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Becoming a CMS Advocate

Why do CMS missionaries need a local link in your church?

God’s mission through the local church is not limited to its locality, but has a responsibility to Christ’s global mission. CMS missionaries partner with local churches so that, together, the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ can be proclaimed to people who have little or no chance to hear the gospel.

It’s often the case that missionaries, and God’s world mission, slip from our church’s attention, due to the sheer demands of local outreach and programs in the local church.

CMS Advocates are members of the local church who stay in regular contact with the missionaries and keep their ministry before the church. CMS Advocates also encourage church members for local outreach by regularly reminding them that the same “gospel is bearing fruits and growing all over the world” (Colossians 1:6).

You can play a part in God’s world mission by becoming an Advocate for a CMS missionary at your local church.

Training and resources

Induction training

CMS runs induction training throughout the year for new Advocates. The training will help you understand your role as an Advocate in your local church, and give you some valuable tools for supporting your missionaries.

Advocacy newsletter

Advocates will also receive a monthly newsletter with tips and suggestions for engaging with your church and caring for your missionaries.

Resources and support

The CMS Advocacy team is always available to give you help and advice. The team can also direct Advocates to our growing collection of resources.

Contact advocacy@cms.org.au with any questions or requests.

What will an Advocate do?

You will need to:

  1. Work in close consultation with the minister of the church and/or other designated leader overseeing mission.
  2. Keep in regular communication with CMS and the missionary.
  3. Provide regular update from the missionary to your church at the appropriate time.
  4. Organise supporters’ meeting while the missionary is overseas.
  5. Help prepare the church to receive the missionary on home assignment.
  6. Attend the missionaries’ commissioning (CMS will acknowledge and pray for all the missionary advocates during the Commissioning Service)

Register to be a CMS Advocate today!

If you attend the church regularly and are of good standing with the leadership team, you can join us today as a CMS Missionary Advocate!

Email: advocacy@cms.org.au
Phone: Partnership Support at CMS NSW & ACT on (02) 9267 3711.

Find out more about the role of an Advocate