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Uganda is an ethnically diverse country in east Africa. While known for the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army in the north, child soldiers, the fight against HIV/AIDS, harsh dictatorship under Idi Amin, and a large refugee population from surrounding nations, Uganda is now relatively stable and prosperous.

There are many Christians in Uganda, but there is a widespread lack of Biblical depth with Christians vulnerable to false teaching, such as the prosperity gospel.

CMS is entering a partnership with the diocese of North Kigezi following a long partnership between the diocese of Armidale and North Kigezi Diocese. CMS sends Bible school teachers and provides scholarships for students from Tanzania and DR Congo to study at the Uganda Christian University.

Country Facts
  • Region Africa
  • Capital Kampala
  • Population 44 million
  • Area 241,037 km2
  • Religions Protestant 37.99%, Roman Catholic 37.6%, Muslim 9.8%

Missionaries In Uganda

Andrew and Margie Newman

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