SA & NT Branch

Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, we pray for the children of CMS missionaries. We thank you for sending people from all stages of life to do your work, including those with children. Bless the children of our missionaries.  Enable them to share the gospel with their friends. Be with them as they cross cultures, learn languages and receive educationWe pray for those children in times of transition either at the start or end of their parents’ service. Protect and preserve them, keeping them strong in their love for youAmen.   

Monday 1 – North Australia 

Pray for safety for Tavis and Kate Beer as they travel this monthPray for Derek and Rosemary Snibson that their time debriefing with CMS will be helpful for reflection, review and future directions, and for good preparation for Home Assignment visits. Pray with Wayne Oldfield and Mandy Jones for the start of the new Art and Faith course today. Pray the students will reflect on how traditional designs and stories may be integrated with Christian faith. Give thanks with Ian and Jenny Wood for God’s mercy in keeping the remote communities of the NT COVID-free, and the Territory safe for travel. Pray for Chris and Karen Webb to make good connections with people at their link churches during Home Assignment. Pray for Simon and Claire Koefoed as they settle into a new city and begin work and ministry in Darwin.   

Tuesday 2 – North Australia, PNG, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands 

Pray with Matt and Lisa Pearson that God would continue to equip godly Kunwinjku men and women for the good works he has prepared for them. Pray with Matt and Kate Vinicombe for renewed diligence, opportunity and retention for learning Anindilyakwa. Pray that Joshua and Stephanie Mackenzie can foster good relationships with mission partners and supporters during HA. Pray for Keith and Marion Birchley to be strengthened as they continue deputation and for their PNG students to begin the semester well. Pray with Joel and Tiffanie Atwood for the re-birth of local student ministry (EKF) at Emalus Campus, that God would show them potential leaders. Give thanks with David Pettett that the Solomon Islands have only had a few cases of COVID. 

Wednesday 3 – Argentina 

Pray with Peter and Terry Blowes for energy and vision for the new academic year. Most students have continued to study and sit exams during summer and arent eager for another semester of online classes. Pray with Martin and Julie Field for Charlie as she begins university studies either in Argentina or Australia depending on the availability of flights. Praise God with Amy Stephens for the students and graduates who are studying with MOCLAM. 

Thursday 4 – BoliviaPeru and Uruguay 

Give thanks with Adrian and Anita Lovell for those studying in online classes and pray they would be disciplined in their studies and complete the assessment at the end of the course. Continue to pray with Nick and Kysha Davies for Peruvians and their safety, with this month marking one year of Peru in a state of emergency against COVID. Give thanks with Pedro and Joy Oliveira Woolmer for growing relationships over summer, and pray for Mark to settle well into a new year at school. 

Friday 5 – Chile 

Thank God with Michael and Jo Charles for an excellent teaching training session in January and for the 11 new full-time students at CEP this year. Give thanks with Frances Cook for the dozen new students at CEP and ask that God help staff and students to build helpful relationships as a community despite the challenges of online learning. Gary and Julie Haddon were unable to return for Home Assignment last month. Therefore, pray for starting the academic year in Chile; for Annie and Elissa at school and for Gary at CEP as they manage a mixture of facetoface and online teaching. Pray with Chris and Stef Overhall for Chris teaching Creation to New Creation (MOCLAM), ask that his students will grow in faith and knowledge. 

Saturday 6 – North Africa, Uganda and DR Congo 

Pray with M that local brothers and sisters would be unified by one Spirit and one message; ask that where there is conflict there would be humility, conviction of the Holy Spirit, repentance and reconciliation. Give thanks with Andrew and Margie Newman for eagerness in the Bible College students to learn. Pray that they will get to know the students even through face masks. Pray for David and Prue Boyd to grow in knowledge of God’s love and grace in every situation and reflect this to others. Give thanks with David and Jennifer Juniper for a wonderful commissioning service. Pray for patience as their departure has been delayed again. 

Sunday 7 – Kenya, Namibia and South Africa 

Pray with Marty and Katrina Feltham that God will provide for the 2.4 million households in Kenya in which the main breadwinner has lost their job in the past year due to COVID. Give thanks with Norm and Janelle Gorrie for the wonderful opportunity Norm has to work with churches in training lay leaders to handle God’s word and to build the body of Christ. Give thanks with Dan and Olivia Webster for good rains in Namibia and pray for clarity of direction for Liv’s physio work amidst all the possible options. Pray with Nathan and Diane Lovell for a healthy community at GWC and that not many would contract COVID-19. Pray with Mike and Karen Roe for deepening of relationships between faculty and students, especially through hospitality and community groups. Praise God with Kylie Zietsch for a safe returto Johannesburg and the warm welcome received. Pray for wisdom and energy as she gets reacquainted with her role at JBC. 

Monday 8 – Tanzania 

Give thanks with Judith Calf for the many opportunities to share with Gods people during HA, may they be generous in prayer and giving for God’s work in Lweru Diocese. Pray for Mike and Katie Taylor to have good connections with the students at Munguishi Bible college, and to understand how to best reach them with the gospel and skills for gospel-centred ministry. Pray with Kevin and Karen Flanagan for the distribution, wide readership and adoption of the Tanzanian Anglican Church’s new book outlining its strategic plans for mission and evangelism for the next five years. Pray with Arthur and Tamie Davis that in the struggles of daily ministry, TAFES staff would lift their eyes to see Jesus and be encouraged by what he is doing in and through them. 

Tuesday 9 – Development and Training 

Praise God with Malcolm & Ainsley Purdey for sustaining them through the transition to SAH, and pray that their children will settle into and really enjoy school and childcare in Melbourne. Pray that Jason & Hannah Fairclough’s time at SAH as a family would prepare and enthuse them for cross-cultural life and ministry. Pray for and S to find an appropriate language-other-than-English church during their time at SAH and make good connectionsPraise God with and M for the great privilege to undertake training at SAH, for the dedicated staff and amazing new facilities. Pray for Karina Brabham as she continues to settle into SAH and Melbourne that God would sustain her and be shaping her for future ministry. Pray for a timely visa approval for Howard and Trisha Spencer so they can book flights to Belgium. Give thanks with Zoe Creelman that all the trainees have been able to get to Melbourne and for the superhuman effort from the staff to get the new building ready. Give thanks for the group of more than ten keen believers who are gathering with B and M to pray and learn together about reaching Muslims in Sydney through MentacPray that these men and women bear deep fruit for the Lord this year, in their own discipleship, and in sharing with others. 

Wednesday 10 – Singapore, Timor-Leste and Philippines 

Give thanks with Martin and Jenny Foord for Andrew and Heather Reid’s service to ETCAsia and pray for godly replacement faculty members.  Pray with Ian and Narelle Hadfield that their church would soon be able to restart (after COVID-19) their evangelistic ministry to mums and tots and that God would raise up volunteers for this. Pray with Chris and Grace Adams for Chris as he develops and teaches a preaching course, at the request of pastors and elders in the Dili church. Pray that this course may be used more widely in the future. Give thanks with Chris and Julie Dean for an encouraging commissioning service hosted by their home church and pray that a departure for TimorLeste will be possible soon. Pray with Howard and Michelle Newby for the Philippinesthat the needs of the poor will be met as they are the hardest hit physically, financially and emotionally by the pandemic. Pray that many will come to see that they have an eternal and glorious hope in Jesus and that the sufferings of this world are temporary. 

Thursday 11 – Cambodia 

Pray for Dave and Leoni Painter as the new semester begins at Phnom Penh Bible School, when Dave will commence teaching Romans for the first time. Pray with Craig and Samantha McCorkindale as Craig prepares to teach Systematic Theology (Holy Spirit, Church and Eschatology) online in Khmer, beginning classes at the end of this month. Give thanks with Wim and Maaike Prins that churches can start meeting together in-person again. Give thanks with Matthew and Melissa Lindfield Seager that they have managed their first six months in country and pray for all the HOPE school vacancies that have yet to be filled for August. 

Friday 12 – Cambodia  

Pray for Tim and Olivia Mulherin as they prepare to do Home Assignment ‘Part B’ in person: that they will connect well with their link churches and supporters. Pray with Maggie Crewes that God would provide a skilled and committed person to serve as the new Director of Programmes with Hope for Justice Cambodia, who will serve sidebyside with Maggie in outreach to and restoration of young victims of exploitation. Pray with Maurice and Amanda Jacobson for open doors to allow them into Cambodia next month. Pray with Andrew and Liz Glover that God would continue to teach them and give them wisdom in directing people’s faith. 

Saturday 13 – South East Asia 

Pray for J to have continued strength and discernment to teach well and that the light of God will shine unmistakably into students lives and the lives of others she meets. Pray for K to finish well in Adelaide and for a healthy transition to location, in the Fathers good and perfect timing. Give thanks with and L that they have been able to return to location and pray for deepening relationships with locals. Join  in thanking our Father for opportunities to spend time reading his word with younger believers D and H. Ask that they would be transformed by his powerful word. 

Sunday 14 – South East Asia 

Pray for I to have meaningful contact with students as she continues online teaching this semester. Pray also for the many students in villages have very little internet. Give thanks with and I that K, a student from the Middle East, has become a follower of Jesus. Please pray that he will grow in his faith and share it with his friends. Give thanks with N for the large number of students in her online English course this term. Pray for and R for grace, patience, and peace as they grieve and transition from one culture to another, including for their daughter S at school. 

Monday 15 – Indonesia 

Pray with Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru for Andrew’s Masters’ lecture course on Biblical Criticism, starting this week online. Pray with and D for students at the Bible College as they write their final year minitheses. Many struggle with this –so pray for perseverance, good feedback from supervisors (including J) and that they will finish on time. Pray for Robin and Sarah Kinstead learning Bahasa Indonesian, and for Robin serving at Ermington, and Sarah submitting and presenting her research proposal. Praise God with and N for providing lots of support during their transition back to Sydney, a great new church and some wonderful new friends for their kids. 

Tuesday 16 – Indonesia 

Pray with R that GAI (Gereja Anklikan Indonesia) clergy, pastors and congregations will be salt and light in this time of great uncertainty and economic hardship brought about by COVID. Pray that God would use J’s week on campus at UNSW (14th-19th) to encourage students to be passionate for global mission for their whole lives. Pray with and E for the national workers who joined their teams training course in February and who are now applying holistic ministry and development principles in the community where they serve. Join with and R to praise God who is the first and the last, and besides whom there is no other (Isaiah 44:6). 

Wednesday 17 – Spain and Malta 

Pray with Jim and Tanja French for their MOCLAM study groups to deepen their knowledge and love of Jesus. Thank God they can continue online in pandemic times but pray for physical and emotional health in the midst of difficult situations. Give thanks with Miriam Bradshaw for a year in Valencia and Gods kindness through his people. Pray for Christian parents to keep growing in teaching their kids about Jesus. Pray with Mike and Tania Snowdon for those grieving losses due to COVID in Valencia, that God would point them towards himself and they would recognise their need for Jesus. Give thanks that Chris and Kristy Galea were able to fly out to Malta in January and enjoy a time of rest over the last month. Pray that their kids would settle well in school and that they would quickly find a language tutor and establish some good routines. 

Thursday 18 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland and Austria  

Pray with R that the various political leaders of Eurasia will have wisdom in leading their respective countries, especially in times of discontent and unrest. Pray with David and Cathie Sandifer for David to be effective in equipping and training future Christian leaders. Pray with Erin Topley (nee Moorcroft) that, as St Patrick was celebrated yesterday, the gospel he shared would once again ring out across this land even while it struggles with uncertainty. Pray with Rachel Gibbs for the ÖSM Forum (27 Mar–1 Apr) that it can take place in person and be an encouragement and catalyst for students to commit their lives to the service of Jesus. 

Friday 19 – Germany and Italy 

Pray for Mimy Gardner to stay disciplined in her spiritual walk with God. Pray for Klaus and Jude Hickel and their church in Leipzig, that God would grant contentment through uncertainty. Pray with Simon and Jessica Cowell for the GBU groups as they restart after the February exam break, and that the second half of the academic year would be fruitful despite the ongoing COVID challenges. Pray with Gillian Law for GBU Rome as they collaborate with a Bible college to run an online mission week next week using social media and online platforms to reach students with the good news of Jesus. 

Saturday 20 – France 

Pray with Kelly Landrigan for core church members, that they would be growing in their faith and caring for one another, even amidst the current restrictions. Pray for Colin and Catherine Puffett as they seek new discipleship relationships, that God would guide them to keen individuals. Pray for Daniel and Kate Morris to make good connections as they spend time with supporters during Home AssignmentPray with Josh and Susannah Apieczonek that God would help students struggling with mental health during lockdown, and that they would be drawn to him. 

Sunday 21 – CMS Australia 

Give thanks that the senior staff team were able to meet this month at a planning retreatPray that their decisions will be honouring to God and strategic for mission. Pray also for Peter Sholl as he adjusts to his role as a Regional Mission Director. 

Monday 22 – Middle East 

Pray with B for openness to the gospel among the many tribes throughout the Middle East, and for godly wisdom for Christian workers in how best to invest time and resources, that Jesus may be known and glorified. Pray for wisdom and leading for C over the next six months as she considers future ministry options, both within her country and in other locations. Pray for J to continue speaking a message of hope to those who have been deeply wounded. As restrictions ease, pray that M will have the energy and opportunities to connect more with friends to share the truth. Pray for and P to form meaningful relationships in their new neighbourhood and that restrictions wouldn’t hamper efforts to disciple, support and meet new believers who are already so isolated. Give thanks with and C for eight years of serving the Lord in the Middle East. Please pray for them as they adjust to life back in Australia. 

Tuesday 23 – UAE and Jordan 

Give thanks with E that she has received her visa and pray for a strong core group of young adults who can help others grow in maturity. Give thanks with and D that their staff of 35 have only been mildly affected by COVID infections. Pray that this may continue, and that there will be no serious outbreak among them. Give thanks with K for the two new people who have joined Coffee Time classes. Pray for meeting restrictions to be eased so she can begin the Mums and Kids group that was planned to start in January. Pray with and O for strength and creativity to continue to meet with and encourage people amidst increasing restrictions. Give thanks with and C for the apprenticeship programme and pray that they can raise up more apprentices for the next academic year (2021/22). Pray with and C for wisdom for their new church council, that they will be godly examples and lead the church well. 

Wednesday 24 – Nepal 

Pray with and L for the ongoing work of INF Nepal including in Green Pastures Hospital and for God’s wisdom and guidance for the leadership including negotiating agreements and visas. Give thanks that and R have returned home and are reconnecting with many faithful supporters. Pray for the leadership of INF Nepal as they face many challenges. Pray with and T for believers across Nepal as they celebrate Easter, in person this year, unlike last year, but still not able to hold their mass Easter rally. Pray for their light to shine brightly and for opportunities to share the hope they have. Pray with S for the number of COVID infections to decrease in Nepal. 

Thursday 25 – Pakistan and South Asia 

Pray with and S that Derk’s decision-making and communication, despite person-to-person restrictions, will reflect Christ in humility, discernment and patience. Praise God with for her believing local colleagues and the regular opportunities they have to read, pray and share life together. Pray for A to have opportunities to share Jesus with her neighbours. Give thanks with and K that, after 12 months of being the only workers in their town, two other families of crosscultural workers are hoping to return. Pray they can return and that reconnections would be encouraging and motivating. Pray with E for young people struggling with depression and identity issues, may they come to know their truest friend Jesus. Pray with and K that God would open up many gospel opportunities among the international community, and that there would be a hunger for God’s word.  

Friday 26 – East Asia 

Pray for and Twhile they wait to return to East Asia, that they would make the most of the opportunities God has given them in Australia. Pray for E to be refreshed and encouraged during Home Assignment. Give thanks with K for the opportunities to talk with supporters about partnership in her work in East Asia. Pray with and J for L preaching regularly and training an eager group of young budding preachers. Pray for L to hold firm to the hope she has in Jesus. 

Saturday 27 – Japan 

Pray with Nathan and Maki Clapham that KGK might have many new students join despite all meetings being online. Give thanks with Matt and Jen Lim for God’s provision of a loving and supportive church family at Eifuku Minami Christ Church. Praise God with Steven and Sandra Parsons for the opportunity Steven has had to grow through the Arrow Executive Leadership Program over the last year. Pray that he can apply many great techniques in his role of empowering missionaries in Japan. Praise God with Chenny Thie for bringing a handful of new International students into the OCF Tokyo fellowship. As KGK groups continue to meet online, pray for Roger and Noriko Dethlefsthat they and other KGK staff will have opportunities to encourage students in their walk with Jesus as they graduate and face uncertain times. Pray with Adam and Helane Ramsay for Leograduation and transition into international school and for Ellie and Albert moving into their next academic year. Pray also for the Ramsay’s congregation as they transition to a new pastor. 

Sunday 28 – Japan and Taiwan 

Praise God with Dene and Rachel Hughes for the chance to re-confirm the meaning and importance of fellowship during COVID-19. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for the opportunities over spring break to meet with students at online conferences and pray that she will be able to connect well with first years as the new academic year starts. Pray for Dave and Beck McIntyre and their role at Mondo Bible Church as they seek to minister to the kids God gives them. Pray also for Dave as he takes up the role of PTA president at the local primary school. Pray with Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp for God to raise up more faithful men and women to lead the Church in Taiwan. 

Monday 29 – CMS Partners 

Pray for Tim and Sam in Pakistan as they begin to run small group Bible studies and marriage enrichment workshops. Pray that they would unpack God’s word faithfully and that the Holy Spirit would continue to guide them as they teach. 

Tuesday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW and ACT: Praise God for the wonderful partnership shared with hundreds of churches around NSW and ACT. As they prepare for Easter services, pray that they would be encouraged by remembering brothers and sisters around the world who will also be celebrating the risen Lord Jesus. QNNSWPraise God for Keith and Marion’s refreshing and encouraging time during Home Assignment and ask for his blessing on their travels back overseas mid-April. SANT: Ask God to help the office run smoothly over Easter and with staff on leave or working away from the office. Pray also for preparations for the upcoming lunch and online dinner events. TAS: Pray that Maurice and Amanda Jacobson can deploy to their location, Cambodia, in April as scheduled. Pray for good registration numbers for both the youth and adult CMS World Mission Conference in May in Hobart. VIC: Pray for the Young Adult Collective, who have their first meetings this month. Pray that this group be the seeds of hope that the next generation will take ownership of cross-cultural mission as their own. WA: Give thanks for a successful SummerFocus and ask that God would bless B as she interacts with churches and individuals during Home Assignment. 

Wednesday 31 – Former Missionaries Fellowship 

Pray for missionaries who have recently completed their service and ministry with CMS. Pray for comfort as they grieve, and patience as they readjust to life in Australia. Ask God to open new doors for them as they transition out of missionary life.