SA & NT Branch

Give FAQs

Where does the money come from?

CMS is a society of members, supporters and supporting churches. We undertake to send and support missionaries as they seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The financial support received comes only from individuals and churches who choose to give. No financial support is given through the official Anglican (or other) structures.

Who does CMS support?

There are approximately 200 missionaries serving with CMS Australia in over 40 countries worldwide. We commit to covering all basic expenses, a living allowance, medical and educational expenses and travel. Other support-related expenses include pastoral care, housing, language learning and administration.

We also have a Mission Support Fund which offers scholarships, grants and financial support to cross-cultural workers, students, ministries, churches and Bible colleges internationally and in North Australia. This is part of our vision to support indigenous churches worldwide to grow, become mission-minded and move towards sustainability, where possible.

What is my role as a missionary?

Under CMS’s Partnership Support Program you will work at developing a partnership with a number of link churches, groups and individual supporters, as well as the wider society of CMS members, encouraging them to participate in your ministry through prayer, care and giving. Developing this partnership will take time and effort but your CMS branch will be there to help. Home Assignment before you leave for location and in between your terms of service is an important part of developing relationships with your link churches, groups and supporters.

What is my role as a supporter?

You can be part of world mission by giving money to support our CMS missionaries. Regular giving, one-off donations, direct debit, tax deductibility, secure online credit card processes and bequests are all available and are great ways to ensure that the gospel is proclaimed to all peoples.