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The Church in Europe is in desperate need of revival. In this secular region, God is opening doors to reach people who may never have heard the gospel of grace.

For many years the dominance of religious tradition in Europe has made it difficult to break through with the gospel of grace. In countries such as Spain, Austria and Italy, around three-quarters of the population identify themselves as Roman Catholic. Among these, many practise a nominal faith and churches across Europe have remained sparsely populated and shrouded in tradition. Other countries, such as France, are almost entirely secular.

Yet while Europe is often considered to be a wasteland for evangelical Christianity, there are people genuinely seeking to know more about the Christian faith. With millions of refugees from Muslim-majority countries flooding into Europe over the past few years, churches have the opportunity to reach out to these people with love and the gospel. CMS missionaries engage with refugees through Bible study groups and simple hospitality, which has led some Muslims to a new faith in Christ.

In university, high school and church ministry, our workers are witnessing small but encouraging signs that some people are committing to a deeper faith in Christ as they embrace the opportunity for spiritual discipleship and biblical learning.

New congregations and church services are being planted to cater for the diverse cultural and language groups across the region. Bible study groups are attracting small but faithful numbers of people who are soaking up the good news of God’s grace.

In the barren spiritual ground of Europe, cracks are beginning to open for the living water of God’s word to flow in.

Country Facts
  • Population: 742 million
  • People Groups: 2,081
  • Area: 10.18 million km2
  • Countries: 50 

Mission Opportunities in Europe