NSW & ACT Branch

Monthly Prayer Points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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Father God, as a new academic year begins in many locations where CMS works, we pray for new opportunities for the gospel to be proclaimed. We pray for staff workers in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific and the restrictions many face due to COVID. We pray for energy and creativity as they meet with students, run Bible studies and offer training online. Thank you for the way these missionaries have persisted despite exhaustion and frustration and we ask that you would sustain both workers and students. We pray also for the Co-Mission Partners who are working with students in Slovenia and Italy, and ask for your guidance and wisdom for them in their ministry. In the name of Jesus, Amen.  

Friday 17 – Spain and Malta  

Pray with Jim and Tanja French as the school year starts up, especially new school and high school for Evie. Pray also for the MOCLAM students to sign up for new subjects and for classes to start. Pray for Miriam Bradshaw as she transitions into being more involved in ministries in Valencia and a little less language school that she would trust God in the change. Pray that Mike and Tania Snowdon’s flight will go ahead on 30 September so they can return to Australia. Pray for a good end to their nine years in Spain. Pray with Chris and Kristy Galea that their kids’ transition into school would be smooth and ask that God would prepare friends for them and families to connect with.  

Saturday 18 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland and Austria  

Pray for to study language well. Give thanks with David and Cathie Sandifer for the far-reaching ministry of Tyndale Seminary. Give thanks with Erin (and Matthew) Topley for the last number of years serving as a CMS missionary and for the faithful care and support from all in the CMS family. Pray with Rachel Gibbs that God will continue to work through  ÖSM and ask that students will grow in their love for Jesus. 

Sunday 19 – Germany, Italy and Belgium 

Pray for wisdom and guidance for Mimy Gardner. Pray with Klaus and Jude Hickel for a Christian group to be formed at the boys’ school as the school year is getting started. Pray with Simon and Jessica Cowell for the national Formazione (Training) conference for GBU student leaders at the end of the month–Simon is speaking on Revelation 1-3, and it’s the time to pray, plan and prepare for the year of ministry ahead.  Pray for Simon’s preparation and that God might bless the plans made and the student leaders who come. Pray with Gillian Law for the student leaders training conference next weekend, that students will be equipped to share the gospel. Thank God for D, G and G from Rome who will attend. Pray that Jason and Hannah Fairclough would find enthusiastic champions in each of their link churches. Pray with Howard and Trisha Spencer for motivated students to be found to take responsibilities for GBU Belgium. Pray for the Spencers as they learn French and adjust to life in Brussels. 

Monday 20 – France 

Pray with Kelly Landrigan for COVID infection rates to decrease in France. Pray for Colin and Catherine Puffett’s church plant team as they launch a DNA group, the seed of the church plant in September. Pray for unity, wisdom and fruitfulness in the DNA group. Pray with Daniel and Kate Morris for students as they return to campuses across France. Pray that the Morrises will meet many students who are keen to read God’s word this year with them. Pray with Josh and Susannah Apieczonek for times that are mutually encouraging with their deputation churches, whether face-to-face or via Zoom. Pray for Karina Brabham to grow in her prayerful dependence on God and have a deep trust in his love and sovereignty. 

Tuesday 21 – CMS Australia 

As COVID infections and restrictions continue, CMS pastoral visits continue to be held online. Pray for Regional Mission Directors, Elizabeth RichardsChris Mitchell and Peter Sholl and International Director, Peter Rodgers as they seek to encourage, support and care for CMS missionaries on location via Zoom. Pray that these interactions will be a blessing. 

Wednesday 22 – Middle East 

Pray with for God’s favour regarding her visa, employment with the university, and accommodation. Pray also for safety in road travel. Give thanks with for the dedication of CMS staff in helping her navigate challenges regarding travel and rescheduling Home Assignment. Pray with for the many refugees in the Middle East that they would find living hope in Jesus. Pray for to grow in an ever-deepening trust in God’s goodness. Pray that S and P will be COVID-free, so that S can attend the birth of their child this month. Pray for a safe delivery and for the family as they settle into life with a new baby.  Pray with Dan and Marg for good final preparations and goodbyes with family and friends, as well as settling in quickly to their new location.

Thursday 23 – Middle East 

Thank God with Elizabeth for a good start to the school year with youth, tween and young adult ministry. Ask God to raise up more volunteers, especially men. Pray with John and Deb for the interview panel for their new lead pastor. Give thanks with Karen for the Mums and Kids group restarted this month, for the new people and a new babysitter. Pray for new people to join Coffee Time and that Karen can adequately follow up those returning to Japan. Ask God with Morgan and Olivia for community group leaders and members to have the boldness to move to in-person studies. Pray that their kids would settle into new, every day in-person school routines. Pray for Warwick and Caroline who are hoping to be in Sydney for their son’s wedding. Pray for contentment if they can’t travel. Pray with Malcolm and Charissa Forrest that the Christian leadership retreat Charissa is running will be a time of learning and growth for all the students. 

Friday 24 – South Asia and Central Asia 

Pray with Bruce and Libby for God’s sovereign wisdom and guidance for the right timing of their physical return to location. Give thanks that Gordon and Ruth’s visas and Ruth’s medical registration have been renewed. Pray for good teamwork and communication among work colleagues. Pray for Sophia as she finishes with CMS, that God will guide her next steps. Pray with J and S for the region of Central Asia which has significant socio-political instability and for them to trust God in the uncertainty that this creates. 

Saturday 25 – South Asia 

Give thanks with Derk and Susan for Derk’s productive and fruitful involvement with the students and faculty during a semester of many unpredictable changes—lockdowns, partial openings, blended study online and in-person. Pray that God will use to encourage and be encouraged by believers especially those from Muslim background in South Asia. Praise God that has arrived back in Australia, pray for opportunities to connect with supporters over the next few months. Praise God with K for fun times and deep conversations in local language she has been able to have with her two new local housemates D and T over the past two months. Pray that these young women will grow in their understanding of God’s grace. Pray with M and K for their neighbours, most of whom they have some kind of relationship with. Thank God for their benevolent landlord and his family and ask for God’s mercy and blessing on them. 

Sunday 26 – East Asia 

Pray for D and T as they wait on an opportunity to return to East Asia. Having accepted that they won’t be able to return this year, pray for continued trust in God and his timing and for borders to open by early 2022. Pray with that her team can continue working in the community with families who have a child with a disability. Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for K in work and studies in uncertain times. Pray for L and J, that while they wait for their (new) return date of 6 October, they will know God’s comfort and presence, and follow his lead to love those they meet. Pray for to continue trusting in God’s leading. 

Monday 27 – Japan 

Give thanks with Nathan and Maki Clapham for the summer camps and pray for follow up of those who attended who don’t yet know Jesus. Pray for energy and creativity for Matt and Jen Lim connecting with supporters during Home Assignment. Pray with Steven and Sandra Parsons that the TEAM Japan leadership team will have wisdom as they seek to guide workers in creating more effective strategies for ministry through facing the realities of Japanese culture complexities and associated resistance to the gospel. Give thanks with Chenny Thie for summer break and KGK online summer camps. Give thanks with Roger and Noriko Dethlefs for the Summer Camps held online. Pray for careful follow up of those interested in exploring Christianity further, and of those contemplating full time Christian ministry. Pray for Adam and Helane Ramsay and their children to have a smooth return to church and school, for wisdom balancing Adam’s schedule, and for lots of opportunities to build relationships and share the gospel. 

Tuesday 28 – Japan and Taiwan 

Pray with Dene and Rachel Hughes for students to actively care for each other while university life is largely online. Pray with Kellie Nicholas for good times of connecting with people as she commences visiting link churches and conferences, whether in person or online. Pray with Dave and Beck McIntyre for wisdom and time to train those willing to be future leaders of the Japanese church. Pray for Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp as the university year begins in Taiwan. Pray they can connect well with students, and remember their names. 

Wednesday 29 – CMS Partners 

Give thanks for CMS’s partnership with student movements around the world and ask God to continue to bless the work happening on university campuses.  Pray for Andrea and Geanne Becciolini in their ministry of evangelism and discipleship with GBU in Florence. Pray that Italian students will be open to hearing the gospel and that the constraints of COVID will not hamper the spread of the gospel. 

Thursday 30 – CMS Branches 

NSW and ACT: Pray that the renovation of the CMS Conference can go ahead despite lock downs and restrictions. QNNSWPray for missionaries at various stages of their Home Assignments, that they will have patience and flexibility to cope with changing circumstances due to COVID. SANTGive thanks that K has arrived on location. Please pray especially for Frances Cook and the Prins Family who are trying to return to Australia but have had their flights cancelled. We ask that God would make a path for them to return soon. Pray for CMS TAS missionaries, Amanda and Maurice in Cambodia (first tour), Tim and Emma in South East Asia and K in South Asia. In particular, please pray that K will be able to return home as scheduled near the end of the year for Home Assignment and for Tim and Emma as COVID ravages their region. Pray for CMS Victoria’s GoExplore event, that many young people will be inspired, that the Lord open their minds to the possibility of future mission work. Pray that God would enable CMS WA to connect to more churches, as they seek to deploy more missionaries.