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CMS Lasting Hope Appeal 2018

The CMS Lasting Hope Appeal has finished for 2018.

Thank you to everyone who generously gave towards our goal of $1.6 million, to sustain and grow long-term mission work across the world. We are so grateful to God for his provision through his people, and pray this will enable many more people to hear the life-saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this year’s appeal we received $1.32 million. This response is a great encouragement. The gifts given to the Lasting Hope Appeal together with the generous contributions by many in the CMS fellowship during the past year gives us confidence as we move forward in obedience to God’s calling to take the gospel to the nations.

Thank you for being a part of the CMS fellowship and making it possible for many more people around the world to hear the saving message of Jesus.

Mzee Gufu’s Story

In the harsh desert of northern Kenya, most people are followers of Islam, and they live in fear of the oppressive and demonic local cult called ‘Ayyaana’. They do not know about Jesus.

Last year, when Mzee Gufu, a local village leader asked for someone to come preach the gospel, CMS missionary Norm Gorrie teamed up with local Christians to answer the call.

Mzee Gufu says: “We are sick and tired of being plagued and held in fear by this Ayyaana. We know Islam cannot save us. We want to follow Christ!”

In one evening, 63 households put their faith in Christ. These families now know lasting hope.

Bring lasting hope to more places like Mzee’s village

New believers like Mzee Gufu and the families in his village need to be encouraged to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Together with his wife Janelle, CMS missionary Norm is strategically training and supporting local church leaders in the region.

There are millions more people in Kenya, and around the world, who have never heard about Jesus.

The needs are great. It is vital that we enable CMS missionaries to continue boldly sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in more places like Mzee Gufu’s village.

Will you give today, to enable more missionaries like Norm and Janelle to cross cultures and witness to the life-saving message of faith in Jesus Christ?

Please give now to enable CMS missionaries to continue sharing lasting hope to the ends of the earth.