QLD & NNSW Branch


This year has created many new challenges in day-to-day life, especially for most of our missionaries who are in countries that have been greatly impacted by COVID19. Through these times we are thankful that God has still been faithful in providing many opportunities for our missionaries to reach gospel-poor people and engage in local communities despite changing COVID restrictions.

Will you partner with us financially this Christmas to help keep our missionaries on-location sharing the gospel in these unprecedented times?


Adam & Helane Ramsay

Location: Chiba, Japan | East Asia

Adam and Helane reach families for Jesus through relationships, events and community engagement. They teach the Bible to adults and encourage children to reach their friends for Jesus.

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Andrew & Margie Newman

Location: Rukungiri, Uganda | Africa

Andrew and Margie will be learning language and culture. They plan to build relationships with the people of the Diocese of North Kigezi, before they start teaching at the Canon Ndimbirwe Bible College.

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Dene and Rachel Hughes

Location: Amagasaki, Japan | East Asia

Dene works with KGK to encourage university students to live and grow as Christians and reach their non-Christian friends. Rachel helps at church using English, music, and interactive Bible-teaching events.

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Gillian Law

Location: Rome, Italy | Europe

Gillian is the staff worker for GBU Rome, covering multiple universities. She works alongside Christian students to train, encourage, and set an example in sharing the message of Christ at university.

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Keith and Marion Birchley

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea | North Australia & the South Pacific

Keith and Marion spend their time evangelising, pastoring and training students. A large focus is on both teaching the Bible and teaching how to teach it.

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David Pettett (STW)

Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands | North Australia & the South Pacific

David is lecturing in Church History, Biblical Studies and Pastoral Care at Bishop Patteson Theological College in the Solomon Islands.

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Other missionaries in secure locations

CMS QNNSW has four missionary families in secure locations.  If you already know who they are, you can partner with them:

  • financially, by pressing the donate button, and selecting ‘other’ in the ‘A particular worker’ box and manually entering their initials.
  • in prayer, by pressing the ‘prayer points sign up’ button and manually entering their initials in the ‘Missionary name’ box.

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