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100-years appeal

Over the past 100 years, CMS SANT has worked with the local church in South Australia and the Northern Territory to raise up, equip, and send out workers into God’s global harvest. We have sent out at least 98 gospel workers into Cambodia, Central Asia, Chile, East Asia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Namibia, Pakistan, Tanzania/Zaire, Uganda, and, more locally, the Northern Territory. We are incredibly thankful that the Father has chosen to raise up gospel workers for the world’s gospel poor from local churches within South Australia and the Northern Territory.

However, in the past four years, CMS SANT has met some significant obstacles. But with short-term measures taken, and with a renewed vision of a world that knows Jesus, we are confidently looking to the next 100 years, under God’s gracious hand, of enabling local churches to participate in God’s global work by sending out long-term workers for God’s harvest.

Will you give a one-off gift to the CMS SANT 100-years appeal, so that CMS SANT can continue to work locally to equip and send out long-term workers for the world’s gospel poor?

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Presently, three long-term gospel worker families from Adelaide are serving in secure locations in Asia amongst the gospel poor. One family serving in East Asia writes,

“In this ‘Asian Century’ the church in East Asia will likely influence the world-wide church not only for the next 100 years, but also for generations to come.  Now is the time for Christians from every nation to be investing gospel resources into East Asia.”

By supporting CMS SANT by making a pledge to give regularly, our financial supporters are part of the work to strengthen and grow God’s Kingdom in East Asia in this century and around the world for centuries to come.

Will you partner with us by praying and making a pledge to give regularly, so that the life-giving news of Jesus may be proclaimed in a world that does not yet know Jesus?