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Grace against the grain

CMS workers Jon and Deborah have served in theological education and training in South East Asia for more than a decade. In this article Jon shares the challenge of teaching grace in a culture that values ‘works’.  I teach in a rural Bible College in South East Asia, and every year I meet new students who have been brought up with a ‘works theology,’ that emphasises  being good and doing […]

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Review: Where to Start with Islam: A new approach to engaging with Muslim friends by Samuel Green

Samuel Green, 2019, Where to Start with Islam: A new approach to engaging with Muslim friends. Matthias Media. Review by Gordon Cheng Editor at CMS Australia Australian Christian and writer Samuel Green is a man well placed to write a book about sharing Jesus with Muslim friends. He has spent most of his ministry life […]

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Review: Understanding Jesus and Muhammad

POWER, BERNIE. UNDERSTANDING JESUS AND MUHAMMAD. ACORN PRESS LTD, 2016. Now there is a book written for Muslims to explain the gospel. This is an essential tool for Christians to read and share, writes Karen Morris—an evangelist working in Melbourne, former CMS missionary, and author of Leading Better Bible Studies. Review by Karen Morris If […]

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