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CMS values long-term mission. Through a process of careful selection, thorough training and language learning, we aim to locate missionaries in contexts where their gifts and skills can be used to bring glory to the Lord Jesus. If you are considering long-term mission with CMS, you are most likely several years away from being ready to fill a specific job description. This means that the opportunities listed on this page are (mostly) not for specific job roles. Rather they aim to give you a sense of the range and scope of possible future mission placements.

Note: Opportunities with CMS are open to Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents only.

Teachers, health and community workers – North Australia

CMS is offering strategic opportunities to help train and grow disciples in North Australia. There are constant needs for school teachers, health workers and community workers in remote Indigenous communities. Positions are available with relevant government departments. CMS would help to provide cross-cultural training and support and expect workers to support Indigenous church leaders in Christian discipleship and training.

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Location: North Australia
Job Type: Education, Professional
Duration: Long-term