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North Australia & the South Pacific

In the regions of North Australia and the South Pacific, despite their complex colonial and religious histories, God is working through evangelism and discipleship to grow the evangelical Church.

Ministry among Aboriginal people in North Australia carries with it significant challenges and vast needs. The history of land dispossession and ongoing issues in the areas of health, education, employment, family dysfunction and crime continue to shape daily life for many Indigenous Australians. Yet amidst these difficulties, God has worked and continues to work in powerful ways in and through Aboriginal Christians.

CMS has enjoyed the privilege of serving in the region for over 100 years, and although there have been challenges, many Aboriginal people reminisce fondly about CMS missionaries and their work throughout these times. Indigenous church leaders see the great need for gospel hope to transform the lives of their young people, so they have asked for CMS missionaries to continue serving alongside them. Through discipleship, training and resourcing, our workers are helping to empower Indigenous Christians to reach their communities with the life-changing gospel message in culturally appropriate ways, and to build the future Church in North Australia.

In the South Pacific, many people identify as nominal Christians and often attend church regularly. However, opportunities for people to hear sound Bible teaching are limited, so there is a great need for people in the region to understand the gospel and live as disciples of Jesus Christ, firmly grounded in God’s word.

As young people in the South Pacific move away from home to attend university, student ministry provides vital opportunities for the gospel to change lives. We praise God for recently paving the way for CMS to be involved in student ministry in Vanuatu, and for continuing to provide avenues to equip and teach the next generation of leaders to be disciple-makers in Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Country Facts
  • Population: 15 million
  • Peoples: 1,435
  • Area: 8.5 million km2
  • Countries: 13

Missionaries In North Australia & the South Pacific

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