in August (4 adults and 2 children). Pray with Chris & Julie Dean for the synod of the EPCTL as they consider how gospel-workers might best be identified, selected, trained, set apart for ministry, financially provided for, and supported. Pray with Chris & Grace Adams for Chris as he helps develop a ministry training program for The Evangelical Presbyterian church in the coming months. Pray Grace as she works on the final edit of the Tetun Beginners Bible. Pray with Howard & Michelle Newby for the last week or two of their kids’ holiday club in August. Ask that they will be wise in how they decide to continue sharing the gospel with these kids and teenagers. 

Friday 12 – Development & Training 

Thank God with Jeremy & Jill Horrocks for new opportunities for missionary service and ask that they will be open to God’s leading at this time. Pray with C & L for God’s guidance as to their future directions, and for continuing trust in his goodness. Pray with Matthew & Ellen Tyler that God will grant them continuing spiritual growth as they prepare to serve him in a new location. Pray for Mentac, that there might be continuing opportunities to train workers for gospel ministry to Muslim believers.  

Saturday 13 – Eurasia, Belgium & the Netherlands 

Pray for good health for J & P as they experience many changes and work to learn the language of their location. Join R in asking for the believers of Eurasia to grow in the spiritual fruit of self-control. Pray for Michael & Rani Grivas-Allison as they visit churches and make farewells prior to departure. Pray with Howard & Trisha Spencer for the GBU as they prepare for the start of the academic year, that they will be able to share the gospel with new students. Give thanks with David & Cathie Sandifer for continued strength through the summer and for renewed joy in the Lord. Pray for their time serving at a family camp in France in August (Cathie teaching art, David leading youth Bible studies), and for preparations for the new term at Tyndale. 

Sunday 14 – France & Slovenia 

Pray for good preparation for Josh & Susannah Apieczonek and the GBU staff before the national training week (20-26) and for spiritual growth for students during the event. Pray for Karina Brabham, that God would sustain and encourage her as she spends a week away at her first GBU camp. Pray for Colin & Catherine Puffett as they prepare for their return to France after a brief Home Assignment. Pray for goodbyes, stress levels, a smooth recovery and re-entry into life and school. Pray with Daniel & Kate Morris for Daniel’s final training conference with the students, the family’s final packing of their things, and their final goodbyes as they leave their home of France. Pray with Co-Mission Partners Bostjan & Lidia Cifer for good cooperation amongst believers in the Slovenian church, and opportunities to keep speaking the gospel to unbelievers. 

Monday 15 – Italy & Germany 

Pray with Simon & Jessica Cowell for the initial preparations for the year of ministry ahead, and for a preaching conference for Simon at the end of the month. Thank God with Jason & Hannah Fairclough for times of rest and pray for refreshment over the summer break. Pray also for Elena starting school in September. Pray with Gillian Law that God will provide leaders and other new Christian students who are keen to share Christ at the universities in Rome in the new academic year. Thank God with Klaus & Jude Hickel for a good Home Assignment and pray for God’s strength as they return to ministry in Leipzig. Praise God with Co-Mission Partner Andrea Becciolini for his work in A who is gradually grasping the gospel of grace as he reads Romans with Andrea. Pray for God’s will to be done as G considers becoming a GBU student leader from September. Give thanks with Jotham Booker for an encouraging and fruitful year serving as a Co-Mission Partner with CMS. 

Tuesday 16 – Spain & Malta 

Thank God with Jim & Tanja French for the opportunities of mutual encouragement that Home Assignment provides. Pray for Miriam Bradshaw to enjoy quality time with family and friends for the first weeks of deputation. Chris & Kristy Galea thank God for a really helpful language intensive week. They thank God also for opportunities to read the Bible and talk about faith with their tutor and her husband. 

Wednesday 17 – CMS Australia 

Pray that there might be continuity of CMS gospel ministry in existing locations. Thank God also for the possibility of new ministries in both existing and new locations, and pray that these will be taken up. Give thanks for the Mid Year Missionaries conference that went ahead despite some COVID absences. 

Thursday 18 – Middle East 

Pray with Morgan & Olivia for the many people moving to the Middle East over the coming month—that Christians would connect quickly with church, and that those who don’t know Jesus would be welcomed and drawn into Christian community. Pray for John & Deb as they continue to welcome new people to their services. Pray with Warwick & Caroline for their brief visits to three link churches, and for their son Tom’s wedding. Thank God with Elizabeth for the new leadership provided at church through Ray and Sandy and pray that the church will continue to welcome them well. Pray with Karen for a fruitful summer of Japanese related conferences, holidays enjoying cool weather, clean air and hopefully rain, reflection and preparation. Thank God with Ray & Sandy for their continued smooth transition to their location, and the thoughtful way so many have gone about making them feel loved. 

Friday 19 – Middle East 

Pray with C for continued building of good connections with individuals and community groups in her team’s new location. Pray with J for her team/household as they settle into living in a new city over the next few months. Pray for some real friendships as well as fruitful connections of all kinds. Pray with S & M for strength and wisdom through the many logistical challenges of beginning ministry in their new location. Pray for safety for Je as she travels to location and for a smooth settling in. Pray with M for wisdom and guidance as she considers future options for ministry in or near her present location. 

Saturday 20 – Middle East and South Asia 

Praise God with B for opportunities for homestays with some Bedouin families and for meaningful conversations. Please pray for further opportunities like these. Pray for S & P during the remaining time of Home Assignment and for a smooth transition for their children. Pray for Dan & Marg as the new school year begins and ask that the school community will grow in their love of the Lord Jesus. Malcolm & Charissa Forrest pray for a good start to the new school year. Pray with Derk & Susan that they will continue to be willing to listen and learn in order that they may not be a hindrance to the grace of Christ. Pray for Co-Mission Partners Tim & Sam that they will be courageous in their conversations to speak of the Lord Jesus. 

Sunday 21 – South Asia and Central Asia 

Praise God with A, that God has opened a way for her to go back to location (Same city but new area), please ask that she’ll be able to re-settle and transition well. Pray with E that friends will keep asking questions and seeking true peace. Praise God with M & K for an encouraging Home Assignment. Pray for good connections with friends and a positive start to their next term of service. Pray with K for rest from weariness and for opportunities to encourage supporters as she begins her home assignment. Pray for J & S and their children as they prepare to transition to their long-term location. 

Monday 22 – South Asia 

Pray with Bruce & Libby for continued development of servant-hearted Christian leaders and for wisdom for them balancing ministry, family and personal spiritual life. Give thanks with Gordon & Ruth for the official launch of the translation of the ‘Palliative Care Toolkit’ (a clinical resource for mid-level health workers) which will be used throughout South Asia. Pray for David & Christine, asking that their souls find rest in God during turbulent times. Give thanks with Co-Mission Partners Sam & Sharmila, Ashish & Karuna and Jiwan & Binita for opportunities to read God’s word together with others and speak of his gospel. 

Tuesday 23 – Japan 

Pray for wisdom and clear minds for Steven & Sandra Parsons as they finalise the handover of their responsibilities, before leaving for Home Assignment early next month. Pray for Adam & Helane Ramsay that mutual blessings will flow as they connect with supporters and churches while on home assignment. Pray with Matt & Jen Lim for the many hi-b.a. camps as well as staff retreats that happen in this summer break—for spiritual growth of both students and leaders. Pray for Dave & Beck McIntyre as they return to Japan this month; for final goodbyes, packing and for settling back into life in Japan. Pray for Elle Bryce as she visits link churches this month during her first home assignment. Pray that she will be an encouragement to these congregations, and that she will find support from church leadership and individuals. Give thanks with Matt & Bex Ooi for the opportunity to share with link churches about Japan and for the new partnerships that are forming. 

Wednesday 24 – Japan & Taiwan 

Pray with Nathan & Maki Clapham for Nathan speaking at church on Sunday, and for next week’s student Challenge Camp. Pray with Chenny Thie for non-Christians who visit OCF, that they will feel welcomed and come to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Pray with Dene & Rachel Hughes as they go through myriad prep meetings for the summer ‘camp season’. Pray for good cooperation amongst students and staff, and for God’s word to dwell in all richly. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas that Kansai KGK Camp can happen in person this week. Pray that it will be an encouraging time for staff and students and that the non-Christian students who attend will want to follow Jesus. Pray for Roger & Noriko Dethlefs as they recover from COVID, and for Noriko’s mother in hospital recuperating from a fall. Pray for Sam & Shan-Shan Chrisp as they arrive in Australia for Home Assignment. Pray for the family to adjust well, especially as the kids start going to an English-speaking school. 

Thursday 25 – East Asia 

Pray for K as she coordinates and runs an event in Brisbane for National Child Protection week (4-10 September). Pray with L for various 1-1 meetings and pray that those met with will make progress in their knowledge of God. Pray with E that plans for summer camps and travel will go ahead without complications. 

Friday 26 – North Australia 

Pray with Derek & Rosemary Snibson for wisdom to speak more deeply into the lives of Aboriginal Christian leaders as those leaders encourage all to grow in serving Jesus. Praise God with Ian & Jenny Wood for students who keep wanting to come and study at Nungalinya. Pray for staff and students with a tight term 3 schedule, that they would teach effectively and honour Christ in the way they live. Pray for Co-Mission Partners Marlene Andrews, Mandy Manggura and James Woods as they balance teaching, family and other ministries. 

Saturday 27 – North Australia 

Pray for Zoe Creelman as she continues to learn language, that God would give her good understanding. Pray for Matt & Kate Vinicombe to develop helpful routines as Home Assignment visits increase and for helpful strategies to navigate partner visits where they visit as a family. Pray with Josh & Steph Mackenzie for the restoration works currently happening at their local church. Pray that they would go to plan and meet budget requirements. Give thanks with Matt & Lisa Pearson for the perseverance of Gods people in Kunbalanja. During this intense time of funerals, give thanks that people keep speaking about their hope of the new creation. Pray with Simon & Claire Koefoed: for Claire as she travels to remote communities and the significant unrest some of these communities face at the current time; also for Simon as he assists in the leadership of the diocese while the bishop is away in July and August. Thank God with Geoff & Hannah Harper for his blessing on the Yolŋu cohort in their four week study block at the First Languages Course at Nungalinya. Pray for Hannah and Wadeye friends preparing for the four week Murrinhpatha study block. 

Sunday 28 – North Australia, Vanuatu, PNG & Solomon Islands 

Pray with Chris & Karen Webb that God would continue to raise up servant-hearted gospel leaders from within their community. Thank God with Joel & Tiffanie Atwood for the new student group at Port Vila and pray for its continued health and growth. Pray with Keith & Marion Birchley that students who were given hope and comfort through Bible teaching at a recent conference will persevere in trust. Pray with David Pettett for more Bible teachers with PhDs to offer for service at Bishop Patteson Theological College. 

Monday 29 – CMS Partners 

Give thanks for the longstanding partnerships between CMS Australia and many dioceses and theological institutions in Tanzania. Pray for the CMS Partners in Tanzania working with university students, in church-based ministries and in theological education. Pray that the principals of Bible colleges and the bishops leading dioceses will be godly and humble, relying on God for strength and wisdom.      

Tuesday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW & ACT: Thank God for supporters who have committed to regular giving and prayer in response to requests. QNNSW: Give thanks for the recent Mission Encounter event and for the encouragement and faithfulness of supporters in regional areas across Northern NSW and Queensland. SANT: Pray that new workers will continue to be raised up to serve in other mission locations. TAS: Pray for K and the branch’s newest gospel workers, Co-Mission Partners Sarah and Bryan (Ecuador) as they travel the state on Home Assignment. May they be greatly encouraged by and be an encouragement to the CMS family. CMS VIC: Thank God for various recent support dinners held and ask that such events will help continue to build a team of faithful church and individual supporters. WA: Thank God for all those who attended the recent online dinner–especially from regional WA–and pray that the branch could continue to grow in their engagement of people away from the Perth Metro area.   

Wednesday 31 – CMS Fellowship 

Thank God for the CMS fellowship around Australia and pray that God will continue to raise up keen volunteers to build this prayerful network, and communicate gospel needs to many supporters and former missionaries.