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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea forms the eastern part of the island of New Guinea and some nearby islands. It was granted independence in 1975, after a lengthy period of Australian administration. 

Country Facts
  • Region: Pacific
  • Capital: Port Moresby
  • Population: 7.9 million
  • Area: 462,840 km2
  • Religions: Protestant 53.1%, Roman Catholic 25.4%, independent Christian 12.5%
  • Languages: Tok Pisin, English and Hiri Motu (official), more than 800 indigenous languages

Missionaries In Papua New Guinea

Keith and Marion Birchley

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Prayer Points

  • Give thanks for the doors God has opened for student ministry in PNG. Pray that students would not be distracted by the world, but would hold fast to gospel truths.

  • Pray that Christian leaders on university campuses would have strong biblical foundations and that churches would grow in grace and gospel ministry.

  • Pray that the PNG Government would have wisdom and value peace, stability and honesty.

Mission Opportunities in Papua New Guinea