NSW & ACT Branch

Monthly Prayer Points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.



Father God, as many CMS missionaries use this month to pray and consider what their ministries will look like next year, we pray that you would grant them wisdom and trust in your plans and timing. Please make clear to them what you would have them do for the furthering of your kingdom, and help them to keep their eyes firmly fixed on you as they think about options and make decisions. Use your servants to bring glory to your Son. In his name we pray. Amen. 

Friday 30 September – CMS Branches  

NSW & ACT: Thank God for Camp Milimani (Years 4-6) held over the last weekend, and pray that the children who attended will know and trust the truth of the resurrection of Jesus. QNNSW: Pray for the new link churches, as they get to know CMS and support new missionaries on Home Assignment. Pray that from these new churches, new supporters will catch the vision for a world that knows Jesus. SANT: Give thanks to God for their new staff member, an EA for Mark, and ask that God would provide an events and communications coordinator. Pray also for the Purdey family to settle well into Santiago, Chile. TAS: Pray for the two TAS MENTAC apprentices (potential future secure workers), Q and Y, as they study online with SMBC and gain cross-cultural ministry experience serving in international student ministry. Please pray also for the CMS TAS Board and State Director as they formulate the branch’s next five-year strategic plan. VIC:  Give thanks to God for the ways he has been at work through the September Month of Prayer, and pray for a fruitful Morning of Prayer as CMS VIC gathers on 1 October. WA: Pray that God will continue to raise up new CMS missionaries from WA. 

Saturday 1 October – Argentina and Uruguay 

Pray with Amy Stephens for continued opportunity to speak the gospel in different contexts. Pray with Martin and Julie Field for ABUA at the national level as it seeks to rebuild after the pandemic, especially for National Director Marcelo Perez. Pray with Peter and Terry Blowes for the weekend meeting of ABUA national, 7-10 October. Pray this will be a positive first step to reconstructing the national movement. Thank God with Pedro and Joy Oliveira Woolmer for the soccer team of dads from Mark’s school that Pedro has been able to join. Please ask God to provide someone suitable to stay in their Uruguayan apartment during their Home Assignment. 

Sunday 2 – Bolivia, Peru and Chile 

Give thanks with Adrian and Anita Lovell for those studying Doctrine 2 online. Pray that God would use the course to bear fruit in their lives. Thank God with Nick and Kysha Davies for a recent training conference; pray that pastors will put the lessons learnt into practice. Praise God with Chris and Stef Overhall for opportunities to teach Old Testament courses this term, and pray that these studies will be spiritually fruitful. Pray with Frances Cook for peace and stability in Chile and in the Church, in the midst of many changes and challenges. Pray with Malcolm and Ainsley Purdey that they might find rest despite busyness and tiring language learning. 

Monday 3 – Tanzania and Kenya 

Thank God for Judith Calf’s long-term gospel ministry in Tanzania and ask that God will guide her in her next steps. Pray with Arthur and Tamie Davis for the TAFES staff team as a new ministry year commences, for the Holy Spirit to infuse the team with wisdom and love. Give thanks with Mike and Katie Taylor for diocesan mission in the South. Pray for effective follow up. Pray with Norm and Janelle Gorrie for the Diocesan school of discipleship; committed to building vibrant multiplying churches. 

Tuesday 4 – North Africa, DR Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia 

Pray for M to share naturally about the work of God in her life. Pray with David and Prue Boyd that their pack-up and final goodbyes and re-entry to Australia would go smoothly. Pray that leaders in the Congo Church would have servant hearts, committed to proclaiming Christ and building up believers. Give thanks with David and Jenny Juniper for the privilege of having a year to learn language and culture in Bukavu. Pray that they will be able to orient themselves quickly to living and serving in Goma. Give thanks with Andrew and Margie Newman that the students’ commissioning can be in early November before they leave for Home Assignment. Pray that the students will choose to be good shepherds of God’s people. Pray with Co-Mission Partners Anwar Berhe and Tsigereda Atankir for continued spiritual protection as they help develop and train church-planters in their location. 

Wednesday 5 – Namibia, South Africa and Seychelles 

Thank God with Dan and Olivia Webster for a break at the beginning of October and pray for energy for the hardest part of the year—hot, dry and busy. Pray with Nathan and Diane Lovell for the new students making preparations to move to Cape Town. Pray for those needing to apply for study visas, that visas would be processed in time. Pray with Kylie Zietsch for continued good discipling relationships within the female students at JBC. Pray with Mike and Karen Roe for GWC students who will graduate later this year or go on to postgraduate studies. May the Lord help them to watch their lives and doctrines closely, and to walk closely with the Lord. Thank God with Ryan and Lynne Verghese for refreshing times in community with God’s people—particularly for holidays spent with people from their College year group. Thank God for Co-Mission Partner, Thulisile Mabe and pray for blessing on her marriage and ministry. 

Thursday 6 – South East Asia 

Give thanks with Nick and Rebekah for Nick’s completion of a Bible translation intensive unit of study and for help from neighbours for Rebekah at home. Praise God for productive study for Josh and Nici. Please pray that God would prepare their kids’ hearts to head overseas in January, and also provide a visa. Pray with Rowan for those being ordained as deacons and pastors next month in Singapore, that God will confirm them in their calling to serve his church in Indonesia and equip them with all that they need. Pray with Julie for deepening friendships at church and amongst neighbours, and for the chance to read the Bible 1-1 with someone. 

Friday 7 – South East Asia 

Pray with Andrew Buchanan and Abi Tandiseru as Abi’s ministries with kids and Andrew’s teaching commence. Give thanks with Rebekah for many reasons to rejoice, including food, shelter, and progress in language learning. Pray with Jon and Deborah that the Langham Preaching Training that Jon is a part of in Sri Lanka this week would be taught well and would be beneficial for the more than 60 participants. Pray with Chris and Erin for an encouraging visit with their link church in the UK this month. 

Saturday 8 – Cambodia 

Pray with Maggie Crewes for a full centre so the team can reach young people in desperate need. Pray for a full staff team and for successful recruitment; and that they can kick off a new prayer group amongst the staff. Please pray with Tim and Olivia Mulherin for wisdom about future housing and how to best incorporate the Khmer language into their boys’ lives. Pray with Matthew and Melissa Lindfield Seager for continued perseverance in language and culture learning. 

Sunday 9 – Cambodia and South East Asia 

Pray with Craig and Sam McCorkindale that a much-needed family holiday will provide good family time for them to assist in continuing to serve in Cambodia at PPBS. Pray for Dave and Leoni Painter’s family as they prepare to move to Newcastle and consider what the Lord has in store for them next. Give thanks with Maurice and Amanda Jacobson for the new students who have enrolled at Elim for this year. Pray they will settle in well and not be too homesick. Thank God with Malcolm and Leanne for the participants in the recent preaching workshop. Pray that they will be able to apply what they have learnt in order to be better Bible teachers. 

Monday 10 – South East Asia 

Pray with I for her teaching, preparation, marking; that she would make the most of each opportunity to creatively share God’s truth, and find the students who are keen to know more about Jesus. Thank God with J for the healthy numbers of students who have enrolled in the language centre this term. Pray for the continued enabling of staff to be salt and light in a place where it is hard to share Jesus directly. Thank God with Ne for opportunities to share about global mission and SEA with youth on camps and others at mission awareness days during October. Pray more people would start a ministry of prayer for a SEA that knows Jesus. Pray with K for patience and perseverance in learning language. Pray for wisdom and strength for Na as she takes on the responsibility of managing the language centre she is partnered with and getting it restarted after many months of shutdown. Thank God that L and C’s first three church visits went well with many people inviting them into their homes and lives 

Tuesday 11 – Singapore, Timor-Leste and Philippines 

Pray that Marty and Jenny Foord will prepare and deliver clear, faithful and encouraging Bible talks and lectures. Pray that Ian and Narelle Hadfield’s time doing deputation will bring spiritual encouragement to the Hadfields and to the link churches. Praise God with Chris and Julie Dean for the EPCTL Synod’s decision to move forward with Tetun-language ministry training for pastors and other gospel workers. Pray for the success of further planning meetings. Pray with Chris and Grace Adams for their ministry training of five young adults from various remote mountain churches who have come to Dili. Pray with Howard and Michelle Newby for more gospel workers to take up the opportunities for ministry in various parts of the Philippines. 

Wednesday 12 – Development and Training 

Give thanks with Jeremy and Jill Horrocks for time with family during their mid-course break. Pray that they will be disciplined and apply themselves to all that they are learning. C and A pray for patience and guidance as they consider the possibilities for future mission. Pray with Matthew and Ellen Tyler for their children as they miss Sydney and their friends, that they would feel God’s comfort. Pray that the reading they do at St Andrews Hall would be helpful for future ministry. Pray for those considering training with Mentac in 2023, including one potential student from a Muslim background. 

Thursday 13 – Eurasia, Belgium and the Netherlands 

Pray with J and P for grace as they begin their language classes, and for good listening ears and understanding. Join R in asking for the believers of Eurasia to not challenge one another (in a negative sense). Pray with Michael and Rani Grivas-Allison for favour with the Belgian government as the appeal of their (recently denied) work-permit is processed. Thank God with Howard and Trisha Spencer for many ministry opportunities and pray that they might have strength to take up the possibilities God has given. Pray with David and Cathie Sandifer for good health as they continue in their Bible teaching ministry. 

Friday 14 – France and Slovenia 

Pray with Josh and Susannah Apieczonek for initiative and courage from GBU staff to start training discussion groups in their regions. Pray that Karina Brabham would encourage her peers with a reminder of God’s grace, as she shares her testimony in French at her language school’s weekly chapel service. Join with Colin and Catherine Puffett in thankfulness for the new year (which started on 1 September), and the gathering momentum of the routine of life. Pray for Daniel and Kate Morris as they begin their final home assignment, that as they thank supporters that they would celebrate God’s goodness during their time in France. Pray with Co-Mission Partners Bostjan and Lidia Cifer for continued opportunities to share the gospel of grace with unbelievers. 

Saturday 15 – Italy and Germany 

Pray with Simon and Jessica Cowell for the start of the new year both with GBU and with church—that there would be both new and familiar people involved, and that people would come along to their kick-off events to experience the love of Jesus and hear his gospel. Thank God with Jason and Hannah Fairclough for a healthy pregnancy for Hannah and pray for the baby’s safe arrival at the end of October. Pray that God would provide competent and compassionate medical help for the birth. Thank God with Gillian Law for the many students and others in Rome who serve at Christian summer camps, and pray for fruit for this ministry. Pray with Klaus and Jude Hickel that their congregational weekend away will be a good time to grow together in the gospel. Pray with Co-Mission Partners Andrea Becciolini and Jotham Booker, that they will have many opportunities to share the gospel with those who do not know Christ. 

Sunday 16 – Spain and Malta 

Pray with Jim and Tanja French for refreshment and recuperation for Jim, Tanja, Evie and Silas while they are on home assignment. Pray with Miriam Bradshaw for more people in the churches she visits to consider if it would be wise for them to consider serving in a different culture overseas. Praise God with Chris and Kristy Galea for the opportunity to talk about joy, and where it is found, with their gym friend. Thank God that they were able to talk through the gospel of John and give her a Bible.  

Monday 17 – CMS Australia 

CMS-A: Thank God for the recent CMS-A organised Communications Consultation at SAH, and pray that this would result in strengthened communication with CMS supporters around Australia. Pray for safety and good health as RMDs visit many missionaries on location. 

Tuesday 18 – Middle East 

Thank God that Morgan and Olivia have returned to location, and pray that many supporters will continue to commit to giving to and praying for this work. Praise God with John and Deb for the rebuilding of numbers at church during the post-COVID period. Pray with Warwick and Caroline as their ESL outreach resumes this month, and they show weekly gospel videos to the women attending. Pray with Elizabeth that the young adult inter-church event goes well and that people who haven’t heard the good news will come. Give thanks with Karen for times of refreshment and reflection over summer. Pray for the ‘Coffee Time’ and ‘Mums and kids’ groups now starting up again. Pray for new contacts at ESL classes, that women who come to all of these will learn both English and gospel truth. Pray that Ray and Sandy will remain focussed on the task of teaching the gospel clearly and faithfully to the members of the church. 

Wednesday 19 – Middle East 

Pray with C for the Spirit’s shaping many choices about project activities over the next few weeks—what, where and with whom. Pray with J as she moves into new accommodation with her new housemate this month, and give thanks for provision from God. Pray with S and M for their family to adjust to the busy new schedule of school and language lessons. Pray also for safety on the roads. Thank God with J for the arrival of her new housemate, and pray that the process of settling will continue well. Pray with M for daily opportunities to share the gospel and pray for patients at her hospital. 

Thursday 20 – Middle East and South Asia 

Pray with B for people in the Middle East: for increased openness, curiosity and fervour to know Jesus; that seekers who expressed interest in the past would have renewed enthusiasm; and for more workers for the harvest, including Muslim-background believers. Thank God with S and P for the space during a short home assignment to reflect and prepare for this new season. Pray for them as they follow through on this preparation. Thank God with Dan and Marg for the provision of excellent Arabic language tutors in their city. Pray for increasing opportunities and confidence to speak and listen outside the classroom. Pray with Malcolm and Charissa Forrest that people will persevere in attending Bible Study Groups and encourage one another to grow more like Jesus. Pray that God may grant Derk and Susan joy, patience, health and discernment as they begin their new teaching year. May God draw many of the students to whom Susan will be teaching the new Christian studies course, conviction, insight and love for Jesus. Pray with Co-Mission Partners Tim and Sam, that they will continue to be zealous in their commitment to knowing and speaking the word of God. 

Friday 21 – South Asia and Central Asia 

Ask God with A for good spiritual health, that she will walk closely with the Father in her quiet times. Pray with E for opportunities to do art with women and that this would be a safe space for conversation and relationship. Pray with M and K for neighbours in their building that they are inviting to read scripture with them: especially for N, a father who has recently started reading scripture with M. Also pray for R, a friend of K’s, that she would accept an invitation to read together. Pray with K for stamina, grace and mutual encouragement as K completes link church visits over the next month. Pray also that K will find and make good connections with one or two South Asian women living in Tasmania. Pray for discernment for J and S in how to adopt their host culture in a gospel-shaped way. 

Saturday 22 – South Asia 

Give thanks with Bruce and Libby for God’s miraculous intervention in providing a short-term visa for Bruce, allowing both of them to stay in the country. Pray for Libby’s long-term visa to come before 31 October. Give thanks with Gordon and Ruth for visitors who are planning to come to help and learn about the work. Pray for opportunities to share about the ‘once for all’ sacrifice during the Hindu festival period. Pray that David and Christine will continue to grow daily in the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Thank God for Co-Mission Partners Sam and Sharmila, Ashish and Karuna and Jiwan and Binita, and pray that God will daily give them gospel opportunities to declare his praise. 

Sunday 23 – Japan 

Pray with Steven and Sandra Parsons for resilience and wisdom for those who are taking on additional responsibilities in Japan (while the Parsons are on Home Assignment). Pray that Adam and Helane Ramsay will continue connecting well with churches, and for Adam’s ordination preparation to proceed smoothly. Pray with Matt and Jen Lim for Eifuku Minami Christ Church as they seek to maintain fellowship amongst the congregation, whilst services continue to be predominantly online (for 2.5 years now). Give thanks with Dave and Beck McIntyre that the family has been able to settle into life back in Japan. Also give thanks for the cooler weather in Autumn. Give thanks with Elle Bryce for church visits and the opportunity to encourage youths at a camp in September. Pray that the Lord will continue to give Elle energy and creativity for visiting and meeting churches, especially as she travels to Sydney for a visit. Continue to pray with Matt and Bex Ooi for their partnerships with churches and individuals. Pray that many will share their desire to see Japanese people receive Christ into their hearts. 

Monday 24 – Japan and Taiwan 

Thank God with Nathan and Maki Clapham for various Bible study groups that they are involved in, and pray that they will grow spiritually and numerically. Thank God with Chenny Thie for IFES World Student Day on 21-22 October. Pray that many KGK students will attend and be encouraged in the Lord as they learn more about the worldwide IFES network. Pray for Dene and Rachel Hughes as they spend time on Home Assignment, that they will have strong and positive times with link churches and supporters. Give thanks with Kellie Nicholas for students and graduates who came to Club 222 and are thinking about full-time ministry. Please pray that God will be raising up many more people to work in the harvest field here in Japan. Thank God with Roger and Noriko Dethlefs for the Summer KGK camps in which a number of young people went forward either to recommit their lives to Christ, or to investigate full time Christian service opportunities. Pray also for the seekers who are still considering Jesus’ claim on their lives. Pray for Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp, in QLD this month visiting partners, and taking some time off for rest. Pray for good connections and good rest. 

Tuesday 25 – East Asia 

Thank God with K that she has reached the end of an enjoyable yet busy semester of study. Pray with L that she will have courage and wisdom to find opportunities to speak about Christ.  Thank God with E for times of refreshment and pray for continued gospel opportunities in daily conversation.  

Wednesday 26 – North Australia 

Pray with Derek and Rosemary Snibson for their co-workers engaged in various ministries during the Snibsons leave of absence. Praise God with Ian and Jenny Wood for courses completed during term 3, for students and for God’s work in their lives. Pray for them as they head into Arnhem Land in the break before term 4—for travel, and for helpful contact with people in the remote communities. Thank God for Co-Mission Partners Marlene Andrews, Mandy Manggura and James Woods and pray that they may daily be filled with the spiritual wisdom and understanding that only God can give. 

Thursday 27 – North Australia 

Thank God with Zoe Creelman for the work she is able to do supporting young women and families in the Ngukurr church. Praise God with Matt and Kate Vinicombe for his provision of gospel partners and supporters and the encouragement it is to see them on Home Assignment. Pray with Josh and Steph Mackenzie for peace and stability in their community during the ‘buildup’ season. Pray with Matt and Lisa Pearson for the saints in Kunbarlanja: that that their love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that they may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ. Thank God with Simon and Claire Koefoed for Minyerri Bible Camp at the beginning of the month. Pray for leadership development in remote church communities. Thank God with Geoff and Hannah Harper for the love and care that Aboriginal Christians show for each other, even in times of great trial. 

Friday 28 – North Australia, Vanuatu, PNG and Solomon Islands 

Pray with Chris and Karen Webb for faithful persistence in gospel ministry, even when unexpected circumstances affect those involved (such as COVID and other happenings). Ask God with Joel and Tiffanie Atwood to speed their new baby’s passport, so that they will be able to return to Vanuatu swiftly. Pray for the GNYF board preparing for their retreat in early November. Thank God with Keith and Marion Birchley for students who have come to realise that they must take up their cross and follow Jesus. Thank God with David Pettett for the work of the Bible College, and pray that more qualified teachers will offer to serve there. 

Saturday 29 – CMS Partners 

Thank God for the many CMS Partners within the world of student ministry, whether in the IFES or in various national Bible movements. Pray for their continued flourishing. Thank God also for Mission Support Fund scholarship recipients, and pray that God will give them faithfulness in both life and doctrine as they study his word. 

Sunday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW and ACT Give thanks for the completed CMS Conference Centre renovations. Pray that this facility will serve the proclamation of Christ and be a blessing to God’s people. Pray also for the ongoing preparations for CMS Summer School 2023 that are under way. Pray with QNNSW staff as they plan for Summer School 2023 and in particular, as they seek to find leaders for the children and youth program. SANT Thank God for those who provide time and energy to the SANT branch. Pray that God would provide an events and communications coordinator. Give thanks with TAS for the appointment of a part-time Events Director, Andrew Maskell and pray many will register to come to the TAS Summer Mission Conference.  Give thanks with VIC for the several missionaries on Home Assignment at the moment. Please pray for CMS VIC to support them well through the constant transitions of living cross-culturally. Pray with WA that the newly appointed Events Coordinator, Wing Shattock, would strategically plan and implement events which will engage more people throughout WA with CMS. 

Monday 31 – CMS Fellowship 

Thank God for continued CMS fellowship in the work of mission, and pray that many will be able to meet at various summer conferences around the country for mutual encouragement in this gospel ministry.