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Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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August 2020 Prayer Points

SPECIAL PRAYER FOCUS FOR July: Christian Leaders

Father God, we bring before you all of those in positions of Christian leadershipchurch leaders, leaders in organisations and governments, and those leading families. We pray for your blessing upon these servants of yours as they seek to point people to you and to your word. Please grant them wisdom as they make decisions, compassion as they consider the needs of those they lead, and faithfulness as they use their positions to advance your kingdom. This we pray in the name of our great servant leader, Jesus Christ. Amen. 

Tuesday 4 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland & Austria  

R prays for the people of Eurasia to have wisdom as summer ends, and preparations for the new academic year are made. Give thanks with David & Cathie Sandifer for God’s gracious guidance and pray for somewhere to live as they settle into the Netherlands. Pray for Erin (& Matthew) Topley (nee Moorcoft) as, God willing, they move to Northern Ireland at the end of the month. Pray with Rachel Gibbs for students in Austria during the summer break, that they grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and their faith in him. 

Wednesday 5 – Spain & Malta 

Miriam Bradshaw thanks God for deepening relationships with believers and not-yet believers. Pray for perseverance with language study when it is hot and tiring. Mike & Tania Snowdon pray that face to face gatherings (especially for church and the teens of GBE) would be able to start soonJim & Tania French pray for Jim‘s first Spanish sermon, on Psalm 58online at the end of August. Geoff & Robyn pray for their church as they have meetings to work out how to grow men’s, womens, youth and kids ministries. Chris & Kristy Galea pray for good routines as they adjust to living in Sydney and look for alternative employment for six months.  

Thursday 6 – Germany & Italy 

Mimy Gardner prays that God would soften hearts and open minds of people to the gospel at this time. Klaus & Jude Hickel pray that, as school returns COVID infections won’t increase. Thank God that Gillian Law has been able to return to Australia for Home Assignment. Pray for Simon & Jessica Cowell as they wait for ministry to restart in Bari. Pray for Naomi Brunacci as she says goodbye to colleagues after three years in Italy. 

Friday 7 – France 

Praise God with Colin & Catherine Puffett for the arrival of new team members, Esther and William. Pray for strengthening of local relationships and unity in vision for the team. Give thanks with Kelly Landrigan for the opportunity for rest at a holiday centre that caters for missionariesBoth Daniel & Kate Morris, and Josh & Susannah Apieczonek pray that God would use the GBU National Training week (22-28 August) to grow and encourage students to serve Jesus. 

Saturday 8 – Development & Training 

Pray for J & N, K, J, Joshua & Stephanie Mackenzie, that they will grow in the fruit of the Holy Spirit during these uncertain times of Coronavirus, having to undergo much SAH training by Zoom.  

Mentac: Give thanks for the forming of more Bible discovery groups. Pray for lasting fruit in the lives of believers from Muslim background. Pray for the personal lives of the trainees, some of whom are preparing for big life changes or are facing difficult family situations. 

Sunday 9 – Nepal & Pakistan 

D & E pray for decisions as to how KISC should resume on-site schooling and return to full operation. J prays for wellbeing of staff at KISC, particularly those who are alone in their apartments and far from families. D & S pray for leaders to be wise, just and generous, especially considering the millions of impoverished people struggling to sustain themselves and their families. I & R pray that believers will care for those around and share their own hope. 

Monday 10 – Nepal 

G & R pray for stamina during the long humid monsoon months. Pray for many believers with no technology, who’ve been starved of fellowship for the four months of lockdown. S thanks God for initiatives by the local church to begin connecting with others over Zoom and Facebook. B & L give thanks for A who has taken over B’s job. Please pray for safe passage back to Australia for home leave and for sufficient teachers during their absence. L & T pray for Nepal as the people struggle with loss of income and poor mental health during Coronavirus lockdown. K (& B) pray that connecting online to churches will still enable them to say thanks well. 

Tuesday 11 – South Asia 

A prays that she and her church in Sydney will be able to continue to care for believers and others during this time of COVID. K prays for believers across the country who are separated from others. E prays that friends who are seeking meaning during the pandemic would read the Bible and find life. L prays as she settles back into Australia and begins work, that God would enable her to continue reaching Muslim woman here. M & K pray for safety in the last weeks of pregnancy and a smooth and safe delivery for bub. Pray for the ongoing COVID situation and frontline workers in an overwhelmed healthcare system. S (& T) pray that T be blessed and a blessing as he helps at the CMS NSW & ACT office. 

Wednesday 12 – UAE & Jordan 

M & C pray that school for C and the kids will be able to return face to face soonM & O pray that God will raise up new leaders for church small groups. J & D pray for continued good health for them as things here begin to re-open. Pray they will face the uncertainty with thankfulness for God’s kindness and wisdom. W & C pray for a good break before the ministry year kicks off for 2020/21. E prays for women she serves alongside to continue to grow in maturity as they help others to grow in maturity. K prays for a flight back to Dubai and prays in the meantime for good connections and follow up with returnees (from Dubai to Japan) in this ‘extra time’ she’s been given. 

Thursday 13 – Middle East 

Praise God with J for first meetings of a group of six women who are burning with eagerness to understand the Bible and grow in a life of faith and prayer. S & P pray for wisdom for S as he cares for and leads local believers, and for a local community of believers to form. Pray for P as she manages home and family. L prays for opportunities to meet with Arabic-speaking women in Young.  

Friday 14 – Middle East 

B thanks God for three years on location. Pray with her for special times with friends during final catch-ups before leaving for home assignment. M prays that her friends will be stirred to ask questions and not just tell her why their Book is better than hers; pray for her to love them more! Pray with C for opportunities for a homestay with an Arab family in the coming year. S & C pray that the country’s leaders would seek the good of all people and that there would continue to be peacealso for God to sustain the medical system, struggling with the large number of COVID patients. 

Saturday 15 – North Australia 

Tavis & Kate Beer pray for Tavis as he commences a three-month locum from the end of July and for continued protection of remote communitiesIan & Jenny Wood praise God for keeping the Northern Territory so COVID-free, and that Indigenous people can travel in the Nungalinya for classes again. Pray with Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones for Mandy, Amos and Marlene as they teach the Cert 4 subject, ‘Indigenous Expressions of Faith’ this month. Ask God with Derek & Rosemary Snibson for opportunities to pray with and encourage Christians they visit in accommodation facilities, like Darwin Christian Ministries. Chris & Karen Webb ask God to protect his people in the Kimberley from discouragement and temptation during this time when mutual encouragement is difficult. 

Sunday 16 – North Australia, PNG, & Vanuatu 

Matt & Lisa Pearson thank God for new families at church, and for clear gospel proclamations at funerals (at least twice a week)—pray that people would know the hope found in Jesus. Matt & Kate Vinicombe pray the Andindilyakwa Bible reading group in Angurugu would continue and grow. Joel & Tiff Atwood pray for the renewed attempt at online ministry with USP students, and for Talua Theological Training Institute as it rebuilds after cyclone Harold. Keith & Marion Birchley pray for renewed enthusiasm from the students at the beginning of semester, as they study 1 John. 

Monday 17 – CMS Australia 

The Communications Team at CMS-A thank God for the appointment of Sarah Barnett as the new editorial assistant. The Finance Team pray for God’s enabling of efficient work during a busy time. Mission Support pray for good decision making and logistical planning for missionaries travelling to location or back to Australia, especially with all the complications brought by COVID. The Senior staff thank God that they have been able to use their time well for meeting, praying, and making decisions that improve the functioning of the organisation. 

Tuesday 18 – South East Asia 

J thanks God for his strengthening over the last several months when life has been rather full-on. Pray for God’s enabling as remotely-located contract lessons resume. N prays that the language centre where she works will be able to reopen. K prays as she continues with ministry in Adelaide, for fruitfulness as she relates to people around the Bible. N & R pray for daughter S as she returns to face-to-face school after five months of being at home. M & L pray that the English intensive at their college might go ahead with limited staff available. Join S in praying that Final Home Assignment will be a mutually encouraging season for her, supporters, and churches. 

Wednesday 19 – Cambodia & South East Asia 

Maggie Crewes prays for the many children who desperately need help and support during this difficult time. Pray that Hope For Justice can continue to reach out with God’s love to those children in needPraise God with Wim & Maaike Prins for Home Assignment and the opportunity to connect with supporters. Pray for their safe return to Cambodia. Pray with Craig & Samantha McCorkindale for their children as they restart school in Australia. Pray for Craig and Samantha as they focus on language learning. Praise God with Bethany Vaughan that she has been able to participate in Alpha, Bible studies, and prayer meetings via Zoom. Rejoice with her that all her friends in Cambodia are well. Give thanks to God with Dave & Leoni Painter for the dedication of the nine PTC students who continue to come to their home to study. Tim & Olivia Mulherin pray they will make the most of this uncertain time, and invest in relationships, early language learning and preparing to leave. Andrew & Liz Glover pray for world leaders to have wisdom about when to lift COVID restrictions. N prays for good health and patience during testing times. Maurice and Amanda Jacobson praise God for their first month settling back in at home. Pray for continued wisdom as churches begin to reopen. 

Thursday 20 – Indonesia 

Give thanks to God with Andrew Buchanan & Abi Tandiseru for the ministry they have been able to do online in Toraja. N & R pray for continued gospel connections during their time in Queensland. J & D pray for wisdom for the college leadership, protection for the students, and recovery for those affected by COVID-19. Pray with R for protection, strength and wisdom for health workers in Indonesia as they treat those who are infected by COVID. T & E pray that two discovery groups that have been meeting online would bear fruit in the families of those that attend. Alan & Helen Wood praise God for help during this difficult time of running All Saints Jakarta from Sydney, as they prepare to retire at the end of August. Give thanks with Robin & Sarah Kinstead for Robin’s role at Pitt Town Anglican, and for the opportunity to learn Indonesian locally. 

Friday 21 – South East Asia 

J & I pray for more involvement by local people in their partner church’s outreach ministries, and for good opportunities to continue connecting with their supporters back home. I thanks God for students continuing to work despite difficulties of lockdown. Give thanks with Martin & Jenny Foord for their new students. Pray their time at college would equip them to serve Christ more effectively. Pray that Martin will work efficiently and joyfully through another busy semester, and also have enough time to rest. Praise God with Ian & Narelle Hadfield that Narelle has been able to return to Singapore after four months in Australia due to COVID restrictions. Chris & Grace Adams pray for Chris as he resumes teaching at Dili Bible Institute in August, an intensive on exposition of Galatians. Pray for Grace as she bears added burdens at home during this time. Christopher & Julie Dean give thanks to God for the opportunity of learning language in Australia via Zoom with a language helper based in Timor-Leste; and ask for God’s enabling to learn well. Howard & Michelle Newby pray for the Philippines, where there is such limited medical capacity for dealing with COVID. Pray that the Newbys can be productive and thank God that their children are doing well in spite of their uncertainty about the details of returning to location. 

Saturday 22 – Ethiopia, Kenya & North Africa 

Pray with M that she’ll have opportunities to share about the perfect sacrifice as her friends reflect on their Eid-al-Adha sheep sacrifices. Pray with Shane & Naomi Rubie for Ethiopia where COVID is spreading. Pray for safety and good health for their friends and that Bingham Academy will make wise decisions about when to start school again. Pray with Marty & Katrina Feltham that the theology students at St Paul’s Limuru will be able to learn and grow this semester through the online courses being offered. Pray with Norm & Janelle Gorrie for peace in North Kenya. Pray for the police and security forces to perform their duties justly and responsibly.  

Sunday 23 – DR Congo & Uganda 

David & Prue Boyd pray for protection, especially for the poor, as the pandemic evolves. Pray for church leaders to be able to provide spiritual sustenance in this time. Graham & Wendy Toulmin pray for a just & peaceful resolution to difficult local issues. They pray also they may be able to complete the training of their students before returning to Australia later this year. Pray with David & Jennifer Juniper that they would be diligent as they seek to get a head start with language learning. Thank God with Andrew & Margaret Newman for the Library Task Force that has been formed to continue the library cataloguing process during this COVD-19 window. Pray that Bible College students will be able to return to their studies by September. 

Monday 24 – Tanzania 

Pray with Judith Calf for the nation of Tanzania in the lead up to the National Elections in October. Pray for peacefulness and good relationships between all political parties and citizens. Please pray with Mike & Katie Taylor that their work and residency permits for Tanzania will be granted and that the process will be straightforward. Pray with Arthur & Tamie Davis for TAFES National Director Mussa Kimaro, that God would bless his family and his work with TAFES. Please pray with Glen & Dominique Turner that parents will be able to pay school fees and that staff at Mara Primary School will be provided for during this time of struggle due to COVID-19. Pray with Kevin & Karen Flanagan for the restarting of mobile Bible schools and village seminars that had been on hold. 

Tuesday 25 – Namibia & South Africa 

Praise God with Daniel & Olivia Webster that they are able to return to face to face teaching at NETS. Pray that staff and students will learn from each other as they share life as disciples. Pray for energy for Kylie Zietsch as she continues her JBC work remotely, writing lessons, engaging with students and caring for staff. Pray for South Africa and protection for the vulnerable during this time especially Clive, Thuso and Thabile. Pray with Mike & Karen Roe as Mike teaches a post-graduate module and Karen supports the post-graduate students with their English. Nathan & Diane Lovell pray for the honours students who are taking their oral exams and the masters students who have their research proposals due this month, that they work hard and are diligent in their research so that their work would be used by God for building up and encouraging the African church. 

Wednesday 26 – Chile 

Michael & Jo Charles praise God for a restful break in July. Pray for the CEP teaching team as they teach again in second semester (still via Zoom). Both Michael and Jo have slightly heavier loads, Michael with a new subject—OT Prophets. Pray with Gary & Julie Haddon for their CEP students as they begin second semester, that they may continue growing in their knowledge of Gods word. Give thanks for the extra groups that they have been sharing God’s word with online during lockdown. Please pray with Frances Cook for CEP as it enters another semester of online study. Pray that the current crisis would bring fruit for God’s kingdom and that the hand of evil would be stayed. Pray with Chris & Stef Overhall that their students studying Ephesians will finish well and that they will have grown in knowledge and love. Pray also for the Chileans who have lost loved ones and livelihoods to COVID-19, that God will be near them.  

Thursday 27 – Mexico, Bolivia, Peru & Uruguay 

Please pray with Nick & Kysha Davies for Peruvian pastors as they consider how and when churches should resume in light of COVID-19. Give thanks with Adrian & Anita Lovell for the classes Adrian is teaching online and pray that the students would grow in their love and knowledge of God and his purposes for this world. Give thanks to God with Pedro & Joy Oliveira Woolmer for Mark’s courage to return to school and for an excellent start so far. Pray also for health and protection as lockdown restrictions are relaxed and they spend more time out and about. Praise God with Peter & Sarah Sholl for the encouragement of CMS supporters while on home assignment. Pray for Miriam to settle quickly into her new school. 

Friday 28 – Argentina 

Pray with Martin & Julie Field for creativity as the new semester starts and they work out how to keep ministering to students, most likely with a mix of online and in person activities. As COVID-19 continues to affect life and ministry in Argentina, please pray with Peter & Terry Blowes that they will be able to rest in God and trust his sovereign plan for his people and his world. Amy Stephens prays God would give her wisdom in supporting the university students under her care during this time of quarantine. 

Saturday 29 – CMS Partners 

Give thanks that Manoj has now completed his three years of MTh studies. Pray for Manoj and Anjila as they return to church leadership training online and that the Lord might soon open the way for them to return to Nepal. 

Sunday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW & ACT: Pray that NSW & ACT can proceed with planning a full conference for CMS Summer School 2021. Pray for senior staff as they carefully plan how to do this safely and effectively amidst possible COVID restrictions. QNNSW: Give thanks for the recent Mission Encounter event and for the encouragement and faithfulness of supporters in regional areas across NNSW and Qld. Pray for B & L as they begin home assignment, for good connections with churches and supporters in the midst of the current restrictions. SANT: Give thanks to God for generous donors and the results of the EOFY appeal. Please ask for God’s help and providence in finalising volunteer teams for their 2021 Summer Conference and pray that the conference can go ahead without restriction. TAS: Give thanks for the leadership of CMS Tasmania; President Richard Condie, Chair James Oakley, Deputy Chair Anita Booker, Treasurer Louise Clifford, Branch Council Members and State Director Scott Sargent. Pray that they may govern and lead the Tasmania Branch well, to the glory of God and for the extension of his kingdom. VIC: Pray that A1:8 [see Acts 1:8] on August 8 will be a stirring, encouraging and blessed experience for all online attendees. WA: Please ask for wisdom as they process their latest applicants. Please pray that borders would open so that our newest missionaries may be deployed. 

Monday 31 – CMS Fellowship 

Praise God for members of the CMS family who have faithfully continued to support missionaries during this time of financial uncertainty. We give thanks for the generous response of supporters and churches to the Lasting Hope Appeal across all branches.