NSW & ACT Branch


In 2011 CMS NSW & ACT became an Incorporated Company which required it to establish a Board of Directors to replace the Executive Committee.

Below you will find profiles of the current Board members. They would all appreciate your prayerful support as they seek to steward CMS NSW & ACT for God’s glory and to see Jesus proclaimed as Lord throughout the world.

Robert McPaul

Chairman of the Board, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Commerce (Industrial Relations), Master of Commerce (Marketing)

Robert McPaul is semi-retired, after serving many years in senior Human Resource and Community Service Management roles with organisations such as Fairfax, Reckitt Benkiser, BaptistCare NSW and Presbyterian Social Services. He currently works part time with Presbyterian Social Services.

He has been an active member of CMS since his teenage years and served as Chairman of the NSW Branch from 1995 to 2005. Robert is presently Chair of the CMS Trust and a member of General Committee. In 2011 he became the inaugural Chair of CMS NSW & ACT Company in its new incorporated structure.

Robert and his wife Helen currently attend St Michael’s Cathedral Wollongong after having attended St Mary’s at Balmain (part of Darling St Anglican Church) for the previous 9 years. Prior to this Robert and Helen lived in the Sutherland Shire for 26 years. He has been a Christian since his early childhood and like many who have had this experience has had special times in his life when his Christian life has grown in maturity.

Robert loves swimming, skiing, travel and reading murder mystery books when he is not spending time with his family, including his five grand children. He has also partially completed the Preliminary Theological Certificate.

“We have been blessed with great biblical teaching in Australia and we should take this blessing and share it with those who have not heard of God’s love for them through Jesus. CMS enables people to do this.”

The Rev John Lovell

General Secretary, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Divinity (Hons), Bachelor of Economics

John has had a long association with CMS, including 10 years serving as a CMS missionary in Spain. John was the senior minister of a local Anglican church in Valencia where he developed a pattern of expository preaching and established several new ministries including Sunday school, a holiday children’s program, midweek Bible study groups and ongoing leadership training. God blessed these ministries and the church grew from a handful of people into a vibrant church community. John also enjoyed many opportunities to work with university students in Valencia, introducing them to Jesus and training them in leadership.

In his last few years in Valencia, John had an instrumental role in establishing MOCLAM Spain as a provider of accessible high quality theological education throughout Spain. As Regional Director, John helped this ministry to grow significantly and become a focus for future gospel ministry in Spain through CMS.

John is married to Jodi and they have six children, two of whom were born during their time in Spain.

“It is a tremendous privilege to serve as General Secretary of CMS NSW & ACT, supporting and encouraging missionaries, churches, and individuals in their different roles as together we actively participate in God’s mission and work towards the vision of a world that knows Jesus.”

The Rev Greg Olliffe

Director, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Theology, Graduate Diploma (Asian Studies), Master of Business Administration (Leadership), Master of Arts

Greg became a convinced Christian at the St Martin’s Kensington Confirmees House Party in 1961. Prior to entering Moore Theological College, he worked in Information Technology. Since his ordination in 1972, he has served in the parishes of Darling Point, Pymble and Fairfield, with CMS in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in Armidale, Greenwich and Leura. He continues to minister at his home church in North Epping and in other parishes as locum tenens. He has also been a member of the Parramatta Anglican Regional Council, a member of The Bishop in Council and The Council of Triers of the Armidale Diocese and served on a number of church, school and community committees, councils and Boards.

With his wife Christine, Greg has had a long association with CMS. Since the mid 1970s he has been a sometime member of General Committee and Executive (NSW & ACT Branch and QNNSW Branch); Branch Candidates Committee (NSW & ACT), of which he is the current Chairman and as a missionary in Full Connection (1980-1989).

“The command of our Lord Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations compels me to be involved. Supporting CMS in its work is one way of doing that.”

Christine (Chris) McComb

Director, CMS NSW & ACT
Diploma of Physiotherapy, Graduate Diploma of Bible and Missions

Chris has been a member of the CMS NSW General Committee for 30 years and is a former deputy Chairman of the General Committee. Chris also currently serves on the Board of CMS Australia and is a Director of CMS Trust Limited. Chris chairs the CMS NSW Property and Maintenance Committee and for 20 years was a member of Candidates Committee.

Chris believes CMS reflects the biblical mandate to take the gospel to all people and says this motivates her involvement with CMS.

Chris currently attends Northside Baptist Church.

“My involvement with CMS is in obedience to God’s commission for each of us to be his ambassadors in the world and motivated by the love and compassion he has shown me.”

Kathryn Thompson

Director, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Economics, Chartered Accountant

Kathryn has been a supporter of CMS since her marriage to Mark in 1991. After spending three years in Oxford in the UK, they returned in 1997 and have ever since been regular attenders at the CMS NSW & ACT Summer School.

Kathryn and Mark have four gorgeous girls – Elizabeth, Anna, Rachel and Mary. Having worked for 17 years as a chartered accountant, Kathryn has been a full time mum since Anna was born in 2001. As well as caring for her family and partnering with Mark in his work of training men and women at Moore College to proclaim the gospel of Christ, Kathryn sits on a number of diocesan committees, and is an active member of St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

“It is a great privilege to be involved with CMS in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. The need is monumental and God has given us so much here in Sydney that we must not keep to ourselves.”

The Rev David Clarke

Director & Deputy Chair, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Theology, Diploma of Ministry

David is the senior minister at Hoxton Park Anglican Church in Sydney’s outer South West.

He grew up in Indonesia where his parents were CMS missionaries. He has had a long-term interest in the care and support of missionary children and was involved in establishing the NSW Missionary Kids Network. David has served with CMS on General Committee, NSW Executive Committee and Federal Council.

David briefly worked in Mechanical Engineering building lawnmowers and electricity power stations. He now thanks God for the opportunity to serve full time in a local church.

David believes that maintaining a close working relationship with local churches is essential for keeping the ‘Church’ in Church Missionary Society. From local churches come missionary candidates as well as much of the financial and prayerful support that is essential for those who serve.

“Please continue your partnership with CMS in our vision for a world that knows Jesus.”

Alastair Christie

Director & Treasurer, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Business (Hons), Chartered Accountant

Alastair has had a heart for mission since his involvement at Scripture Union Family Mission (SUFM) in Canton Beach. It became clear to Alastair that Christians are able to provide the best chance of people hearing the gospel. Further, witnessing our faith through both our words and actions is important.

Alastair has experience with not-for-profit entities and over ten years of experience in chartered accountancy. He enjoys being able to use his gifts in order to serve God.

He currently attends Miranda Anglican Church.

“I feel privileged to serve as the Treasurer of CMS NSW & ACT, as the CMS Fellowship acts towards the vision of a world that knows Jesus.”

Ian McFarlane

Director, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Science (Hons), Doctor of Philosophy

Before retirement, Ian spent 31 years teaching and researching in the discipline of Biochemistry at the University of New South Wales, with extensive experience in undergraduate and post-graduate student supervision, academic counselling, and policy planning and implementation. He spent the final five of those years as Associate Dean of Science.

Ian became a Christian in his first year of high school and with that came his first exposure to CMS through the missionaries linked to his original church, St John’s Sutherland. Ian and his wife Lyn have been active members of St Aidan’s, Hurstville Grove for 40 years, and Ian has served the church family in a variety of roles including Bible study leader, Warden, Parish Councillor and Synod representative.

Since retirement, Ian has been a member of the NSW & ACT Branch Candidates Committee and General Committee. Ian and Lyn have enjoyed their regular attendance at Summer School since the early 1990s.

“I’m involved with CMS because of its vision for taking the gospel to the world and its commitment to the pastoral care of those who serve in the field.”

Stephanie Menear

Director, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Theology

Stephanie spent part of her childhood in Hong Kong where her parents were CMS missionaries. She has been a long-term supporter of CMS, a regular attender of Summer School and is a member of General Committee.

Stephanie worked in parish ministry for a number of years and is now working in a legal role.

Stephanie attends Church by the Bridge in Kirribilli.

Rev Paul Sampson

Board Member, CMS NSW & ACT
Bachelor of Divinity, Diploma of Ministry, Bachelor of Commerce (International Relations), Graduate Diploma of Management

Paul and his family served as missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya from 2010–2016. During that time Paul immersed himself in various cross-cultural ministries including lecturing at a multi-national Bible college, planting and pastoring an international church, and itinerant preaching, Bible teaching and evangelism. Paul also served as Director of Academic Affairs/Vice Principal of Carlile [Bible and Business] College, was Chairman of a missionaries conference, taught PTC courses across Kenya and East Africa, had governance roles on various boards, assisted in the establishment and coordination of the GAFCON Bishops Training Institute, and established income generation businesses to provide sustainability for Kenyan orphanages and churches.

Since being back in Australia, Paul has served as Rector of All Saints North Epping and Senior Assistant Minister of St Swithun’s Pymble and sought to encourage cross-cultural gospel mission through their ministries.

“CMS is a gospel-focused, gospel-driven mission organisation that facilitates people in many different cultures coming to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It is a privilege to serve with a fellowship committed to Jesus’ mandate.”