TAS Branch

Monthly Prayer Points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, thank you for sending your son into the world to live among people and ultimately to give up his life for us. We praise you that we can remember the precious gift of Jesus each year at Christmas. Please be with CMS missionaries as they are involved in Christmas celebrations. Make them courageous as they share the gospel with those in their churches, workplaces and communities, and equip them with words of truth and light. We pray these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.  

Wednesday 8 – Tanzania 

Pray for Judith Calf and the Bible college to experience God’s leading as they seek student evangelists for the Foundation Course, which starts in January. Pray for Mike and Katie Taylor, giving thanks for Katie’s opportunity, with the Department for Children, to produce Sunday School teaching resources. Pray that God will simplify and speed the process of getting these resources approved, printed and in the hands of Sunday School teachers in many churches. Pray with Arthur and Tamie Davis for the success of Go Conference (the national TAFES mission conference) being held online 9-12 December. 

Thursday 9 – Development and Training 

Pray for S and M to have meaningful conversations with non-believing parents after finishing at SAH. Pray for Erin and Chris to transition well into life in Sydney and that God would help them prepare well for deputation. Give thanks with Rebekah for fellowship in Christ at SAH, and pray for encouraging time with family and smooth transitions back to Sydney. Pray for to have meaningful time with non-believing family after SAH, and that they would come to trust Jesus. Pray with Rani and Michael Grivas-Allison for God’s direction as they talk with the board of GBU Belgium about possible ministry there. Give thanks with P and J for their training and growth at SAH, and pray for wisdom in applying what they have learnt during deputation. Give thanks for two new Mentac trainees, Faraj and Emily, who have moved into the Lakemba (Sydney) area for 2022. Pray for them, and three others applying for Mentac, that the Lord will bless their final preparations, including giving them prayer and financial partners. 

Friday 10 – Singapore, Timor-Leste and Philippines 

Pray for Martin and Jenny Foord and the faculty of ECT Singapore to rest well over the break and prepare well for next semester. Pray with Ian and Narelle Hadfield for the many non (or ‘occasional’) Christians who usually attend Christmas at St George’s to still come along to celebrate and meet Christ, despite COVID limitations. Pray for Chris and Grace Adams as they prepare for and participate in Christmas events. Thank God for the opportunities to proclaim the gospel at this time of year. Pray for Christopher and Julie Dean and other believers to have good opportunities to winsomely speak to others of the Lord Jesus, and his gospel, this Christmas. Pray with Howard and Michelle Newby for Jesus to be known in their community. 

Saturday 11 – Cambodia  

Pray for Dave and Leoni Painter and their reunion with family and friends as they arrive back in Australia for Home Assignment. Pray with Craig and Samantha McCorkindale that many Khmer people will come to know the good news of Jesus as Christians celebrate Christmas in Cambodia. Pray with Wim and Maaike Prins for the health and safety of Cambodians as tourism begins, and the country opens up. Pray with Matthew and Melissa Lindfield Seager that the country’s efforts to safely welcome tourists will benefit those who have been hardest hit by the economic downturn caused by COVID. 

Sunday 12 – Cambodia  

Pray with Tim and Olivia Mulherin for energy and commitment in the staff of Mercy Medical Centre as they continue to navigate a difficult situation with COVID. Praise God with Maggie Crewes for the young person who read the Bible on the Lighthouse bookshelf, spoke with staff and wants to follow Jesus! Pray also that the renovation work at the new site goes smoothly. Pray for Maurice and Amanda Jacobson, asking that churches in Cambodia will be open by Christmas so Khmer Christians can celebrate this wonderful time together, remembering why the Father sent his Son. Pray for patience for Andrew and Liz Glover as they await permission for church to meet in person. Ask God for wisdom in dealing with a decline in church finances.  

Monday 13 – South East Asia 

Pray for gospel opportunities for and ask that God will continue to enable the language centre to be a blessing to students, despite not being able to meet face-to-face. Pray for and other believers in South East Asia to have joy as they celebrate Jesus’ birth, and that they would take opportunities to share this with others. Pray for Malcolm and Leanne as churches can resume meeting in person, and ask God that people will engage with each other and the community over Christmas. Pray with for local believers in her city to have the opportunity, and the courage, to invite friends and family to Christmas events. Pray that the word of God will be taught faithfully and heard, and that many turn to Christ. 

Tuesday 14 – South East Asia 

Pray for during the last few weeks of classes and final exams for the semester. Ask God to provide new contacts in the neighbourhood and on campus, that she will meet people who want to talk about spiritual things. Thank God with Jerome and Indra for four years of serving in their location country. Pray for wisdom and strength as they share the work that God has done through them during Home Assignment. Pray for wisdom and guidance for as she considers what her ministry will be in 2022. 

Wednesday 15 – Indonesia and South East Asia 

Pray for Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru as they wait on all that is needed to return to Indonesia. Give thanks with Andrew Lake for the 22 Indonesian Christian agencies and projects All Saints Jakarta showcased during October’s Outreach Awareness month, and continue to pray for a new vicar. Praise God with Jon and Deborah that Christmas services and celebrations can be held this year (with limited numbers and activities) at church and the Bible college. Pray for Josh and Nici asking that Josh’s research proposal for his MTh would be ready for submission.  

Thursday 16 – South East Asia 

Pray for Rowan, asking that as Christians gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus that they will be kept safe from COVID infections as well as other dangers. Pray with Julie that her church would be a loving spiritual family this Christmas, with many lamenting their long separation from family in South East Asia. Give thanks with Tim and Emma for open borders which have allowed a brief visit for a health investigation, and which allows their kids to join summer camps. Give thanks with Nick and Rebekah for their time serving the Year 13 Christian gap year program. Now that the Year 13 year has finished, pray that they and the students would continue to honour Christ. 

Friday 17 – Spain and Malta  

Pray for Jim and Tanja French, their children and church family, that they can share Jesus this Christmas. Pray that friends will accept invitations to the carol services. Give thanks with Miriam Bradshaw for the ways God has showed her more of his goodness this last year, in joyful and less joyful circumstances. Pray for Mike and Tania Snowdon to have good times with family over Christmas, and for Tania’s Dad undergoing chemotherapy for terminal pancreatic cancer. Pray for Chris and Kristy Galea and their children to know joy and peace during their first Christmas in Malta. 

Saturday 18 – Eurasia and the Netherlands 

Pray for R, asking God with her for believers in Eurasia to grow in love. Pray for David and Cathie Sandifer giving thanks for their recovery from COVID and good health generally. Pray for a good end of the term at Tyndale, both for David’s teaching and Cathie’s pastoral responsibilities with the students. 

Sunday 19 – Germany, Italy and Belgium 

Praise God with Mimy Gardner for new opportunities to use her skills to serve the wider church in the UK. Pray with Klaus and Jude Hickel that Christmas services can go ahead, that people will come and be transformed by the gospel. Pray with Simon and Jessica Cowell for evangelistic opportunities leading into Christmas, both with church and the GBU. Thank God with Gillian Law for the new Christian students who have joined GBU this semester. Pray that they will have, and take, opportunities to share their faith in Christ with their friends at uni. Pray for Jason and Hannah Fairclough, asking that God lifts their eyes to Jesus and refreshes them through his word over Christmas. Praise God with Howard and Trisha Spencer for the encouraging GBU training day, and the increase in the number of students joining the Brussels group. Pray for ongoing fluency in French for Howard and Trisha. 

Monday 20 – France 

Pray for Kelly Landrigan as she prepares for CMS Summer School and Home Assignment. Pray for Colin and Catherine Puffett as they give thanks for God’s amazing gift of his son. Pray for boldness to discuss Jesus with those around them. Pray for opportunities for Daniel and Kate Morris to share Christmas joy and news of salvation through Jesus. Give thanks with Josh and Susannah Apieczonek for precious time with family on holidays and in celebrating Christmas together. Pray for Karina Brabham, asking God to sustain her in the midst of final preparations for going to France and farewells with friends and family. 

Tuesday 21 – CMS Australia 

Give thanks for the end of year Missionary Conference and pray that, despite being an online gathering, it will have been a source of encouragement for those who attended. Pray for the CMS staff who are attending and speaking at Summer Conferences in January, asking for safety and good times of encouragement and learning. Give thanks for the members of the CMS-A Board and their commitment to world mission. Pray for them in the new year ahead that God would grant them wisdom and insight as they guide the work of CMS Australia.  

Wednesday 22 – Middle East 

Pray with for Jesus to be known and loved in the Middle East. Pray for C, giving thanks with her for time in Australia. Pray for her time with family, partners and friends between now and March. Pray for as she prepares for Summer School and for rest over Christmas. Pray for Masking God for opportunities to share Jesus in Australia with friends who do not follow him.  Pray for S and P to experience joy and peace over Christmas. Pray for Dan and Marg and their children as they celebrate their first Christmas in the Middle East. 

Thursday 23 – Middle East and Jordan 

Pray for Elizabeth to rely on God in all things. Pray with John and Deb for the elders at their church as they select the next lead pastor, and for their church as this is announced. Pray for Karen as she prepares for deputation and Summer School. Pray with Morgan and Olivia that many will hear and be changed by the good news of Jesus at Christmas. Pray for Warwick and Caroline, giving thanks that their church can hold Christmas events in a Muslim country. Pray that many will attend. Pray with Malcolm and Charissa Forrest that their Christmas services will present the gospel clearly and be a joyful time for everyone who attends. 

Friday 24 – South Asia and Central Asia 

Pray for Bruce and Libby over Christmas, and join them in giving thanks for the good news of the birth of Jesus, our Saviour and the opportunity to celebrate with their Christian brothers and sisters in bearing witness to the hope we have. Give thanks with Gordon and Ruth that their church’s new Aged Care Centre will officially be dedicated on Christmas Day. Pray that Christmas programs will be welcoming yet COVID-safe. Give thanks with James and Steph for the believers in Central Asia and pray that they would be able to celebrate Christmas with great joy, in spite of the difficulties of meeting together. 

Saturday 25 – South Asia 

Pray for Derk and Susan, that they will be granted many opportunities to communicate God’s love in Christ as they celebrate Christmas. Pray for in her sadness at not being in South Asia for Christmas, ask God for clarity for the plan to go back. Pray for believers in South Asia to grow in love for Jesus, amid the celebrations. Pray with E for the leaders in her country, that God would give them wisdom to handle many competing factors. Pray for K, asking God that Christmas will be a time of strengthening and healing of relationships among believers in South Asia. Pray for M and K to transition well to life in Melbourne for Home Assignment. Pray for wisdom and flexibility as they face questions of vaccinations and quarantine, praying for patience, endurance and creativity with their boys if they need to quarantine in a hotel. 

Sunday 26 – East Asia 

Pray for D and T, who have made the difficult decision to remain in Australia for the next two years after being unable to obtain a visa. As they wait on their return to East Asia in 2024, pray that God would grant them peace and wisdom as they consider how to best use the next two years. Pray for and her team over the winter with the head of her local company returning to the USA. Pray for E as the only English-speaker at the centre for kids with cerebral palsy, asking that this would be a great opportunity for language learning. Pray for K, asking God for refreshment and time to relax with friends and family after a big year. Pray for L and J to have deep rest and continued healing as they process the circumstances of the end of their ministry overseas. Give thanks for a welcoming school start for their kids. Pray for to rest in God’s comfort and know his peace. 

Monday 27 – Japan 

Pray with Nathan and Maki Clapham that student and church Christmas events will draw people to Jesus. Pray for wisdom for Matt and Jen Lim regarding necessity and timing for potential surgery for Jen. Praise God with Steven and Sandra Parsons for the way he has grown them in relying on his sovereignty as they’ve waited the past five months for their son, Joshua, to be able to enter Australia for uni. Thank God with Chenny Thie for Christmas and pray for opportunities to share the real meaning of Christmas with her non-Christian Japanese friends. Give thanks with Roger and Noriko Dethlefs for a return to in-person KGK meetings and for an opportunity for Noriko to provide spontaneous translation at an IFES webinar. Pray for Adam and Helane Ramsay sharing hospitality with people in Chiba, that the light of Jesus would shine brightly and spark many curious conversations. 

Tuesday 28 – Japan and Taiwan 

Pray with Dene and Rachel Hughes for KGK students to trust Jesus in all parts of life. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for the opportunity to meet with many supporters in person and pray for a restful break over the New Year period. Pray with Dave and Beck McIntyre that in this Christmas period friends can start to experience again the joy of eating together! Pray for Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp to continue building good relationships with CEF. 

Wednesday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for the many churches around the world with whom CMS partners. Pray for teachers, evangelists and pastors as they lead God’s people that they might bear witness to Jesus faithfully and with wisdom. Pray for follow up of visitors to churches over Christmas and for opportunities to share the gospel with non-believers. Pray for Ethiopia and Co-Mission Partner, Anwar, as conflict continues in that region. Pray for God’s protection for Anwar and his family, for wise leadership for the authorities, for justice for the oppressed and an end to the violence.   

Thursday 30 – CMS Branches 

Pray for the staff at NSW and ACT as they make final preparations for Summer School. Pray for the speakers, Andrew Shead and Kanishka Raffel, that they will teach the Bible faithfully and inspire more people to consider mission with CMS. Pray with QNNSW for the upcoming Summer School, 7-12 January at Mt Tamborine. Pray for their speaker David Walter, as he teaches on 1 John, and for missionaries as they share their experiences of ministry. Give thanks for the missionaries who have recently been able to return to location and pray that God will bless the next stage of their ministry journeys.  Pray with SANT for the Purdey family as they finish their initial Home Assignment and prepare to go to Chile. Pray that the branch’s Summer Conference will be able to go ahead with minimal COVID restrictions. Pray for CMS TAS SummerView ‘To the ends of the earth’ conference, 13-15 January in Launceston. Pray for keynote speakers, including the Bible teacher, Malcolm Richards. Ask God that many people will leave SummerView inspired to greater involvement in God’s global mission. Pray for CMS VIC in the lead up to Summer Under the Son. Pray for the speakers, Derek Brotherson and Peter Rodgers, as they teach and share about God’s word and international mission. Pray for CMS WAasking God to raise up new long-term missionaries through the branch. 

Friday 31 – CMS Fellowship  

Praise God for the life, work and ministry of linguist and educator Dr Cathy Bow who passed away in late October. Give thanks for her work with indigenous languages and in training at St Andrew’s Hall. Ask God to comfort her family, friends and colleagues in their grief. Pray for all in the CMS Fellowship attending Summer Conferences to be encouraged and renewed in their faith and to continue their commitment to partnering with CMS in world mission.