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The growth of the Church in Africa has been extraordinary. In 1900 there were less than 10 million people identifying as Christian. Today, there are over 367 million. However, many threats face this growing Church: increasing urbanisation and secularism; the influence of Islam and other religions; and incorrect Bible teachings, including the prosperity gospel and syncretism. Churches are growing, but the need remains to equip and train godly leaders to pass on the gospel to the next generation.

CMS missionaries are working alongside the local Church to equip current and future leaders through theological education and discipleship in Bible colleges and schools, and through seminars and preaching intensives in remote areas.

It is also a vital time to engage with and train leaders for children’s, youth and university student ministry. Africa’s rapid population increase means that in some countries, half or more of the population are less than 25 years of age. Praise God that our workers are teaching in schools, universities and vocational training centres, and assisting in their management and administration as part of our vision to train Christian leaders for society. Our workers are also training religious education teachers for secondary schools, and serving in health and social work services. They seek to demonstrate the love of Christ, engage with the community and grow God’s people.

Continue to pray that God would raise up godly leaders who would enable his Church to continue to grow and mature in this region.

Country Facts
  • Population: 1.15 billion
  • People Groups: 3,647
  • Area: 30.37 million km2
  • Countries: 56

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