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CMS Lasting Hope Appeal

Help share lasting hope throughout the world

The CMS Lasting Hope Appeal is an opportunity for you to support long-term mission work around the world through CMS.

We need to raise $1.6 million by 30 June to support our missionaries as they share lasting hope in their locations, and to raise up new workers for cross-cultural service.

In this challenging time for our world, please continue to stand with CMS missionaries, so that more people across the world can hear the truth of God’s life-saving message of grace.


Finding assurance and hope in Taiwan

Like many Christians in Taiwan, Shirley* used to believe that God only loved her if her life was going well.

When she faced difficulties, she says: “I started doubting whether I had actually been saved, and what does it actually mean to be right before God by faith?”

Shirley didn’t know lasting hope.

In God’s perfect timing, CMS missionaries Sam and Shan-Shan Chrisp started attending Shirley’s new church as she was struggling with these doubts and fears. Shan-Shan invited Shirley to read the Bible with her one-to-one, and God worked through his word to help Shirley grow in her trust in him.

As Shan-Shan and Shirley read Romans 8 together, Shirley discovered that experiencing hardship was not a measure of her standing before God.

Shan-Shan says: “Shirley learned that she could be assured of her salvation because of what Christ has done, and furthermore, could grasp how God uses suffering for our growth. Shirley was able to pray, ‘Father I don’t know why this is happening, but I trust that you are good and have your good purposes.’

Under God and through Shan-Shan’s faithful ministry, Shirley’s life has been deeply transformed. Shirley now has confidence in the promise that God is good and faithful, and her salvation is secure, through any troubles and difficulties.

* Name changed for privacy reasons.

Help CMS missionaries share the truth of God’s word

Through the support of people like you within the CMS fellowship, God’s love is being proclaimed to people in Taiwan and around the world through the work of CMS missionaries like Sam and Shan-Shan.

Your gift today towards our goal of $1.6 million by 30 June will help ensure that the strategic ministries of our workers can continue, so that more people would know the gift of God’s grace and live as disciples of Christ.

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We are deeply thankful for your prayerful support of CMS missionaries, and for the fellowship we share in the gospel.