TAS Branch

Monthly Prayer Points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, thank you for the gift of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ. We praise you for his lifesaving death, and rejoice in his death-defeating resurrection. Thank you for Easter, and for the time it allows us to reflect on your love and grace poured out on the cross. Please be with us as we share the good news of this grace this Easter, and with our missionaries as they do the same. Strengthen CMS workers as they engage in follow-up after Easter services and seek to build strong connections with the local community. Above all, help CMS missionaries to glorify you in all things and at all times. Amen  

Wednesday 21 – CMS Australia 

Pray for the successful implementation of a new accounting system, to be completed in the coming months. Pray that the Finance team will work out all the processes that need changing, and that the system will be able to support their work well. 

Thursday 22 – Middle East 

Give thanks with B for encouraging visits to link churches and a time of rest over Easter. Pray that God’s will be done as details are being worked out for her role upon returning to the Middle East. Pray with C for friends to see dreams and visions of Jesus during Ramadan, especially I, S, N and her mum, and ask that they be compelled to seek him. Pray for guidance for as she considers forming a new team, as she meets with other interested people, and makes decisions about her location for 2022 onwards. Pray with M for her friend and language teacher, W, that she might continue asking questions about faith. Pray for S and P to continue building good relationships with their neighbours. 

Friday 23 – Middle East  

Pray for Elizabeth to have opportunities to share about Jesus over Easter and for committed leaders to serve in the young adults’ ministry. Pray with John and Deb that Easter can be celebrated in some way this year, and that whatever they do will bear much fruit. Pray with Karen for good ongoing contact and hopefully good connections in Japan, as many people leave the Middle East to return for the start of the school year. Pray also for freedom to meet face to face as soon as possible. Pray for Morgan and Olivia’s church to receive permission to meet again, and for COVID numbers to drop so they can meet people in homes, especially with summer coming. Pray for Warwick and Caroline to have opportunities to talk about Jesus during Ramadan. Pray with Malcolm and Charissa Forrest for encouragement and joy in the lead up to Easter services on 2 May. 

Saturday 24 – South Asia 

Give thanks with Bruce and Libby for Home Assignment and pray for special time at St Andrews’ Hall from April to June. Give thanks with Gordon and Ruth for an encouraging time of strengthening links with partner churches. Pray for guidance as they return to South Asia and wisdom to prioritise the opportunities. Pray for safety on the road for Leigh and Tamara and their children as they travel around the Eyre Peninsula and for fun family bonding times in the car with the long travel times. Pray also for mutual encouragement of churches and supporters as they share what God has been doing in South AsiaPraise God for Sophia finally making it back to Australia. Pray that she would speak clearly and faithfully of what God has been doing in South Asia as she begins visiting churches for Home Assignment. 

Sunday 25 – South Asia 

Pray with Derk and Susan that many teachers, with whom Susan shares Bible studies, will grow in their love for God and his word, continually being transformed into his image. Pray for A to have wisdom and grace as she lives for Jesus among neighbours and serves in a multicultural team. Ask God to give E opportunities to share with friends and teachers in meaningful ways during their fasting month. Please pray for wisdom and blessing for K and her housemate S as they evaluate and plan their living arrangements before their Home Assignments in May (S) and December (Kate). Pray with and K for opportunities to speak about hope in Jesus during Ramadan. Specifically ask for meals and conversations with the following: Zs family, R and her family, R and her husband, and their landlords family. Pray for wisdom and patience for Michael and Karen as they wait on guidance and direction for future ministry. 

Monday 26 – East Asia 

Pray for patience and comfort for and T as they wait on news of visas and flightsPray for E to continue trusting in God’s timing after cancelled flights and possible delays to a return to East Asia. Give thanks with K for special time away with family as they prepare to be living on separate continents. Pray with and J for the Lord to heal international students who carry experiences of trauma and abuse, and ask that he would equip J especially to be a channel of his grace to them. Pray with L for the English workshop (starting in April), that there will be good connections and for around 20 students to turn up.

Tuesday 27 – Japan 

Pray with Nathan and Maki Clapham for a new Christ-centred generation of Christian leaders in Japan. Pray with Matt and Jen Lim that hi-B.A. staff and students would develop good relationships as the new school year starts this month and clubs start up again, whether in-person or online. Pray with Steven and Sandra Parsons for TEAM Japan leaders as they continue the process of simplifying strategy for mission so more Japanese will know Jesus. Praise God with Chenny Thie for the new academic year starting in April. Pray for opportunities to meet first-year students, especially Christians. Pray with Roger and Noriko Dethlefs for help to find ways to invite new university students to KGK events, when everything continues to be online, and campuses are not attended in person. Pray for Adam and Helane Ramsay’s new church pastor as he settles in, for Leo starting at a new middle school, and Ellie starting in a new class. 

Wednesday 28 – Japan and Taiwan 

Pray for Dene and Rachel Hughes who are feeling out of step; the Japanese Academic year has just begun, which affects Dene and Rachel’s work, but the boys school is in the final third of the year. Pray that God would teach them more about being in step with him and help them find rhythm and rest with him. Pray with Kellie Nicholas that first-year uni students will be able to connect with KGK, despite the challenges of meeting together. Pray with Dave and Beck McIntyre for the Japanese school year that started in April, pray especially for Natasha and Mitchell. Pray for Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp as they attend an OMF Taiwan conference for first-time missionaries. Pray it will be a helpful time for all. 

Thursday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for Co-Mission Partner Thulisile Mabe in her ministry at Johannesburg Bible College (JBC). Pray for wisdom, insight and strength as she trains and pastors women at JBC that she might encourage women in their faith and ministry.  

Friday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW and ACT: Pray for the annual CMS Lasting Hope Appeal, which starts tomorrow. Ask that many would prayerfully and generously support the work of CMS missionaries as they share the gospel of hope. QNNSW: Praise God for Bruce and Libby settling into the missionaries-in-residence role at St Andrew’s Hall. Pray that their wisdom and experience is encouraging and strengthens the faith of the missionariesintraining. SANTPray that God will be working with and through two missionary units who are completing final Home Assignment. Pray for God’s comfort as they finish their time with CMS. We thank God for their faithful service over many years. TAS: Pray for final arrangements and good numbers at the upcoming CMS TAS World Mission Conference (14, 15 May) and for the keynote speakers. Pray for the CMS TAS Branch Council meeting on 1 May. VIC: Pray for their Evensong event next month, that it will be well attended, smoothly run and will be a blessing to those who attend. WA: Pray for the expediting of COVID-19 vaccine rollout so that missionaries on Home Assignment may be speedily deployed.