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Mission is for kids, too!

Did you know that there are nearly 200 countries in the world? Each one has its own language, schools, food, games and ideas. In each country, there are many people—all together there are over 7.5 billion people in the world! God loves each and every one of these people.

But sadly, some people in the world haven’t heard about Jesus. Or they have heard, and don’t know how to respond to the news that Jesus died for them! That’s why CMS sends missionaries all over the world—to share the good news that because of Jesus, everyone can be friends with God!

Being mission kids…

Even as kids we can start getting involved in God’s global mission. We can tell our friends and neighbours—who may be from different cultures—about Jesus. We can also help others know about Jesus across the world from right here in Australia. Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

PRAY using the CMS kids’ activity book!

The missionaries around the world who are telling people about Jesus need help. And who’s the best helper? God! That’s why it’s so good to pray and ask God to help CMS missionaries share the good news about Jesus. If you would like to get more involved in supporting CMS missionaries, get a copy of Pray Around the World – Issue 15.

Pray Around the World is a special activity book designed just for kids like you, full of activities to help you study the Bible, pray for missionaries and learn about global mission. Pray Around the World – Issue 15 tells the story of Captain Thomas and his daughter, First Mate Andy, as they sail all over the world in search of the Heavenly Harbour. But they need a Trusty Navigator—that’s you!—to help them find their way. On the voyage, you’ll meet lots of CMS missionaries who will share Heavenly Treasure with you, as well as games, puzzles, recipes, jokes and more.

Contact us to grab a copy of Pray Around the World.

View sample pages here (6MB).

Download Issue 15 answers here (7MB).

CARE by sending a postcard to a CMS missionary!

You will have met lots of CMS missionaries in the Pray Around the World activity book and there’s even more that you can find on this website. Or perhaps your family or church supports a CMS missionary already. Download this postcard and write a message to a missionary to let them know that you’ve been praying for them. If they have kids, why not write a message to them as well—you can tell them about your life in Australia and ask them what life is like where they live!

Download the postcard here.

GIVE using a CMS money box that you built yourself!

You can help raise money to support CMS missionaries as they tell people the good news about Jesus! Download the double-side PDF and follow the instructions to make your own money box. Then collect money to support either a particular CMS missionary or all CMS missionaries. Maybe you could aim to put aside a certain amount of money each week. When your money box is full, donate the money to your local CMS branch.

Download the template here.

Get ready to GO by telling your friends and family the good news of Jesus Christ!

Share the Wordless Book
Have you heard of the Wordless Book? It’s an easy way to tell people the message of the gospel by using colours. Black = sin, red = Jesus’ blood, white = forgiveness, green = growth, yellow = heaven/eternal life. Sometimes there are other colours as well, like purple = adoption and blue = baptism. You can present the story in many different ways, so long as you have the right colours. Here are some examples, but use your creativity to think up even more ways!

Invite people to church
Do you go to Sunday school or kids club? You can ask your friends if they want to come too! They’ll have heaps of fun hanging out with you and playing games, but best of all, they’ll hear about Jesus! In fact, why not ask your whole class at school if they want to come. The good news isn’t just for your friends, but for everyone!

Become a storyteller
You can tell your friends and family stories from the Bible! Maybe they’ll want to read it with you, or you can memorise the story and tell it back to them like you’re in a theatre. Be dramatic! Put on a play with your siblings or friends, or you can try to do a one-person play for fun. You could also invite your non-Christian family and friends to be in the play as well, instead of just the audience—that way they’ll have to learn the story and you can talk to them about it even more. Pick a story from the gospels about Jesus, or look in Acts and the Old Testament for some more ideas!

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