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Monthly prayer points

The following prayer points are in a secure format to protect missionaries in sensitive locations. This means that some names have been removed, so they are best read in conjunction with the CMS Prayer Diary which is available from your local branch.

Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation around the world, some prayer points may become outdated. Nevertheless, use them to inspire your prayers, and feel free to contact the missionaries you support (by newsletter or directly) to hear their current needs.

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July 2020 Prayer Points


Father God, as many missionaries on the other side of the world enter into a quieter period over summer after a difficult and tiring semester, we pray that you would refresh and renew them for working in your name. Please help CMS workers to use this time to prepare well for the next season of ministry, whatever that may look like. Lord, we know that true rest comes from you, so please grant all your missionary servants this true rest, that they may continue their service with the assurance of your goodness and grace. Amen.

Wednesday 1 – Japan

Nathan & Maki Clapham pray for the homeless ministry in Tokyo, for their provision and the word of the gospel to be heard. Pray with Steven & Sandra Parsons as TEAM Japan looks closely at its organisational health to identify key areas needing attention so missionaries can become more effective in establishing reproducing churches throughout Japan. Matt & Jen Lim pray for Obi as he spends a week in hospital (from 27 July) for ENT surgery. Jen will stay with him. Chenny Thie prays for opportunities to read the Bible with non-Christian Japanese friends in Sydney.  Roger & Noriko Dethlefs pray for quick economic recovery, and that KGK will be able to use a combination of online and real-life activities to maintain the sharing of the gospel with students. Adam & Helane Ramsay pray for relationships to warm up again, and that they can be opening the Bible with friends more.

Thursday 2 – Japan & Taiwan

Dene & Rachel Hughes pray for wisdom as they consider the best ways to continue ministry during changing times due to the pandemic. Dave & Beck McIntyre pray for wisdom for the leaders of Mondo Bible Church as they return to gathering physically. Pray for good strategies to minister to the children and youth. Brad & Michelle Jackson give thanks that they have safely returned to Australia for final Home Assignment, despite the hurdles faced due to Coronavirus. Kellie Nicholas gives thanks for opportunities to continue to meet with students online but prays for energy for all as they experience online fatigue. Sam & Shan-Shan Chrisp pray for building local friendships as they join a small group at their church.

Friday 3 – East Asia

E prays for progress in language learning, open doors for visas and that Sunday meetings would resume as restrictions are lifted. L & J pray for discipling and mentoring a few key international students as they wait for the academic situation to be clarified. D & L pray that during the unexpected extended time in Asia, they will be in good health and use the opportunities before them for his glory. L prays for good connection and sharing with the students and their families on her trip to visit them. D & T give thanks for the love God has for his people and pray that he might be continuing to draw people to himself during a difficult time. S & K pray that God might protect and strengthen J, one of the precious few believers of his people group, who is struggling with doubts.

Saturday 4 – Eurasia, Netherlands, Ireland & Austria

R prays for her visa application to go smoothly, and for wisdom in timing her travels. David & Cathie Sandifer give thanks for God’s continued protection and encouragement. Pray for God’s wisdom in planning their departure date for the Netherlands. Erin Moorcroft prays that many would tune in and watch the Diocesan service tomorrow, that all would be encouraged by the youth who are taking part and what they are sharing. Rachel Gibbs prays for wisdom for the Linz mission week planning team, as they discern whether they should proceed with the preparations and planning for a mission week in October this year.

Sunday 5 – Spain & Malta

Miriam Bradshaw prays that the people of Spain would repent and turn to Jesus and prays for a bit more courage and creativity to speak about Jesus with neighbours and classmates. Mike & Tania Snowdon pray for the GBE teenagers as they miss not being a part of the national camp (cancelled because of COVID-19). Pray they would be connected and encouraged in other ways. Jim & Tanja French pray for some rest over the summer holidays in Spain to recuperate health and regain emotional strength. G & R pray that as a family they will be patient and godly with each other.

Monday 6 – Germany & Italy

Mimy Gardner prays God would open the minds and soften the hearts of those around her. Klaus & Jude Hickel thank God they can still hold the InterAction youth camp (scaled down) at the end of the month. Pray for youth to come and hearts to be changed. Gillian Law prays for good connections with partners and link churches over the coming months even though planned Home Assignment has been affected by travel restrictions. Simon & Jessica Cowell pray that they would be able to fly back to Italy later this month. Thank God for the way that the GBU year finished despite the challenges of COVID-19. Naomi Brunacci gives thanks for God’s word coming alive during quarantine, God really was her refuge and strength. Pray that those in Italy seeking God as a result of COVID-19 would find their answers in Jesus.

Tuesday 7 – France

Colin & Catherine Puffett praise God their visa renewal documents are being processed despite difficult bureaucracy. Pray for safe arrival back in France at the end of this month. Kelly Landrigan prays students and student groups would finish the school year well, especially after such a bizarre end with all the lockdowns in place, and especially as it has limited normal ‘end of year’ parties. Daniel & Kate Morris pray for their Sunday School team as they plan for the coming academic year. Restrictions and requirements require extra creativity. Josh & Susannah Apieczonek praise God for holidays and the chance to relax, recharge, and spend time together as a family.

Wednesday 8 – Development & Training

Chris & Kristy Galea pray that their family transitions well as they move back to Sydney. Pray their journey in learning Maltese would be fruitful and fun. Tim and Olivia Mulherin thank God that eased restrictions allowed a good finish to the St Andrew’s Hall semester, and pray for clarity about what the next stage will entail. Maurice & Amanda Jacobson celebrate their end of home quarantine, and pray as they plan the next few months, including starting language learning. Marty & Katrina Feltham thank God for all they learnt at St Andrew’s Hall, and pray that the Lord Jesus will shepherd his people in Kenya and pour out his mercy in this difficult time.  Mentac: Give thanks for many opportunities to pray during the COVID-19 crisis, and new ideas and tools for joining with ministry partners in prayer. Pray for four current trainees to rest in God’s plan for them, after major changes to their training and ministry through the crisis. Pray for God to raise new trainees for 2021, to begin growing workers for the huge harvest field in the Muslim world.

Thursday 9 – Nepal & Pakistan

D & E pray for the staff who find online teaching and learning exhausting, and for a good finish to the year. J prays for daily wisdom and clarity to meet the challenges of her role as Director of KISC. D & S pray for their friend with whom they are reading the book of Mark. Pray for generous decision making from the government, particularly concerning vulnerable people. I & R pray for God to call more people to be part of his work for the kingdom—whether to go, or to send and support.

Friday 10 – Nepal

G & R pray that many experiencing fear at this time will find lasting hope in the One whose love casts out fear. S prays for wisdom for the Nepali church to help meet the needs of the vulnerable in practical ways. B & L pray for the school board considering long term plans for the school. L & T pray for their Nepali church to continue to grow in prayer, worship, and teaching. Pray for T as she home schools their children. Pray for L as he works with their partner organisation to respond to flooding and landslides in the time of COVID-19. K (& B) pray for their baby due this month, for health and safety for mum and bub.

Saturday 11 – South Asia

A gives thanks she can witness in Australia and remotely serve her social business overseas. K thanks God for two new believers in a family she met a while ago. E prays the church would respond wisely to the challenges of COVID-19. L prays that scattered believers who have joined church via zoom would be so in love with church that they would prioritize it either by sharing their faith, traveling to fellowship with other believers, or connecting remotely. M & K praise God for the ongoing health and safety of Kathryn and baby in this 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and for wisdom in where to have the delivery.

Sunday 12 – UAE & Jordan

M & C pray that new people will be able to come to Jordan and that as a church they will know how to welcome them. M & O give thanks for the way their kids have been loving and caring for one another. J & D pray for God to continue to draw people to himself. Pray for online services to be providing the salt and light that is needed. W & C give thanks for the growth of their small group leaders in their retraining over Zoom during lockdown. E prays for wisdom to lead the young women’s discipleship group, that they would mature in Christ disciple others. K gives thanks for the opportunity to continue ministry online. Pray for perseverance and refreshment, good sleep and energy.

Monday 13 – Middle East

J prays for her church to long for the whole community to be reached, not just those of similar background. S & P rejoice as they celebrate our first anniversary on location. Pray for deep relationships. L prays our great God would reveal himself to her local friends.  L & C give thanks for supporters who regularly pray and care for them.

Tuesday 14 – Middle East

B prays for an outreach trip amongst in the first two weeks of July. M is volunteering at a Christian hospital and prays for opportunities to share a story from the Bible with patients. C prays she would be able to start memorising scripture in Arabic. S & C pray that the college community would grow in godliness and wisdom. Ask the Lord of the harvest to send them all out into the harvest fields, well equipped to share the good news.

Wednesday 15 – North Australia

Tavis & Kate Beer pray for Aboriginal churches and for those for whom Bible camp is no longer happening. Ian & Jenny Wood praise God for keeping vulnerable people in the remote communities of NT safe from Covid in the first half of 2019. Pray as they get ready to start teaching students at Nungalinya. Wayne Oldfield & Mandy Jones pray for everyone at Nungalinya College—management, staff and students—as they restart on 20 July from COVID-19 shutdown. Pray for Christians who really want to study and grow in Christ. Derek & Rosemary Snibson pray for the residents at Anglicare Transitional Housing—some who are wanting fellowship and Bible study. Ask for people who can be discipled to lead this group. Chris & Karen Webb thank God that Broome People’s Church has been able to resume normal gatherings. Ask God to raise up more Aboriginal Christians to lead God’s people regularly and faithfully.

Thursday 16 – North Australia, PNG, & Vanuatu

Matt & Lisa Pearson pray for patience and grace as they continue the ‘funeral season’ and share the hope of Christ to the living. Thank God for the safe birth of their newborn, Samuel. Matt & Kate Vinicombe pray for encouragement through God’s word and his people, and growth for Christians on Groote Eylandt in the face of regular disappointments. Joel & Tiffanie Atwood pray for the re-start of ministry in the universities of Vanuatu online, especially for wisdom in reaching those without resources for internet access. Keith & Marion Birchley pray for students to come along to the Bible Summit (with some social distancing). Pray they would be prepared to have their hearts and minds transformed by the Spirit.

Friday 17 – CMS Australia

Pray for CMS-Australia as the situation in Australia continues to change and develop. Pray for wisdom with financing decisions and that CMS-A would continue to trust in the provision of the Lord. Pray for wise decisions in balancing the community of being together and the safety of being apart.  Pray that all the staff will be diligent and thankful, relying on God’s strength to continue his work of bringing glory to his name. Give thanks for those who continue to support CMS in times of financial hardship.

Saturday 18 – South East Asia

J prays for wisdom regarding future teaching programmes for the language centre. N thanks the Father that though we can only make tentative plans in what seem like uncertain times, in reality his purpose always stands. K praises God for his never-ending faithfulness to his people, and that he leads and strengthens us through all seasons. N & R pray that their visa renewals will progress smoothly, and for ongoing steadfastness.  M & L pray for the college as it prepares for next semester not knowing who will be available to teach. S prays for hope, strength and protection for the peoples of SEA as many troubles and difficulties have been compounded by COVID-19.

Sunday 19 – Cambodia & South East Asia

Maggie Crewes gives thanks that most of the girls taken home in April are doing well. Pray for more new children to fill up the LIghthouse centre so they can receive love and healing in Jesus’ name. Wim & Maaike Prins give thanks for the opportunity on home assignment to witness to God’s work to supporters and churches. Craig & Samantha McCorkindale pray for a smooth transition back to Cambodia as they resettle for their second term. Bethany Vaughan prays for her witness to her family during home assignment and that they may see how God has transformed her life and seek to turn to him. Dave & Leoni Painter pray for the Khmer PTC class, that Leoni is teaching in their home as a small group. Andrew & Liz Glover ask that their international church in Phnom Penh will grow stronger during this time of restrictions.  N gives thanks to the Father for her first year on location, and prays for growth in prayerfulness for the people around her and herself.

Monday 20 – Indonesia

Andrew Buchanan & Abi Tandiseru pray as Andrew prepares two new postgraduate subjects to teach online in August and Abi continues to organise help for people in Toraja. N & R give thanks for kind Indonesian friends helping them practise their Indonesian. Whilst they are in Australia. J & D pray for God to be revealing himself as the God of mercy and grace to people in Indonesia during these unsettling times. R prays for the people of Indonesia, particularly the many thousands infected and affected by COVID-19, that those who are sick will have access to treatment and care. T & E ask for wisdom as they potentially can begin visiting communities in person again. Alan & Helen Wood praise the Lord they have been able to continue some ministry remotely from Australia. Pray as they prepare for the next phase of their lives. Robin & Sarah Kinstead pray, as they wait to go, that Robin serves the parish of Pitt Town Anglican well, and for progress in their language learning

Tuesday 21 – South East Asia

J & I pray for patience and good health while they await release from quarantine and that preparations for their home assignment will go smoothly. I gives thanks for surviving a semester, and prays for good use of the break. Martin & Jenny Foord give thanks for the new intake of ETCAsia students and pray that they will grow in their love and knowledge of God and in their Bible handling skills. Ian & Narelle Hadfield pray that God will use the current circumstances, post COVID-19, to bring about greater faith in Christ and not in the fleeting material wealth of Singapore. Chris & Grace Adams pray for the political stability of the country after a recent violent power struggle in Parliament. Pray for the Adams as they continue to work out the balance of ministries and life. Christopher & Julie Dean pray for God’s help to make best use of the time, in various helpful preparations, before departing for Timor Leste. Howard & Michelle Newby pray for wisdom for Michelle in her online Bible studies with women and groups in the Philippines. Please pray that Howard’s online sermons in Tagalog will be encouraging and great language practice.

Wednesday 22 – Ethiopia, Kenya & North Africa

M prays that Christians may be known for their generosity in these difficult times. Shane & Naomi Rubie pray for Ethiopia where the coronavirus is now taking a huge hold—especially the poor and vulnerable who are especially loved by God. Pray for Lucy and Max to find friends at school. Norm & Janelle Gorrie pray for Bishop Daniel Qampicha and Marsabit Diocese. There is little work in the community, the price of food is rising, and the diocese is not receiving any offerings or ministry funds. Pray for God’s provision.

Thursday 23 – DR Congo & Uganda

David & Prue Boyd pray for Congo’s handling of the pandemic. Pray for pastors who have many demands on them during the crisis. Graham & Wendy Toulmin give thanks for the opportunities to visit Boga, Nyankunde, Butembo & Adi, taking some dental equipment to each place. David & Jennifer Juniper pray that our hearts would not grow cold in love for Christ, his people and the lost, even in the chilly depths of winter. Andrew & Margaret Newman thank God for safe arrival of the 4000 library books from Australia. Pray that the library will help to grow gospel workers as sorting and cataloguing begins.

Friday 24 – Tanzania

Judith Calf praises God for new Evangelists, pray they will serve his kingdom with joy and perseverance. Mike & Katie Taylor pray that God would so arrange things that they can return safely to Tanzania and continue their ministry as soon as possible. Arthur & Tamie Davis pray that God would keep TAFES staff safe on campus as universities and colleges reopen. Glen & Dominique Turner pray they will be an encouragement to their supporting churches as they begin visiting from this month. Kevin & Karen Flanagan pray for creative ways to love and minister to people—online meetings are not possible.

Saturday 25 – Namibia & South Africa

Daniel & Olivia Webster pray for healing and comfort for those whose plans have been frustrated this semester. Kylie Zietsch prays for Christ Church Hillbrow and those who are struggling financially, spiritually and emotionally in lockdown. Pray for Godfrey and the team as they minister to people via technology. Mike & Karen Roe give thanks for the Lord’s gracious sustaining of the GWC community over this past unusual, online semester and for the staff as they prepare for Semester 2. Nathan & Diane Lovell pray for the women students’ and student wives’ retreat this weekend. Pray for a good time of fellowship and relationship bonding.

Sunday 26 – Chile

Michael & Jo Charles pray that they would be faithful in doing the good work that God has provided, and trust God’s goodness despite the disappointment of no family visits. Gary & Julie Haddon praise God for Zoom Bible study groups and Julie’s PTC course, for the encouragement of the participation and enthusiasm of people in these online groups. Frances Cook prays for fruitful strengthening of relationships between students and teachers at CEP, whether or not they have returned to ‘real’ classes. Chris & Stef Overhall pray that Chile’s COVID cases will come under control, even during winter. Pray that Chris’ MOCLAM students will grow in faith & godliness.

Monday 27 – Mexico, Bolivia, Peru & Uruguay

Nick & Kysha Davies Please pray for their bible study, that despite only having met electronically, they would develop deep friendships with one another. Adrian & Anita Lovell give thanks for the time to work on various behind-the-scenes website and administration projects for MOCLAM over the last few months. Pedro & Joy Oliveira Woolmer give thanks that Mark is able to go back to school and pray for growing friendships with his classmates and progress in his Spanish learning. Peter & Sarah Sholl pray for patience in quarantine and transition.

Tuesday 28 – Argentina

Martin & Julie Field pray that they and the students will be able to have a good break during July after a topsy-turvy first semester, even if leaving the house isn’t an option. Peter & Terry Blowes pray that, if quarantine persists, neither they nor others in their ministry will grow tired of meeting together, encouraging each other to love and good works. Amy Stephens pray for the international students who are studying in Córdoba. Pray that God would care for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Wednesday 29 – CMS Partners

Pray for the Co-Mission Partners that CMS supports through the Mission Support Fund. Pray for protection for them, their families, and their communities. Pray that they and the ministries and churches they support will be reaching out with generosity and peace to their neighbours. Pray that they would be ready and full of the right words to witness to others in a time of uncertainty.

Thursday 30 – CMS Branches

NSW & ACT Give thanks for CMS Advocates across NSW & ACT who are committed to growing strong relationships between their church and link missionaries. Pray that they would be excited about their part in God’s mission, and encourage churches to get involved with CMS through prayer, care and giving. QNNSW Give thanks and pray for the online regional Mission Encounter conference on 7-8 August and for the staff team as they settle into the new QNNSW office. SANT Pray for God’s help as they look to improve communications and partnerships with local churches. Give great thanks for donors, especially those who have been giving for many years. Give thanks to God for the new Director and pray for God to provide an Events Coordinator. TAS Give thanks for their newest missionaries Amanda and Maurice Jacobson, who will God willing serve at a rural Bible school in Cambodia. Pray for them as they complete an extended initial Home Assignment—that God would move his people to be generous in their praying and giving. VIC Pray that God will sustain the work of CMS VIC during a time when both missionaries and supporters are facing challenges. WA Give grateful thanks to God for the amazing response to the Lasting Hope Appeal. Pray for God’s provision for the many churches who partner with us.

Friday 31 – Former Missionaries’ Fellowship

With the Former Missionaries’ Fellowship, we praise God for Shirley Cole, who died on 21 May. She was the aunt of Ruth, currently in Nepal. Shirley and her late husband Alan, who died in 2003, served the Lord first with the CIM/OMF in Malaysia and Taiwan from 1952, and then with CMS-A in Singapore from 1962-1968. Alan was the CMS Federal Secretary from 1979 until 1988. After that they were Special Agreement Missionaries with CMS in Trinity College, Singapore where they taught from 1988-94. They were life-long supporters of CMS. We also praise the Lord for the life of Maurice Betteridge, who died on 25 May, aged 93. He was the Federal Secretary of CMS-A from 1973-79, and then led Ridley College as the Principal from 1979-92. He was ably supported by his wife, Jacqueline, who died in 2016.