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Vanuatu consists of more than 80 islands, most of which are inhabited and some of which have active volcanoes. It achieved independence in 1980 after colonisation by multiple European countries in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Country Facts
  • Region: Pacific
  • Capital: Port Vila
  • Population: 275,000
  • Area: 12,189 km2
  • Religions: Protestant 67.7%, Roman Catholic 10.6%, Anglican 10.6%, ethnic religions 4.8%
  • Languages: : Bislama, English and French (all official though Bislama is the most widely spoken), more than 100 local languages

Missionaries In Vanuatu

Joel and Tiffanie Atwood

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Prayer Points

  • Pray for integrity among the leaders of the Christian Fellowship group in Vanuatu.

Mission Opportunities in Vanuatu