QLD & NNSW Branch

We can’t all meet up at Mt Tamborine for Summer School in January, so for churches and individuals we have created a series of online videos to be used by you this Summer.

These videos can be used flexibly by you, your church or your growth group to feed your heart and your passion for God and his mission through the Summer holidays.

Talks from Rev Dr Andrew Reid, exploring 1 Samuel

Talk 1

Surprised in Helplessness
1 Samuel 1:1–21; 2:11

Outline Question guide

Talk 2

Reflecting on the God of Reversals
1 Samuel 2:1–10

Outline Question guide

Talk 3

Face-to-Face with real humanity
1 Samuel 8:1–22

Outline Question guide

Talk 4

Power, Might and Majesty
1 Samuel 17:1—18:5

Outline Question guide

Missionary moments

We asked five missionaries five questions…

What keeps you going?

Why is understanding culture important?

How has COVID impacted your missionary life?

Share some cultural mishaps

Tell us about sharing the gospel

If you would like to give a once off ‘General Missionary Support’ donation to help support our missionaries please follow the link below.