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Summer with CMS

We can’t all meet up at Mt Tamborine for Summer School in January.  But we can still be challenged by God’s word, encouraged in mission and strengthened in prayer during Summer. Welcome to Summer with CMS!

For adults and churches we’re going on-line with the Summer Series.

For teens, our Summer MELT camp will give a whole new experience of mission, fun and growth in God’s word.

Videos for Summer Series NOW AVAILABLE!

Camp will still operate as planned


We are remaining up-to-date with the current COVID situation impacting the greater Brisbane area and are continuing to maintain the safety of our campers.

Thank you to those parents who have attempted to make contact, due to poor phone reception these calls have been hard to monitor. Email will be the easiest form of contact and Paul Vandersee’s (pvandersee@cms.org.au) inbox will be closely monitored.


We are planning to continue running camp as planned until Sunday for the following reasons;


  • Camp location – the Scenic Rim is currently not listed in the lockdown area, so our campsite is in a ‘safe bubble’
  • Screening upon arrival to camp for both leaders and campers has also confirmed that NO ONE at camp was in an area listed as ‘hotspots’ where the infected worker travelled in January AND no-one has declared any symptoms of COVID.
  • The latest advice from Qld Health states that travel from home is allowed for:
    • Medical or healthcare needs, including compassionate requirements
    • Providing care or assistance to an immediate family member
    • Child custody arrangements

The Qld Government Greater Brisbane 3-day lockdown advice permits you to travel to camp on Sunday, as planned, for pickup. https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/current-status/greater-brisbane-lockdown



As parents and caregivers will be coming from the impacted area, we ask for your cooperation to ensure the safety of other campers and volunteers.


  1. Stay in your car, a leader will come to you
  2. Wear your mask
  3. Children will be brought to your car with luggage and a sign out sheet
  4. Please DO NOT bring any additional family members


Alternatively, parents and caregivers are within their rights to collect their children at any stage prior to Sunday at 2pm. Please let Paul Vandersee (pvandersee@cms.com.au) know via email if you plan to do so and please follow the same guidelines as above.

The MTCC office can also be reached on 55451419.

Parents and caregivers, please continue to monitor your emails for ongoing updates.


Christian High-Schooler’s in grades 7-12 in 2021.



Arrive after lunch on Thursday January 7th – return home after lunch on Sunday January 10th.


Mt. Tamborine Conference Centre (237 Beacon Road, Mt Tamborine, Qld).