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What you experience in Mentac

Let’s go deeper

  • Cross-Cultural Ministry Experience – Mentac Victoria trainees engage on a regular basis in cross-cultural ministry where they can interact with, build friendships and share their faith with those from other cultures. This is a fundamental component of the traineeship and on which all the learning, input and reflection are based. 
  • Quarterly Training Days  A full-day training event where Mentac Victoria trainees will receive quality input from a range of speakers. This will be done through workshops where they will receive teaching and then time to workshop and think/plan how they will apply their learnings to their cross-cultural ministry context 
  • Monthly Learning Hub Gatherings – Mentac Victoria will meet monthly to look further at case studies, receive further training and look at the Bible through a cross-cultural lens. The monthly learning hubs will also serve as a key place where Mentac Victoria trainees can mutually learn, debrief their experiences from their cross-cultural ministry context, and pray and encourage one another.  
  • Monthly Missions Mentoring – Mentac Victoria trainees will meet with a missions mentor (an experienced cross-cultural practitioner) once a month. The monthly catch-ups are a time for the Mentac Mentac Victoria trainee to further discuss and reflect on their cross-cultural ministry work and any challenges that arise. They will also develop a learning plan for their time within the Mentac Victoria program with their Mentor.