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St Andrew’s Hall Redevelopment

What is St Andrew’s Hall?

St Andrew’s Hall is the CMS Training College.  For more than 50 years St Andrew’s Hall has been equipping CMS missionaries for a life-long venture of reaching people throughout the world with the gospel of Christ.

In that time, over 1000 missionaries have been equipped and sent for long-term cross-cultural missionary service with CMS.

Why is St Andrew’s Hall so important?

At CMS, we know that deep and lasting impact comes from missionaries becoming embedded in the life and culture of the communities they serve. Only through this kind of long-term commitment will missionaries be able to learn language proficiently, thrive in a new culture, and work well alongside local partners for the sake of the gospel.

Because CMS asks a long-term commitment from its missionaries, St Andrew’s Hall plays a key role in raising up such resilient, well-grounded gospel workers. Our experience shows that the more specialist cross-cultural training a person has, the better they survive and thrive in long-term mission. As a result, the average length of service for CMS missionaries is over 10 years, with a number who have ministered in their locations for 25 years or more.

The training at St Andrew’s Hall:

  • Equips missionaries with the cultural skills and self-understanding that are needed to connect deeply in the cultures where they will serve.
  • Provides the missiological foundations for a life-time of ministry and ongoing cultural understanding that will open doors for the gospel, and apply God’s word to people living in very different cultures to our own.
  • Gives missionaries a taste of the relational and life challenges of living and serving across cultures. It begins the process of separation and adaptability that is essential for long term mission by placing missionaries in a new environment, living in close proximity with other missionaries with all the relational joys and challenges that this brings.
  • Trains missionaries in a process of life-long learning and self-reflection. Missionaries with decades of ministry experience say that St Andrew’s Hall prepared them for their ministry in ways they never imagined.

Why does St Andrew’s Hall need Redevelopment?

St Andrew’s Hall is desperately in need of an upgrade.  The original student accommodation building has now been in continuous use for over 50 years!  It is rapidly ageing, and is no longer adequate to meet CMS’s current and future mission needs. Courses are constantly full and unable to meet the growing number of candidates applying for missionary service with CMS.

Plans are underway to redevelop St Andrew’s Hall, to more than double its capacity and provide safe and flexible accommodation and training facilities for the next 50 years. The redevelopment will provide:

  • Flexible accommodation to meet the needs of missionaries-in-training, whether singles, couples or families with children
  • Better training facilities that still make good use of the iconic historic house
  • Purpose-built communal living and training areas to meet needs now and in the future
  • Resources to provide best practice mission, cultural and team preparation.

What can you do?

Right now, please pray for those who are planning and preparing for this major redevelopment of the buildings and facilities of St Andrew’s Hall.  Pray that the new facilities will be used by the Lord to continue to extend his kingdom across cultures and train and grow his people as they seek to see a world that knows Jesus.  Pray that these plans will be achieved in a swift and economic manner.

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