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Heart of Mission Podcast

As Summer Conference 2022 was cancelled, the Heart of Mission Podcast was born so that we might continue investing in how God is at work globally. In our first series, we explore the question ‘should we still be sending missionaries?’, hearing from our Summer Conference 2022 speakers and CMS SANT Gospel Workers serving cross-culturally. Listen in for insightful conversation, talks, panels, live stories and more, all focussing on God’s global mission.

We are looking forward to bringing you the second season of the Heart of Mission Podcast in the coming months. This season will be packed with valuable global mission conversation – hear from CMS missionaries, global mission experts, and pastors. Subscribe on your favourite podcast app to stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, enjoy this Annual Online Dinner special one-off episode! Here we meet our speaker for this year’s event, Simon Gillham.

For a world that knows Jesus.

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