QLD & NNSW Branch

Principles and objects

All members and missionaries with CMS must agree with the following principles and objects.


The CMS principles include:

  1. The Church Missionary Society (CMS) was first established as the Church Missionary Society of Australia, an unincorporated association, in September 1916. This association was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act in 1996.
  2. CMS traces its roots back to the Church Missionary Society of the United Kingdom, founded in 1799.
  3. CMS is a fellowship of Christian people committed to taking part together in world mission. It is a voluntary society of members of the Anglican Church of Australia and other churches, based upon those evangelical and Protestant principles of the Church Missionary Society of the United Kingdom from its foundation.
  4. CMS Australia (CMS-A) is a company formed by the branches to most effectively further their work.


The objects of CMS-A are to facilitate the work of the Church Missionary Society, through its branches, for the coming of God’s Kingdom through the proclamation of the gospel of Christ throughout the world, in fellowship with local churches, and in particular:

  1. to send members of branches as missionaries overseas and to North Australia;
  2. to deepen Christian commitment to evangelism and its attendant social responsibilities;
  3. to support missionaries of CMS and their work by prayer, giving and pastoral care;
  4. to engage in cross-cultural evangelism;
  5. to help educate the Australian Church in its responsibilities to this mission.