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Make a bequest

Everyone’s greatest need is to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Remembering CMS in your will is a simple yet precious way for you to continue to support the mission to which God has called us in CMS – beyond your lifetime.

Kambauh’s Story

“I am thankful to God that I now have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Bible, so I can share about Jesus with my fellow countrymen and women.”

Thousands of lives have been changed for eternity through the ministry of CMS missionaries – lives like that of Kambauh, in Namibia. He became a Christian while in prison. With support from CMS, he completed four years study through Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS). On completing his training, Kambauh was able to say:

After serving 7 of the 17 years to which he had been sentenced, Kambauh’s conviction was overturned and he was released. Now he teaches NETS distance courses in the remote northern region of Namibia. He longs for more Namibians to be equipped to know Jesus through the Bible.

Your bequest will help CMS to reach thousands more people like Kambauh across the world for years to come.

It’s simple to arrange, and is a final way to live out your commitment to God’s mission. Please consult your solicitor to ensure your intentions will be met. To speak to someone confidentially, please contact us.

8 simple steps for making an eternal legacy

1. Pray

Pray before, during and after you prepare your will.

2. Think

Think about what makes up your estate. Consider your home and other real estate, savings and investment accounts, stocks and shares, superannuation, insurance policies, pension benefits, annuities and other possessions, such as cars, furniture or jewellery.

3. Consider

Consider who you wish to provide for (beneficiaries) after you are gone. What special considerations do you need to make (e.g. guardianship arrangements for minors)? What organisations and causes are close to your heart that would benefit from a final gift?

4. Prioritise

Prioritise how your estate is to be allocated to your beneficiaries. Once your family and loved ones are provided for, you may wish to leave the rest of your estate or a portion of it to support organisations that reflect your values, such as CMS.

5. Plan

Plan your will. This is where the detail begins and you decide which type of bequest is appropriate for each beneficiary.

For example:

  • A percentage of your entire estate or what’s left after you have provided for other people.
  • The residue or remainder of your estate after all other bequests have been distributed and liabilities paid.
  • A specific gift of an amount of money, or property, shares, stocks, art or other personal property.

6. Choose

Choose your executor. Decide on one or more executors who are trustworthy, reliable and will ensure the intentions in your will are carried out. Check that each person is willing to act in this capacity.

7. Prepare

Prepare your will. Your will is a legal document so engaging the services of a solicitor is strongly recommended. A solicitor can help you prepare your will accurately according to your intentions. At CMS, we can provide you with specific wording options for your bequest.

8. Secure

Secure your intentions. Once you have prepared your will, store it in a safe and secure place. Make sure your family and/or executors know where to locate it and give a copy to your executor as well. Update your will as appropriate when circumstances change.

Choosing the right words

As you leave a gift to CMS in your will, it is important for you and your solicitor to consider your wording options.

Wording options