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Lasting hope in Cambodia

Raa had experienced a lot of hardship and relational hurt in life through unreliable partners, and that resulted in a distrust and hardening towards family relationships.

Prins family and Raa with her daughter

Raa worked as a house helper for CMS gospel workers Wim and Maaike Prins for four years. Having served in Cambodia for over 17 years, they knew from their long-term experience that there was a good possibility that a person like Raa could outwardly accept Christian faith out of obligation to her Western employer, without a true transformation by grace. 

So they intentionally waited to share the gospel message with Raa. But as Raa lived with the Prins family, she saw firsthand every day the grace of God at work.

As their time in Cambodia was coming to a close, Wim and Maaike knew it was time to share Christ and ask Raa if she would like to give her life to Jesus. Meanwhile, God in his kindness had been at work in Raa. She had noticed many other Christians, and had even sent her daughter to a Christian school because she knew there was something  different about it.

When Maaike invited Raa and her daughter to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour, they both gladly believed! The Prins family (along with the angels in heaven) rejoiced!

Maaike says: “One of the most amazing things is to see the Lord revealing himself to the hearts of those who are really seeking him. And that was a blessing, that we have left her in Cambodia – with sadness of heart in one sense – but a great joy knowing she is truly our sister in Christ and we will meet her again.”

Raa saw faith at work; she saw people who were different… not just culturally, but in how they lived their lives. And eventually, after getting to know the Prins up close, she heard the life-giving news of the gospel and she put her faith in Christ.

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