SA & NT Branch


Giving thanks for your support

Dear brothers and sisters

This week our branch has been pulling together the numbers from the end of financial year “Lasting Hope” appeal. In these early weeks in my new role, it has been a real encouragement to me to see how God has stirred generosity amongst his people for maintaining and growing the agenda of mission through giving to CMS.

We asked for $108,000 in the appeal; we received $168,000. God is good. And this is on top of regular giving, which I’ll come to.

I should also mention that we were budgeting for a $165,000 deficit at the end of the financial year, which was to be covered by our reserves. However, the large appeal response as well as some significant cost-saving measures means that we finish the year with a deficit of only $27,000. This is amazing! It has meant that we in the office are reinvigorated, and buoyed about the year ahead.

But as I said in my last email, we do not want the ministry of CMS to contract, rather we want to see growth. We would love to grow the number of gospel workers on location, because we know that God has equipped many people throughout our churches with gifts, readiness, and a heart to serve overseas. We would like our branch to be agile enough to be able to send the right people to the right place at the right time. We want to see an ever-growing flood of stories of God’s grace flowing from faraway places.

With that in mind, we have been asking you to consider committing to give regularly to CMS SANT. A rise in regular giving will make the biggest difference (under God) to the viability and growth of our ministry. To cover costs next year, we are seeking an additional $30,000 of regular giving each month.

And again, I want to give thanks to God for your generosity in this. To date, since we started asking for people to give (or increase their current giving by) $35/month, 45 new regular givers have signed up, pledging $2600 per month. This is great progress, in such a short period of time.

So with these great encouragements in mind, I invite you to give thanks with us for the evidence of God walking with us, nudging us along, causing us to trust him, but always providing what is needed for our mission. We really do believe that God is the one leading us all to a world that knows Jesus.

In His grace,

Mark Peterson
Director, CMS SANT