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Including secure CMS workers in your church service

In many gospel-poor places around the world, public gospel ministry is not straightforward or welcomed. CMS sends missionaries to boldly and shrewdly share the name of Jesus in these locations, where most people will have never met a Christian. These workers are referred to as secure. They may not be able to share their last […]

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Lasting Hope Sunday: Ideas for your online church service

We are so thankful for your ongoing partnership with CMS and your link missionaries, as we work together to proclaim the gospel of Jesus! Running Lasting Hope Sunday is a great way to excite your church about this mission partnership, and to help them see the part they can play in God’s mission through prayer, […]

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10 ways your church can partner digitally in God’s mission

With church life running mostly online now, it can be challenging to spend any time focusing on (or even thinking about) partnership in God’s mission. But these unprecedented times present Christians with a great opportunity. All across the world, people want to hear about the hope we have! Our missionaries are serving in strategic locations […]

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Why do Christians keep giving in a crisis?

News is updating daily about the spread of COVID-19, Australia has been learning social distancing, and all of us are seeking to stay at home as much as we can. These are certainly challenging times for our world – and Christians are not immune to the difficulties of adjusting to the current way of life. […]

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How to care for your missionaries from afar

Who are the easiest people to care for? Generally, it is those who we see most regularly! But when missionaries cross cultures to proclaim the news of Christ, they need a faithful team of “fellow workers for the truth” (3 John 1:8) – people who commit to supporting these workers for the long-term. This includes care. […]

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