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Will you partner with one of our missionary families by receiving their regular prayer updates and by giving $35 or $85 per month to CMS – for a world that knows Jesus?
Double your giving – at no extra cost to you

CMS SANT needs an extra $14,000 per month to enable the work of our missionaries around the world to continue and to enable us to be able to send the right new missionaries to the right places at the right time.

The matching campaign of 2020/2021 is being extended until June 2022.
A very generous supporter has offered to match every increase in regular monthly giving (not one-off gifts) to CMS SANT from July 2021 – dollar for dollar. That means if you start or increase your regular monthly giving by $10, $35, $85, $100 or any amount, they will match it – every month – for the 2021/22 financial year.

Will you take this great opportunity now to partner in global mission – and double the value of your giving?

Frances Cook

Location: Santiago, Chile | Latin America

Teaching Greek and Church History to future church leaders and administering the Chilean Provincial Certificate in Theology program.


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Maggie Crewes

Location: Cambodia | South East Asia

Rescuing and restoring child victims of exploitation and trafficking, including a growing community prevention program.


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Arthur & Tamie Davis

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania | Africa

Strengthening university ministry through coaching staff, theological research, and empowering the national team.


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Wim & Maaike Prins

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia | South East Asia

Translating Christian resources for church leaders. Teaching at an international school – enabling other missionary families to remain serving in the nation.


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Malcolm & Ainsley Purdey

Location: Santiago, Chile | Latin America

Raising partnership in preparation for serving in theological education to future church leaders in Latin America.


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Mike & Karen Roe

Location: Cape Town, South Africa | Africa

Teaching theology to future pastors throughout Africa, and supervising postgraduate students. Encouraging and supporting theological students at Bible college.


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Other missionaries in secure locations

CMS SANT has four missionary families in secure locations.  If you already know who they are, you can partner with them:

  • financially, by pressing the donate button, and selecting ‘other’ in the ‘A particular worker’ box and manually entering their initials.
  • in prayer, by pressing the ‘prayer points sign up’ button and manually entering their initials in the ‘Missionary name’ box.

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Supporting all of our missionaries generally

You can support all of our missionaries:

  • financially, by pressing the donate button, and selecting the ‘General Missionary Support’ option.
  • in prayer, by pressing the ‘prayer’ button and signing up to receive the annual Prayer Diary and monthly Prayer Points.

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Already partnering financially?

You can use our online form to update or adjust your current financial support.