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CMS Lasting Hope Appeal

Help share lasting hope throughout the world

The CMS Lasting Hope Appeal is an amazing chance for you to support long-term mission work around the world through CMS.

We need to raise $1.6 million by 30 June to support our missionaries as they share lasting hope in their locations, and to raise up new workers for cross-cultural service.

In this challenging time for our world, please continue to stand with CMS missionaries, so that more people across the world can hear the truth of God’s life-saving message of grace.

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A story of hope in the Philippines

When Filipino couple Daniel and Honeylin (pictured here with a family friend) were saved, they wanted to learn to live God’s way – but their heart for others and their yearning for truth made them vulnerable to false teaching from the misuse of scripture.

Like many in the Philippines who don’t have the cultural habit of reading, they relied on the teaching of poorly equipped church leaders.

But in his perfect timing and sovereignty, God brought CMS missionaries Howard and Michelle Newby to the church that Daniel and Honeylin attended, and led them through a Bible study. Honeylin says:

“Because of the Bible study, we were able to spot false teaching… now no one can cheat us when it comes to the truth of God’s word.”

Howard says, “As we got to know Daniel and Honeylin, their great gifts of serving and their desire for the lost to be saved was evident. We gently encouraged them to consider becoming students at a local missionary and Bible college.”

Now, Daniel and Honeylin are in their second year of Bible college, preparing to be missionaries amongst an unreached people group in the Philippine mountains. Praise God!

Help CMS missionaries share the truth of God’s word

Once the spread of COVID-19 slows down, Howard and Michelle plan to return to the Philippines to continue to train gospel leaders like Daniel and Honeylin to know the lasting hope of Jesus through his word.

Your gift today towards our goal of $1.6 million by 30 June will help ensure that the strategic ministries of our workers can continue through and beyond this world crisis, so that more people would know the gift of God’s grace and live as disciples of Jesus.

We are deeply thankful for your prayerful support of CMS missionaries, and for the fellowship we share in the gospel.

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