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“I am M, but I am in love with J”


“My heart is torn in two. I am not free to express my love for J.
I am not free to reject my M identity, but I know J.”

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Bertha is from the Muslim world, but she is still searching for spiritual meaning.

When she was a teenager, the Lord led Bertha to read the gospels.

She watches the Jesus films on TV every year, and cries because she is so affected by His sacrifice – every time. But she had no way to connect with believers in her world.

Iris is a CMS Victoria worker. One day, out of the thousands of interactions in the city, the Lord led Bertha and Iris to meet.

The two of them struck up a long-term friendship, and have now read all of the gospels and the psalms together.

Whenever life gets messy, Bertha asks Iris to pr in Jesus’ name – for her cares and concerns. Bertha has witnessed the power of Jesus answering Iris’ prayers, time and time again.

At the moment, Bertha feels that confessing Jesus publicly would feel like betrayal – of her family, her community and her identity.

These are difficult and complex questions in all secure locations, and finding answers takes many years. Luckily, Iris has been on location long-term, and will be there walking with Bertha every day, closer and closer to Jesus.

Iris says:
“My prayer for a long time is that Bertha would knock on the door and ask to be dunked. Dunked with her husband, her family and her whole community!”

Long-term mission is CMS Victoria’s core business. Will you partner with us financially to keep missionaries like Iris on-location? Will you give to our Christmas appeal so the gospel can reach the seemingly unreachable?

Your gift to help raise $50,000 by Christmas day will go even further, we aim to send more missionary teams. We want to send gospel workers even where the gospel is not welcomed, so they can lead them to ask, seek and knock.

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