NSW & ACT Branch

Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

August 2019 Prayer Points

Thursday 1 – Argentina

Martin & Julie Field pray that as the new semester commences, the small groups will start well and many new students will get involved. Peter & Terry Blowes pray for the ABUA Central Region conference on 16-19 August, for the gospel of Christ to remain central in students’ lives. Amy Stephens prays that she would stand firm in the Lord and learn to rest and rely on him more.


Friday 2 – Mexico, Bolivia & Peru

Peter & Sarah Sholl pray for Peter’s seminary class studying the Pauline Epistles this semester. Adrian & Anita Lovell give thanks for the opportunity to remain in Australia until the end of the month, to support Anita’s family through a difficult time. Nick & Kysha Davies thank God for providing their needs while resettling in Lima. Ask for renewed relationships with love and grace. Grahame & Patty Scarratt pray that they will grow in Christ-likeness day by day and always strive to please our Lord Jesus. Pedro & Joy Oliveira-Woolmer pray for creativity and energy as they prepare and engage with groups and individuals at their link churches. Pray for Mark as he attends his new preschool and settles into a new routine in Sydney.


Saturday 3 – Chile

Chris & Stef Overhall ask for more uni students to study MOCLAM, and for health during winter. Michael & Jo Charles pray for the CEP staff as they cover the absence of a fellow lecturer, and for Felipe and his family as they uproot and move to the States for the next three years while he completes a PhD. Gary & Julie Haddon pray for energy and enthusiasm as the second semester begins for both CEP students as well as staff, and for Annika and Elissa at school. Frances Cook prays for God’s protection and strength for students who are sick, and for growth in difficulty.


Sunday 4 – Ethiopia, Kenya & Tanzania

Shane & Naomi Rubie pray for a safe beginning to school and for students to settle quickly into routines. Roger & Lynn Kay pray that their time with partner churches will be encouraging for everyone. Give thanks for their faithful prayer, support and care. Maggie Crewes prays for a fantastic godly person to come forth to be the new Hope for Justice country director for Ethiopia. Norm & Janelle Gorrie pray for a student, who is living homeless with her four children in a grass hovel. Pray for her new faith in Jesus to strengthen and comfort her, and for God to provide for her needs. Matthew & Samantha Archer praise the Lord for the way he has been walking tenderly beside their family through the transitions of this year.


Monday 5 – Tanzania

Arthur & Tamie Davis pray for TAFES, and for new ventures to be safe and profitable. Glen & Dominique Turner give thanks for the opportunity to speak into the lives of the young people at Mara Primary School. Kevin & Karen Flanagan pray that those being confirmed this month would flourish in their love and walk with Jesus. Judith Calf prays for evangelists and pastors in Lweru to be faithful in serving their churches and sharing the good news of Jesus. Mike & Katie Taylor pray for gospel-mindedness as the clergy meet this month. Liz Burns prays she will be blessed by and be a blessing to her supporters in Hornsby Heights this week.


Tuesday 6 – Namibia, South Africa & DR Congo

Mike & Karen Roe pray that the Lord will use them to encourage and build up people in his grace as they begin partnership support this month. Daniel & Olivia Webster pray that Olivia’s second attempt at physiotherapy registration will be accepted. Kylie Zietsch prays she would continue to deepen her friendships with people and learn to rest well when she has time off. Nathan & Diane Lovell pray for Nathan as he speaks at the Hope Church weekend away in Johannesburg this week. Pray for a good time of encouragement and for Nathan to give faithful and challenging talks. David & Prue Boyd pray for Ebola’s spread to be limited, and for it not to reach large cities or cross borders. Pray for those they teach to be shown the love of God. Graham & Wendy Toulmin give thanks for the opportunity to connect with linked churches, individual supporters, family, and friends for these two months. Andrew & Margie Newman give thanks for an insightful orientation at branch office and pray for energy and creativity for their first deputation.


Wednesday 7 – Development & Training

SAH: Pray for the new trainees starting their term at St Andrew’s Hall. Pray that they would grow in wisdom, knowledge and love and be filled with the desire to see God glorified among the nations. Pray that their learning would be challenging and fruitful and equip them well for their future work.

Mentac: Pray for fruitful sharing about the true sacrifice God has provided for sin, during the Muslim celebration of Eid ul Adha.


Thursday 8 – South East Asia

H & M pray for school preparations for home assignment, that their kids will be able to move forward in their schooling and not have to repeat years for logistical reasons. I asks for prayer for good times on deputation and spending time with extended family. J & I thank God for the first opportunity they have had to take some time off as a family. Pray that they will come back fully refreshed. T & E ask that, as they return for home assignment, that ministry continues there, all relationships finish well, and they transition well. J gives thanks for all the opportunities she has to share about the work in South East Asia. Pray for God to enable her return to the field. K prays to be well prepared for future work through a ten-week English teaching course starting at the end of the month.


Friday 9 – South East Asia

M & L give thanks for the 40 new students starting at the college this month. Pray for them as they settle into college life. N & R pray for an end to ongoing civil conflict in parts of the country, that peace and harmony can be restored. Pray for wisdom for the government in dealing with the refugee crisis. S prays for perseverance, growth, confidence, understanding and joy in language and culture learning. Pray for a woman S can connect with to build friendship and to speak language with regularly. Na prays for God to provide teachers and students for the language centre where she works next term. Ne gives thanks for her first month on location, for the Father’s provision, care and leading in all things.


Saturday 10 – Cambodia

Bethany Vaughan thanks God for the large turnout at Sunday school teacher training, and prays for her neighbourhood outreach. Wim & Maaike Prins thank God for taking Wim’s Mum home, and pray for all the things that need to be arranged before their return to Cambodia. Craig & Samantha McCorkindale pray for the kids as they restart school, but particularly for Clare as she starts at a new school. Dave & Leoni Painter pray for their arrival in Phnom Penh, that they will have good reconnections with their Cambodian friends and students. Andrew & Liz Glover pray that they would continue to lean heavily on God for wisdom and direction.


Sunday 11 – Indonesia, Singapore & Timor-Leste

Alan & Helen Wood praise the Lord for three successful ministry trips to Bali. Praise God for the baptism of a refugee, A, and pray for his ongoing nurture and discipling. R gives thanks for his progress so far in learning the language and culture, and prays that his ability to share his faith at a deeper level will grow. J & D pray for J and his colleagues as they run Langham Preaching Training for trainers in East Java at the end of this month. Marty & Jenny Foord pray that they settle quickly and find suitable accommodation. Chris & Grace Adams pray for energy as they continue with home assignment. Pray that all will continue well during this pregnancy and for both Grace and the little one inside. Nick & Rebekah give thanks for God’s provision of wonderfully encouraging link churches.


Monday 12 – North Australia

Chris & Karen Webb ask God to grow the faith of Broome Peoples Church members who were baptised last month. Matt & Lisa Pearson pray for their kids to grow in Jesus and to be given opportunities to speak of him. Tavis & Kate Beer pray for Kate to have wisdom, perseverance and strength in her ministry and as she travels this month. Derek & Rosemary Snibson pray for their training and travel to remote communities for Safe Ministry workshops with church leaders. Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones pray as Mandy prepares and teaches the unit ‘Indigenous Expressions of Faith’ today. Ian & Jenny Wood thank God for the fellowship and teaching at St Andrew’s Hall. Pray that the weeks spent on home assignment with Wentworthville Anglican Church would be an encouragement to everyone involved and helpful for beginning a new phase of gospel partnership.


Tuesday 13 – North Australia, PNG & Vanuatu

Matt & Kate Vinicombe pray they would grow in their cultural understanding and to be good cultural reflectors. Keith & Marion Birchley pray for Marion as she speaks at a Baptist Working Women’s conference on the weekend. Joel & Tiffanie Atwood pray for the biennial campus outreach, for the gospel to be clear and students to be bold in their proclamation.


Wednesday 14 – UAE & Jordan

K prays for good study, good networking with various Japanese-related communities and for a good rest over the summer. J & D thank God for a productive time with their supportive churches. W & C give thanks for time with three churches during August. Malcolm & Charissa pray that God would enable them to serve him and his people joyfully. M & O pray for energy and clarity as they meet new supporters and churches and share how God is at work.


Thursday 15 – Middle East

J gives praise for two new believers who decided to follow Jesus. Pray for wisdom in next steps. L prays for God to use their exercise and health discussion group for his glory. Pray for ‘salty’ conversations. S & P thank God for their ministry co-workers and pray that they would be able to serve well together. L & I give thanks for the new trainees settling in at St Andrew’s Hall, and pray for God’s strength and healing with L’s illness and I recovering from surgery.


Friday 16 – Middle East

S & C pray for their family as they return to the Middle East this month. Ask for good goodbyes, safe travel and a smooth transition back to life there. M praises God for a great team—a huge blessing and a gift. Pray that she can serve each member well. C praises God for the end of her first year in the Middle East. Thank God for his continued grace, help and presence. B prays for her transitions as she farewells her housemate of two years and welcomes a new team member, M, who will move in and begin language and culture learning.


Saturday 17 – Nepal

K & M L pray they would be encouraged by their knowledge of God and their future hope in him. I & R pray that I will find opportunities to witness Christ through service. D & E give thanks for a good finish to the school term, and pray for Nepali leaders to be raised up for the church in Nepal. J gives thanks for the ministry of KISC and prays that God will continue to have his hand over it.


Sunday 18 – Nepal & Pakistan

K (& B) pray for their rehabilitation department to be able to support each other and serve their patients well, especially after the many staff changes including the death of one member. B & L pray for their developing hospital as they look for better administrative structures to support the clinical work in serving the poor and sick with compassion and efficiency. G & R pray for energy and stamina during the hot and humid monsoon months and for God to melt ice-cold hearts. Pray for more cooperation and support from authorities. L & T pray for a good start to the new academic year, and for a quick and smooth process as L’s research thesis is marked. S prays for God to give her time to rest and connect with people in this city before more travel next month. D & S pray that God will continue to stir the hearts and minds of those they have recently been able to tell about Jesus.


Monday 19 – South Asia

E asks for God’s comfort and peace as several workers have had to leave the country suddenly. Pray that she would continue to build friendships with locals. S (& T) thank God for all their guests and the way they serve the Father. K prays for a homestay experience that is beneficial to both her and her host family. L asks that, with believers in South Asia, she would always be quick to praise God. M & K thank God for his provision during a fourth move since February and ask for grace, patience and ongoing adaptability to adjust quickly again. S & I give thanks for this time on final Home Assignment and ask that they could explain clearly how they’ve seen God working in South Asia and what to keep on praying for. Pray for their kids to do well as they start school. A prays, as she starts visiting churches and other partners, that she’ll communicate well and be able to encourage God’s people about God’s mission.


Tuesday 20 – CMS Australia

CMS Australia gives thanks for the regional missionaries’ conference held last month. Pray that the conversations had will bear fruit and be encouraging for both staff and missionaries.


Wednesday 21 – France

Caroline Evenden praises God for Joanna, Caroline’s ministry trainee in Toulouse. Pray for Joanna as she enters her second year of the Relais programme in preparation to be the new regional coordinator. Daniel & Kate Morris pray as they head together as a family to the national training camp at the end of the month, for faithfulness and clear communication in teaching. Josh & Susannah Apieczonek pray for final preparations for the national training camp 24-30 Aug where Josh will be giving talks on Daniel. Colin & Catherine Puffet pray for Colin investing in a new church service, Cath’s new Sunday school team, Julien’s new class and Simone’s new routine. Pray that God would provide for their needs in each of these new things. Kelly Landrigan prays for a refreshing time as her Mum comes to visit over the holidays. M prays for her teaching of an intensive English course to go well and for the believing students to mutually encourage one another in Christ. Miriam Bradshaw gives thanks to God that he is steadfast and unchanging.


Thursday 22 – Italy, Ireland & Malta

Simon & Jessica Cowell pray that Simon’s time thinking through ‘Preaching with the Prophets’ will be stimulating and encouraging, and for preparations for the new academic year. Gillian Law thanks God for the summer holiday break and a chance to pause and rest, reflecting on the past year and preparing for the year ahead. Naomi Brunacci prays for the CMS Vic conference for young adults engaging in mission, that through being there she can have conversations encouraging others to serve Jesus cross-culturally. Erin Moorcroft prays for the children who are attending holiday Bible clubs this month—that it may be a fruitful and encouraging time for all. G & R pray for good relationships between them and their supervisors, peers, and people they pastorally care for.


Friday 23 – Austria, Germany & Slovenia

Rob & Arabelle Horne pray for final farewells in Austria, and for God to provide all they need in Canberra, including housing, school, work, and church. Rachel Gibbs prays that many students would sign up to attend the Equip conference she is organising in September. Mimy Gardner praises God for relaxing summer holidays with some Australian friends and prays for peaceful communication between staff at the beginning of the school year. Klaus & Jude Hickel pray as they start up the European year that their ministry will be full of grace and honouring to Jesus. Kingsley & Veronica Box pray as they finish up their time in Slovenia with a church camp last week and a kids’ club with a partner church next week. Pray for good closure and farewells.


Saturday 24 – Spain & Eurasia

Jim & Tanja French thank God for their church family and pray for children’s schooling applications to go smoothly. Mike & Tania Snowdon pray for rest and refreshment as people in Spain take a break from ministry. Pray for them as they land in Australia and prepare for church visits. John & Jodi Lovell pray for the MOCLAM students using some of their free time over the summer break to study a new course. Pray it will be a rewarding and encouraging time of growth in understanding of the Bible. Please pray for R to finish up Home Assignment well and prepare for returning to Eurasia.


Sunday 25 – Hong Kong, Taiwan & East Asia

Ian & Narelle Hadfield thank God for the encouraging time of deputation spent with God’s people in Australia. Pray for their future ministries. Sam & Shan-Shan Chrisp thank God they’ve finally arrived in Taiwan and are settling in along with their kids. Pray for Jasmine as she starts local Chinese preschool. S & K ask for provision for K and the family while S goes ahead to prepare their way. L prays for lots of energy during the summer camp period. Pray for the team as it is a busy season and a few workers are considering leaving.


Monday 26 – East Asia

D & T pray for T, the team and the orphans at the Village, for peace as they prepare for the change in management this month, and that the team will be able to continue visiting as much as possible. E gives thanks for the humility of language learning, and prays that her teachers will come to know Christ. D & L praise God for the privilege it is to train and disciple men and women and share from what they have been richly given. L & J pray for their church as they welcome international students who arrive for the new academic year. Pray that Christian students will find their church and get on board.


Tuesday 27 – Japan

Adam & Helane Ramsay pray that their kids would have fun with their friends, finish their summer holiday homework and transition back to school well in September. Steven & Sandra Parsons pray for the Japan leadership team, as they consider strategies for more effective leadership to ultimately see people know Jesus. Roger & Noriko Dethlefs give thanks for the friendship of a Singaporean Christian graduate who has now returned home. Pray for a Chinese couple who became Christians, who have now moved to Tokyo for work. Nathan & Maki Clapham pray that they might be good models for their children and point their family to Christ. Chenny Thie gives thanks for KGK summer camp last week, and prays for Challenge Camp starting today, that those who go would be encouraged in the faith. Matt & Jen Lim pray for rest and refreshment as they attend a combined Japanese missionaries’ retreat and then take a week of annual leave.


Wednesday 28 – Japan

Dene & Rachel Hughes give thanks that summer starts with a refreshing holiday and with the opportunity to minister and be ministered to in English. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for the opportunity to attend East Asia Graduates Conference in Tokyo and pray that those who attended were encouraged to serve God wherever they are. Brad & Michelle Jackson pray for the youth attending the CSK Summer Youth Camp. Pray the teaching is clear and the Holy Spirit is at work drawing the youth to God. Pray for Dave & Beck McIntyre as they start visiting churches this week. Pray that the visits would be a time of mutual encouragement and an opportunity to share the centrality of mission in God’s work.


Thursday 29 – CMS Partners

Give thanks for CMS partners, for their fellowship with CMS in this work, and for the important perspectives, enthusiasm and servant-heartedness that they bring. Pray for the partners and those they work with to experience fellowship in unity and mutual encouragement.


Friday 30 – CMS Branches

NSW & ACT Pray for protection for missionaries as they proclaim God’s word throughout the world. Ask that God will keep them from loneliness, burnout and illness, and help them to continually find refreshment in his word. QNNSW Pray for those who attended a recent ‘Journey in Mission’ night for people seriously interested in pursuing long-term cross-cultural ministry. Ask that God will continue to direct their steps as they seek his leading. SANT Pray for K, Tamie & Arthur Davis, and Mike & Karen Roe as they begin their partnership support work in Adelaide. Please pray for mutual encouragement in Christ. TAS Pray T & E would be refreshed and encouraged during Home Assignment, and that their supporters and link churches would grow in our appreciation and support of what God is doing through them. VIC Please pray for the young adults who attended the A1:8 conference at the beginning of the month. Pray the knowledge they gathered at the conference will sink in deeply. WA Pray for a restful and effective conclusion to the Home Assignment of D & S. Pray that S and P will be given a permit to stay in their country.


Saturday 31 – Former Missionaries Fellowship

Former Missionaries Fellowship Praise God for the life of Virginia Watson (Tanzania 1968-71), who died on 6 June; and of Vivienne Thorburn (Tanganyika 1953-63 and Kenya 1988-92) who died on 13 June; and of Kay Clark (Hong Kong 1953-63 and Tanzania 2001-09) who died on 21 June.