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Checkpoint Summer 2021: Grace: the heart of mission

Can you remember when God first opened your eyes to grace? CMS QNNSW Branch Director Mark Fairhurst describes such a moment, explains it from the Bible, and explores why this insight matters in the vision for a world that knows Jesus.  Can you remember when God first opened your eyes to his saving grace in the Lord Jesus Christ? For me, I was 18 years […]

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Reflections on the Homogeneous Unit Principle: part 2 of 4

CMS Director of Training and Development David Williams continues a series of reflections on the Homogeneous Unit Principle. In this second of four articles, he continues to explain this influential mission idea. (See also parts one, three and four) This is the second in a series of articles exploring the Homogeneous Unit Principle – the […]

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Why long-term mission?  : Checkpoint Autumn 2021

CMS Regional Mission Director Elizabeth Richards served in the Democratic Republic of Congo, together with Malcolm, for many years. Here she explains why it’s worth being committed to long-term mission.   ‘Long-term’ is not a new concept for our great God. We believe that God’s love for humankind, and his plan for salvation for this fallen world are long-term, since before creation.  There […]

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Mission in humility: Revisiting our methods

CMS missionaries Arthur & Tamie Davis support and encourage Fellowship of Evangelical Students (TAFES) staff, who help Tanzanian students meet Jesus and follow him beyond university. Here Tamie and Arthur share how approaching mission in humility means learning to think differently.  Humility in mission is about revisiting our methods in cross-cultural ministry, and aspiring to use local languages, local resources, and local thinking styles. Sounds […]

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Identity and Mission. Article 3 of 6: Identity and Scripture

David Williams is Director of Training and Development for CMS. In this the third of six articles on ‘Identity and Mission’, he introduces his topic with some reflections on ‘Identity Crisis’. Article 1, ‘Identity Crisis’, is here. Article 2, ‘Identity and Mission’, is here. Article 4, ‘Identity and Contextualisation’, is here. In the first article […]

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