NSW & ACT Branch

Company membership

Becoming a company has brought some significant changes to the way our branch is organised. As a company we now have a board of directors who are legally responsible for the running of this branch of CMS. Meet the board of directors for CMS NSW & ACT. As a company we now need to have registered company members who have an important role in the governance of CMS NSW & ACT. Company members have the right to vote and to stand for election as members of the committees and the Board that oversee the running of our branch.

If you want a say in what CMS does in the future, then company membership is for you. To become a company member you will need to register annually and pay a small membership fee. That fee will help cover the costs of maintaining the register of company members.




Single: $30
Single concession: $20*
(*must hold a valid student or pensioner concession card.)

Principles and objects summary

CMS NSW & ACT is a member of CMS-A and is a fellowship of Christian people committed to take part together in World Mission. The Company shall continue to be based upon evangelical and protestant principles. The Company is committed to working with other member branches of CMS-A to further the work of CMS-A in partnership and cooperation with CMS-A, through its missionaries in North Australia and overseas.

The objects of CMS NSW & ACT are to facilitate the work of CMS-A for the extension of God’s Kingdom through the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ throughout the world in fellowship with local churches (in NSW and the ACT) and is subject to the constitution of CMS NSW & ACT Limited.